Bryan,GJ, Lt ,Royal Engineers,No.9 & No.11 Commando MC .In the action at the Litani River in Syria on 9th June 1941,Lt Bryan was commanding a section of the force landed north of the river to disorganise enemy resistance from the rear.He led a party containing Sgt Worrall and men against a French 75mm battery,under fire from concentrated machine gun offensive,captured the nearest gun with hand grenades.He directed its fire against the remaining guns, which were quickly silenced.The advance was continued,but Lt Bryan was very severely wounded through both legs,one being subsequently amputated.As a result he was taken prisoner but has since been liberated .His coolness and courage before and after being wounded was an inspiration to his men,and the capture of the battery greatly facilitated the crossing of the river,which it covered at very short range.(LG.02.12.41)

Blair, DA, 73177, Captain,5th Battalion Seaforth Highlanders, No.11 Commando, MBE. Captured at El Adaem on 26th June 1942.Imprisoned in Campo 21(Ciete).After the Armistice the SBO refused to allow prisoners of war to escape and the camp was taken over by the Germans who removed the prosioners of war to Germany.Captain Blair had been working on a tunnelling scheme , of which there were several in the camp and hid with five others in the tunnel for 36 hours .They came out aftyer the Germans had lef, made their way south and arrived in British hands on 13th October 1943.(LG.27.04.44)

Blair, DA, Major, 5th Battalion Seaforth Highlanders , No.11 Commando, MBE,MC .This officer was commanding B Company on the 4th November 1944 when the Battalion made its first assault crossing over the Aft-waterings Canal.Prior to the crossingh he displayed complete disregard fro the enemys fire which was spraying the canal bank in answer to our tank shooting, by walking about in the open under fire encouraging the men and giving last minute instructions .When H' hour came he was the first to cross thye bank and as a result of his leadership the whole company were up and across as one man.The speed of their advance after crossing was remarkable and they had the enemy completely on the run.On pausing at the first bound Major Blair quickly appreciated that he could cut off an enemy strong-point by a rapid out flanking movement . His action was completely siuccessful and a great many enemy were trapped and killed. This manoeuvre enabled the next battalion of another brigade on the right topush on to their objective at a critical time when delay might have seriously affected the whole plan. This successful move was carried out after last light without any casualties to teh company .After reorganising quickly Major Blair agaiun got his company driving on and as a result the retreating enemy had no chance of reorganising or stopping the fight. The company were therefore able to over run their final objective with little opposition, all remaining enemy being easily disposed of. thsi success was entirely due to moving fine leadership displayed by the commander of the company who moved at the head of his men throughout , encouraging them on and moving under fire at all times with complete disregard of his own safety.His calm bearing was an inspiration to all around him and his keen perception at the most critical moments of the battle saved many lives. His courage was of the highest order and his conduct worthy of recognition.(LG.05.04.45)

Butler, HHC, Corporal, S.Lancashire Regiment, 1 SBS & 11 Commando, MM. In support of the viatl convoy due at Malta from Gibraltar in mid-August 1942, a Commando raid was planned to destroy Junkers 88 bombers on Catania Aerodrome ,Sicily. Three Officers and three other ranks landed on the night of August 11th-12th , 1942 in poor weather conditions on a defended beach. The party penetrated to the airfield to find armed sentries on every aircraft.After reconnoitering for four hours they were detected but whilst retiring they uised their explosives to destroy some electric power pylons .During the withdrawal to the beach Sergeant Dunbar was wounded and taken prisoner.The remaining five were unable to find Una at the rendez-vous and one canoe capsized; they were taken prisoner after daylight some five miles out at sea. Butler showed couarge and resource of a very high order .The raid was carried out with great determination and although the object was not achieved due to the enemy's exceptional precautions, the boldness and initiative shown are considered deserving of recognition.Recommended for Mentioned-in Despatches, awarded the Military Medal. (LG.18.04.46)

Gornal ,J,3256286, Gunner, Royal Artillery, No.11 Commando, MM. In recognition of gallant and distinguished services in the field .(LG.13.09.45)
Worall, FG, W/S Sgt, C'Battalion,Layforce,No.11 Commando, MM. in the action at teh Litani River in Syria on June 9th,1941, this NCO was part of a force that landed north of the river to disorganize the enemy resistance from the rear.With Lt Bryan RE, his section Leader ,he led a party of (...) men against a French 75mm Battery , despite considerable opposition from concealed machine guns . Having captured the nearest gun with hand grenades ,Sgt Woral layed the gun with such accuracy that the remaining guns were rapidly silenced.When ordered to continue the advance , he put this gun out of action before moving on.Shortly afterwards he was severely wounded in the head , and taken prisoner, but has now been liberated. The dash and efficiency of this NCO in silencing the Battery, had considerable effect on the successful crossing of teh river, as teh guns covered the approacheds and crossings at very short range.Recommended for DCM or MM, awarded MM.(LG.02.12.41)