Fynn,FW,109827, W/SMajor,3rd Btn London Scottish,No.12/3 Commando MC Operation Cartoon .Major F.W. Flynn was in command of a force of 5 officers and 43 other ranks of the Special Service Brigade which landed at Sagvaag Norway on the night of the 23rd-24th January,1943. Due to the speed and drive with which with which the operation was carried out,the main machinery on the pyrite mine at Lillebo and the silo installations at Savaag quay were destroyed.In addition,casualties were inflicted on the enemy,three prisoners were taken,four enemy guns were destroyed and valuable intelligence material brought back.The great success of this operation was largely due to the careful planning of Major Flynn,and high qualities of leadership and courage displayed by him during the operation itself.(LG.25.03.43)

Brodison,SJ, 6977705,CSM, Royal Irish Fusiliers, HOC ,No.12/10 Commando MM This SNCO ws a memeber of a military force which landed to the east of Calais on the north coast of France,on the night of 16th-17th May 1944, to carry out a reconnaissance of enemy beache obstacles.This operation was of the highest importance and was of an extremely hazardous nature,involving as it did , a three mile approach to a heavily defended enemy coastline,by nighty,in an 18 foot dory. During the run in and return passage to the parent MTB, the dory was forced to take avoiding action in order to escape detection by enemy vessels which crossed its course .CSM Brodison ,by his cheerfulness and resolution, maintained the morale of the operation,thus allowing his raid commander to concentrate on the conduct of the operation as a whole.This SNCO has taken part in noless than fourteen operations of a similar nature in the past, and has shown throughout a high sense of duty and great loyalty to his force commander.(LG.03.08.44)
Bolden,S,L/Cpl, 3316568, Camerons, No.12/1 Commando MM Operation Cartoom. L/Cpl Bolden was with the the detachment of the Special Service Brigade which landed at Sagvaag, Norway on the night 23rd-24th January,1943.Before the actual landing took place,L/Cpl Bolden was wounded in the side,but although in pain, he continued and carried out his duties ably and well.He personally led a party which cut the communications and was later in charge of a roadblock on the Savaag-Fitjar road.Throughout the operation he showed that good leadership and determination upon which a small raid of this nature depends on for its success.(LG.25.03.43)
Darlington,KC, 3605414,Pte,Border Regt, No.12 Commando MM Operation Cartoom.Pte Darlington was with the the detachment of the Special Service Brigade which landed at Sagvaag, Norway on the night 23rd-24th January,1943,and was with a party detailed to establish a road block on the Lervick-Savaag road.While maintaining this block, fire was opened on an approaching car which was brought to a halt.Twomen escaped from the car,but a third one believed to be an Officer was killed. Private Darlington under continuous fire from snipers stalked to the car ,searched it ,and obtained a briefcase ,a small attache case and some weapons,.His coolness and devotion to duty enabled valuable information to be obtained.I strongly recommend him for the award of a Military Medal.(LG.25.03.43)
Deery,S,Sgt , 6977293,R.Innis Fusiliers,No.12 Commando MM On the 28th March 1942,during the Commando raid at St.Nazaire ,France.Sgt Deery was in a demolition party commanded by Lt Bretty whose task it was to destroy the dry dock installations.before these were able to be carried out ,Lt Brett was wounded,and Sgt Deery took command of the party.Under continuous heavy fire he proceeded to carry out the demolitions successfully. When his task was completed,Sgt Deery assisted the wounded back to the point of re-embarkation His courage and devotion to duty were a fine example.(LG.05.07.45)
Johnson,J, 2879375,Cpl,Gordon Highlanders, No.12 Commando MM On the 28th March 1942,during the Commando raid at St.Nazaire ,France.Cpl Johnson was a member of a demolition party detailed for the tasks in the dry dockinstallations.This NCO was travelling in the HMS Campbeltown,and during the run in was wounded 3 times in the leg.Despite the considerable pain which he must have suffered at the time, he carried on gallantly and successfully completed his own personal task.During the street fighting, and although by now suffering from considerable loss of bloodl ,hispersonal efficiency and bravery were particulary outstanding,and an inspirtation to all others.His example as an NCO in leading his men was in accordance with the highest traditions of the British Army.(LG.05.07.45)
Nash,DJ, 5253563,Cpl,Worcs Regt,Holding Operation Commando, No.12 Commando MM The above named NCO was a member of a raiding party which landed on the north coast of France near Criel-sur-Mer on the night of 26th December 1943. Cpl Nash was ordered to carry out a difficcult and hazardous climb up a sheer cliff face and secure a rope at the top to assist the other members of the force to climb the cliff. Inm order to accomplish this Cpl Nash was forced to pull himself up by means of a barbed wire obstacle lodged in a gully against the cliff face,After having been joined at the top by L/Cpl Howells, a second member ofthe force, a light was seen inland which on investigation proved to be a patrol of 15 Germans advancing in extended line.L/Cpl Howells was anxious to engage the enemy with his TSMG and had taken up a position to do so when Cpl Nash,having cooly appreciated the situation with regard to the intention of the operation,gave orders for L/Cpl Howells to descend the rope, he himself descending afterwards.in making this decision Cpl Nash acted with great coolness and prevented a situation developing which might well have jeopardised the safe withdrawal of the whole force.This NCO has participated in ten similar operations and on every occasion has displayed the utmost determination in overcoming the most hazardous obstacles without regard to his own personal safety.By his outstanding example as a NCO he has repeatedly proved to be an inspiration to the other members of his force.(LG.02.03.44)
Tibbles,H, 3860540,Pte,Border Regt, No.6/12 Commando MM(Immediate) Near Lauenberg on the night 28th-29th April,Pte Tibbles Troop was responsible for the left flank of the bridgehead over the River Elbe. As the troop advanced along the line of the river to its objective it was suddenly foired on by a machine gun from the top of the high bank on the inland side.Thetroop had no other alternative but to take cover in the angle of the bank as the beach was completely open .Pte Tibbles was in the rear of the troop with his bren gunand immediately appreciating what was happening in front he dashed up the slope calling to his N0.2 to follow him.The slope was 200 feet high and at a gradient of 1 in 2. pte Tibbles when he reached the top worked his way along on the shadow side of a line of trees until he was immediateky on top oif the machine gun post ,which was still in the act of firing down on his troop. from here he killed all 3 of the machine gun team and enabled his troop to continue its advance.By his own immediate inniative,determination and personal courage Pte Tibbles enabled the advanceof his troop to continue and on his own liquidated a strong point that might have proved expensive.(LG.02.08.45)