No.10 (Inter-Allied) Commando
No. 1 Troop - French
No. 2 Troop - Dutch
No. 3 Troop - Jewish
No. 4 Troop - Belgian
No. 5 Troop - Norwegian
No. 6 Troop - Polish
No. 7 Troop - Yugoslavian
No. 8 Troop - French
Keepforce ( Recconaisance Unit)

Lt Col Laycock rt of 10(I-A) Cdo signaller ,Major Franks(2ic) lt of signaller ashore at Walcheren Major Tadeuce Monsior Adminstrative Officer Polish Troop Capt Lutyens,Capt Clarke, Lt Col Lister, Major Laycock,Capt Jones, Capt Hodges,lt Wolosszowski,Capt Mulders, Capt Danloy, Capt Hauge,Capt Kieffer Major Smrokowski (OC Polish Troop) addressing the men at Caernarvon 1942

Prince Bernhard decorates De Koning & Zembsch-Schwere King George V decorates Sjt Balloche Lord Lovat after the Dieppe Raid CSM Brodison,Capt IDC Smith,L/Cpl Howells,Cpl Nash, Capt McGonigal ,Riflmn Coleman

Balloche,F Sjt French No.10(1 Tp) MM
Coates,JG Capt Int Corps No.10/30 DSO
Lane(Lanyi),GH Lt Buffs,10(I-A)Cdo No.10 MC
Legrand,C L/CPL Belgian Troop No.10 MM
Brodison CSM RIR/HOC/12 Cdo No.10 Cdo att MM
Smith,IDC Capt RASC,SSTps No.10 Cdo att MC
Howells L/Cpl U/K No.10 Cdo att MID
Nash,DJ Cpl Worcs Rgt/No.12 Cdo No.10 Cdo att MM
McGonigal Capt RUR,SSTps No.10 Cdo att MC
Coleman Rfmn u/k No.10 Cdo att MID
Kieffer,P Captain 10(I-A)Commando No.10(1Tp) MC
Rabouhans Sgt French No.10(1Tp) CDG
Taverne Sgt French No.10(1Tp) CDG
Messanot Sgt French Troop No.10(1Tp) MM
Hubert,A Lt French Troop No.10(1Tp) Ld'H (post)
de Koning Pte Princess Irene Bde No.10(2Tp) BronzeX
Knottenbelt Lt Princess Irene Bde No.10(2Tp) BronzeX
de Waard Pte Dutch Troopen No.10(2Tp) BronzeX
van Gelderen Lt Dutch Troopen No.10(2Tp) BronzeX
de Ruiter 2nd Lt No.10(2Tp) No.4 Cdo att BronzeX
Tazelaar BBO No.12 Cdo att No.10 Cdo MWO
Zembsch-Schreve BBO No.12 Cdo att No.10 Cdo OBE+++
Nelson* Sgt No.10(3XtP) No.10(3XTp) CiCRecom
Davies* Pte U/K No.10(3XTp) MiD
Clarke K.E* Cpl No.10(3XTp) No.10(3XTp) MM
Harris* Cpl No.10(3XTp) No.45 Cdo att MM
Stewart* Sgt No.10(3XTp) No.45 Cdo att Fld Com
Shelley* Cpl No.10(3XTp) No.45 Cdo att Fld Com
Roman Lt Belgian Troop No.10(4Tp) CDG
Artemieff Sgt Belgian Troop No.10(4Tp) CDG
Danloy Capt Belgian Troop No.10(4Tp) CDG
Burggraeve Pte No.10(4Tp) No.10(4Tp) CDG
Sigvaldsen Pte Norsk Troop No.12/10(5Tp) MM
Gausland Lt Norsk Troopen No.10(5Tp) MC
Gausland Lt Norsk Troopen No.10(5Tp) StOmE
Hauge Capt Norwegian Army No.10(5Tp) MC
Kagan L/Cpl No.10(I-A)6Tp No.10 (6Tp) Polish VM
Smrokowski Capt No.10(I-A)6Tp No.10(6Tp) MC
Rozen,BJ L/Cpl No.10(I-A)6Tp No.10(6Tp) MM
Czynski Lt Polish Army No.10(6Tp) SilverXVM
Couturier,J*   French Troop(ii) No.10(8Tp) MM, L d'H
Couturier,J*   French Troop(ii) No.10(8Tp) CDG x 4
Norwegian 5Tp Captain Hauge was awarded the British Military Cross. Hauge and lieutenant Gausland was aslo awarded St. Olavsmedaljen med Ekeløv.
Most No.10 (Inter-Allied) Commando Units received Gallantry awards from

their home countries. .* Germanic

Military Wilhems Order = VC Bronze Cross of Holland

Awarded Fld Com=Field Commisiion in the Rotyal Marines

Both France and Belgium have Croix de Guerre Gallantry Awards