Amesbury,AE,4536995,Tpr,44th Recce Regt, No.2 Commando - MM. On 16th September 1943,Trooper Amesbury was one of the crew of an anti-tank gun in a position south-west of Battipaglia.During the morning a strong enemy attack preceeded by mortar and artillery concentrations, was made on this position. The gun position was heavily fired on by enemy machime guns and mortars at close range, but Trooper Amesbury displayed great coolness and suceeded in knocking out two enemy mortar posts by sniping with his rifle and subsequently helped to carry ammunition to forward section posts under heavy enemy fire.During whole of the engagement Trooper Amesbury showed conspicuous courage and coolness(LG.27.01.44).

Anchor,JR, 2616491,L/Cpl,Grenadier Guards, No.2 Commando, MM Spilje Bay,Albania July 28th-29th 1944.Operation Healing II.L/CplAnchor was in command of a bren gun .At dawn his troop led the assault against enemy positions, strongly fortified and tenaciously defended.During the early stages of the advance L/Cpl Anchor, coming under vicious enemy machine gun fire carried his bren gun forward across dangerously open ground.From now onwards, he not only succeeded in giving effectivecovering fire to the advancing troops and thereby ensuring the steady advance of the leading troops, but continually engaged enemy strongpoints with deliberate and accurate fire,having complete disregard for his own personal safety. In the final assault,L/Cpl Anchor,observing several Germans immediately in front of him,displayed great initiative and courage,when,charging forward under intense fire he hurled a grenade in the midst of the enemy , who were making a last desparate attempt to hold the objective.This action contributed llargely to their withdrawal from this position. By now a machine gun in the immediate vacinity was pouring bullets into the captured position. L/Cpl Anchor loctaed this machine gun and immediately engaged it through the window of hids house forcing the enemy to stop firing and withdraw to another position.Thrtoughout the action ythis NCO displayed not only courage and determination but great initiative at all times.His efforts contributed greatly to the success of the assault and were largely responsible for dislodging the Germans determined to hold out at all costs.(LG.04.01.45)

Bradley,R,L/Sgt,R.Berkshire Regt, No.2 Commando, MM POW Escapee - <Lengthy report to be added later>.

Brown,RH, 2879761,L/Sgt,1Bn London Scottish, No.2 Commando, MM Brown was embarked in HMS Triumph for a Commando Raid against the main Messina-Palermo railway.Triumph firstattacked the Italian battle-fleet north of Messina,torpedoing the cruiser Bolzano; this was immediately followed by heavy and accurate depth charge counter attack. The submarine withdrew to carry out the Commando raid but,on approaching the shore encountered a fishing vessel in th midst and sank it ,having again to withdraw since the gunfire had copromised the the position.The next evening 29th August,1941.Triumph approached and launched the raiding party in canoes.At 0320 hours 30th August one and a half spans of the bridge were successfully demolished,but the Commando party could not be re-embarked and were taken prisoner. Brown showed great courage,determination aand resource throughout thius eventful and disturbing submarine passage and throughout the successful raid.(LG.11.04.46)

Burn,MC,Capt, 74087 ,KRRC, No.2 Commando, MC On 28th March 1942 during the Commando Raid on St.Nazaire,France.Captain Burn was in command of the assault group.Following a direct hit on the motor launch carrying his group, the ship was put out of action and most of his assault group were killed or wounded. Captain Burn, after being nearly drowned and pulled ashore by one of his men , quickly recovered and proceeded alone to his objective after ascerrtaining that these gun positions were not in action.Entirely alone he carried out the destruction of these positions, setting them on fire with incenduaries. He continued causing enemy casualties with hand grenades until all his ammunition was expended, whnen he was taken prisoner. This action of Captain Burn's showed his determination to carry out this task although his men were out of action; his courage and initiative being an example deserving the highest praise.(LG 05.07.45)

Challington,WA,Sgt,Cameron Highlanders, No.2 Commando, DCM On 28th March 1942 during the Commando Raid on St.Nazaire,France Sgt Challington was with the assault group covering the dry dock area.Diesembarking from the burning bows of HMS Campbeltown on to the dockk gates, Sgt Challington immediately engaged the enemy gun crews.who were on the roof of the pumping station and whose plunging fire was intense in the immediate area. Under his devastating covering fire , the assault onto the roof of the pumping station and the consequent destruction of the crews and guns was successfully completed. later, when his assault group formed a covering force in the area which the demolitions were taking place,this NCO showing total disregard for his own safety, engaged and knocked out amn enemy machine gun position which was bringing heavy fire to bear on the Operational HQ. Continuing to display great courage and initiative, his group later became enagaged in the street fighting in the town of St.Nazaire and during the fighting he alone engaged an enemy motorcycle combinbation which approached at high speed firing an automatic gun from the sidecar. durirng this street fighting,this NCO's dash and initiative was outstanding and with a small party he managed to regain the open country through the town in an attempt toe escape to Spain. he was captured only after organising other members of his party to set off in pairs to freedom.(LG 05.07.45)

Churchil,JMTF, 34657,Lt Col ,Manchester Reg, No.2 Commando, DSO The Gulf of Salerno September 8th-18th 1943.Lt-Col Churchill commanded No.2 Commando during the opposed landing in Marina Bay in the early hours of September 9th and throughout the subsequent actions at Vietri on September 10th,the Molina defile onthe 12th-13th September and the Piegolette on the 15th-16th September.In the initial assault Lt-Col Churchill landed with the first flight of the attacking troops.He organised and personally led th eattack on a German 4 gun battery.From 9th-13th Septamber Lt-Col Churchill on several occassions led counter-attacks against enemy infiltyration into his positions.By his cool courage and complete disregard of danger he personally inspired his men ,exhausted as they were, to hold the position.During this period he found a badly wounded man whom he and his adjutant carried back under fire on a rucksack to cover behind a ridge some 250 yds away.On the night of the 15th-16th September Lt-Col Churchill organised the advance of his Commando up the Piuelolette Valley, personally directing the advance by leading the right hand troop which had only one newky joined subalttern left On reaching the objective he went forward with one man into the village in which the enemy were sniping and throwing hand grenades.Although the bright moonlight made movement in the streets dangerous, his disregard of danger resulted in the capture of over 100 prisoners.Subsequently the capturd position wwas heavily attacked under cover of intense machine gun and mortar fire. Lt-Col Churchill at once left his headquarters and visited each of his troop post in turn proceeding alone in order not to endanger the lives of others. Throughout the dayLt-ColChurchill supervised our successful efforts to hold the determined onslaught on the enemy continually visiting our exposed positions. All through the foillowing night he remained on duty directing artillery and mortar fire onto the enemy patrols which were seeking to turn our position by the wooded valleys.When dawn broke Lt Col Churchill again had no sleep for 36 hours,had personally led two long and heavily opposed attacks and had inspired our troops to beat off all attempts by the enemy topenetrate positions.It is beyond doubt that Lt-Col Churchill's gallantry tilted the scales of battle on more than one occassion.The magnetic power of his personal leadership frequently rallied his exhausted troops when they could scarcely stagger forward. His powers of endurance and the cool and unflinching manner in which he exposed himself to danger so that he seemed to bear a charmed life were unquestionably a brilliant inspiration ranking with the highest traditions of the British Army.(LG 13.01.44)

Churchil,JMTF, 34657,Captain ,Manchester Reg, No.2 Commando, MC On 27th May ,this officer when in command of his Company was continually attacked and eventually surrounded. Nevertheless he fought his 2 machine guns until all his ammunition was finished when he detroyed his guns and extricated his command after darkpassing through the enemy lines and eventually reported back to Brigade HQ.His action undoubtedly held up the enemy in that area for a considerable time enabling other troops to wothdraw across the canal. (LG 20.12.40)

Clark,J, 402083 Gnr,Royal Artillery, No.2 Commando, MM In recognition of gallant and distinguished services in the field. (LG 13.03.45)

Cooper,DE, 14241655,Fus,Lancs Fusiliers, No.2 Commando, MM Fus Cooper was No.1 of a PIAT in a troop ordered to cross 1,500 yds of open ground to attack enemy positions defending a large bbridge during Operation Roast on 2ns April 1945. When 300yds from the objective, the troop came under withering spannndau fire. Cooper ,with great coolness, gave accurate support to his troop which succeeded in acapturing the bridge.Before he could rejoin the troop a strong counter attack was launched during which his No.2 was killed. Cooper, in the face of the intense fire , moved his PIAT to a fire posiition on the flank and being without an No.2 had to make 2 separate joutrneys across open ground to bring up bombs. There, although under automatic fire,he engaged the enemey, firing at low angle and succeeded in halting them.When his bombs were exhausted he continued to engage the enemy with his Colt Automatic. When the counter attack was finally beaten off he returned with his weapon under cover of smoke from a burning haystack to rejoin his troop HQ. Throughout the operation he showed great initiative and personal courage.(LG 05.07.45)

Copland,WC, 50169,Major,S.Lancs Regt, No.2 Commando, DSO On the 28th March 1942 during the Commando Raid at St. Nazaire, France.Major Copland was my second in command and his first duty was , as Commander of the military personnel on board HMS Campbeltown ,to supervise the disembarkation and evacuation of wounded. After the Campbeltown had rammed the dry dock gate, the ship was on fore forward and under heavy fire from enemy shore batteries and anti-aircraft guns.Under intense fire and very difficult conditions , the disembarkation was completed in very rapid time under his personnal direction.Many of the Commando force were wounded, some very seriously, and Major Copland , showing total disregard for his own personal safety effected the evacuation odf all wounded onto the light naval craft, by doing so expediting the whole disembarkation. During the fighting and demolition work on shore, Major Copland was again outstanding in his efforts to overcome the enemy.When the work of the destruction was complete and the escape from the port proved to be an impossibility as the Royal Navy had been forced to withdraw, Major Copland played a Major part in reorganising the force and breaking out into the town.He was conspicuous throughout the entire fighting, and his leadership was instrumental in the destruction of many of the enemy and his equipment.Major Copland throughout this action ., proved by his leadership,courage and disregard for danger to be a great example to all. (LG 05.07.45)

Day,SA,Capt,Royal Signals, No.2 Commando, MC On the 28th March 1942 during the Commando Raid at St. Nazaire, France.Captain day was my adjutant.Previous to the Raid , his untiring work in the planning and issue of orders was of the greatest assistance.During the whole of the action on the land , his courage and total disregard to his own personal safety were magnificent.Acting as contact with the many small groups, dahing about from one party to another , inspiring confidence and holding them together, heplayed a very important part in maintaining unity in the street fighting, and enabling the force to fight far into the town,causing heavy casualties on the enemy and his equipment. His cheerfulness and coolness under intense fire set a fine example to us all.(LG 05.07.45)

De Norigba,DJ, 6896540 Sgt,Queen.Westminsters,KRRC, No.2 Commando, MM De Norigba was embarked on HMS Triumph for a Commando Raid against the main Messina-palermo railway line.Triumph first attacked the Italian battle fleet north of Messina torpedoing the cruiser Bolzano; this was immediately followed by heavy and accurate depth charge counter attack.The submarine withdrew to carry out teh Commando raid but on approaching the shore encountered a fishing vessel in mist and sank it, having aagain to withdraw since the gunfire had compromised the position. The next evening 29th August 1941, Triumph approached and launched the raiding party in canoes.At 0320 hrs 30th August, one and a half spans of the bridge were successfully demolished, but the Commando party could not be re-embarked and were taken prisoner. De Norigba showed great courage, determination and resource throughout this eventful disturbing submarine passage and throughout the successful raid.He was second in command of the raid.(LG 11.04.46)

Douglas,E, Cpl,Liverpool Scottish , No.2 Commando, MM St.Nazaire raid, POW - <Lengthy report to be added later>.

Dransfield,GD T/92276,Dvr, RASC, No.2 Commando, MM Spilje Bay,Albania 28th-29th July 1944 Operation Healing II.This man showed great courage and determination throughout teh action. In the earlty stages he was particulary conspicuous oin bayonette assaults. In the final stage during an attack on a fortified house Dransfield 's section attacked but were held up by withering machine gun fire across very exposed ground.Dransfield with complete disregard to his own safety, dashed through the fire , across open ground over barbed wire and through a suspected minefield to take up position behind a wall on the enemys flank. He immediately brought accurate fire to bear on to the enemy posiitions in the house. This attracted the enemy fireaway frokm hi sown section onto himself and enabled hgis section to re-group for a second attack. Under the hail of fire, dransfield was badly wounded in the leg.Despite this he continued to return the enemy fire and when the second attack was launched he immediately joined the assault, when he was again hit in theother leg. Although in great pain and bleeding profusively he crawled 20 yds and collapsed. This soldiers offensive spirit and magnificent bravery were an outstanding example and inspiration to all.(LG 05.10.44)

Ellwood,WC, 6019994,L/Sgt,Essex Regt, No.2 Commando, MM Gulf of Salerno 13th September 1943. During fighting on the 13th September 1943 on Dragone Hill the enemy attempted to come through our positions. they threw stick grenades and brought automatic fire to bear, killing one man and wounding another.Lt Peters went forward and was alos wounded. Sgt Ellwood with complete disregard for enemy fire and grenades ran forward in the open and fired his magazine after magazine into the enemy from his TSMG at point blank range. Seven enemy dead were found in this area after the action.Throughout the operations he has set a fine standard of leadership, and although hit twice by shell splinters,has continued to command his sub section with dash and determination.(LG 13.01.44)

Fairclough,J, 2619513,Gdsmn, Grenadier Guards, No.2 Commando, MM POW Escapee - <Lengthy report to be added later>.

Gelder,JW, 1606731,L/Bdr, Royal Artillery, No.2 Commando, MM ,Albania July 28/29th,1944 Operation Healing II, This NCOI showed outstanding courage ,leadership and initiative.The attack in which he tookpart developed in 3 phases.In phase 1,the attack on a ridge studded with machine gun posts .On the burst of fire , the Section Sergeant and corporal were hit, and Gelder immediately took control of the sub-section leading them with dash and no thought of personal danger. He saw that another section hgad 11 casualties from a machine gun post, subsequently found to be manned by a German Officer, he stalked this post despite the danger and killed the officer with his Tommy Gun. On phase 2,gelder collected the remnants of the section and put in another attack on a machine gun post, capturing the post and killing the occupants. On phase 3,the objective was a strongly fortified house.the first attack was beaten off and Gelder was wounded. He refused to withdraw ands again went into the attack.He was hit in the face by a grenade, which exploded at his feeet seriously wounding him .Despite this fact,he went on firing until his magazine was empty, encourtaged other men , who were now under mortar as well as machine gun fire, and tried to carry a comrade out of action until finally collapsing. Gelder who showed courage at Scaletta, Salerno and Hvar, acted as aSsergeant throughout this action, and was a great inspiration to his men .His gallantry in past actions earned him a recommendation at Salerno.(LG 05.10.44)

Gill,R,Rflmn, 6846123,Cameroanians, No.2 Commando, MM In recognition of gallant and distinguished services in the field. (LG 15.03.45)

Gray,A, 3185419, Fus, R.Fusiliers, No.2 Commando, MM Gulf of Salerno 13th september 1943. On 13th September 1943 at Dragone Hill Fusilier Gray was with the forward sectionm , and when the position had been outflanked attacked the enemy together with Pte Hamble, and dislodged the enemyfrom the top of the forward ridge with hand grenades. Throughout the heavy enemy attack on the Hill Fus Gray showed great coolness and slowed down the enemy's progress for several hours. Fus Gray was later severely wounded on the hill.(LG.13.04.44)

Groves,ERC, T/83555,L/Cpl,RASC, No.2 Commando, MM On 17th April 1945, L/Cpl Grovestroop attacked along the dykes west of Argenta to capture bridges across the River Reno and neighbouring canals.Shortly after the objectives were captured, the enemy countrer attacked in strength down all 3 dykes. The bren group defending the western dyke was knocked out by a mortar bomb, leaving the left flank badly exposed.L/Cpl Groves saw enemy troops with panzerfaust and spandau infiltrating down the western dyke. Realising the danger, he immediately,and on his own initiative, led his bren groupo across trhe demolished bridge over the canal which was under heavy small arms and mortar fire. He reached the dyke when the enemy had advanced to within 100yds of the bridge and ordered his bren to open fire, but the bren jammed.Groves then drew his revolver and rushed towards the enemy over completely bare ground, which was subjected to heavy enemy small arms fire.He fired rapidly into the enemy driving them back and enabled his bren team to get their gun working again.his prompt and courageous action undoubtedly saved a critical situation and prevented the enemy over-running the left flank.((LG.23.08.45)

Haines,GE,614513,TSM, E.Surrey, No.2 Commando, DCM On 28th March 1942,during the raid on St. Nazaire when the Officer in Command of the Headquarters Reserve failed to make a landing, TSM Haines took command of this group in his place.When his sparty arrived at the Operational Headquarters the area was under intense fire from enemy gun positions sited in the roof of a U-Boat shelter under 70 yds away. With complete disregard of his own safety TSM Haines took up a position in the open, engaged and silenced these enemy guns with a 2" mortar. Shortly after this, the Headquarteres Group came under enemy machine gun fiore from an armed trawler inside the inner dock. Again from the open , TSM Haines engaged the new enemy ,this time with an LMG.His fire caused the enemy craft to move further up the dock.This reduced the danger in theimmediate area and gave the Headquarters freedom to operate.After the attempt to re-embark had been abandoned,TSM Hainesplayed a splendid part in a running engagement which lasted over half an hour,and in which the force fought its way into the town. The bridge itself was covered by enemy LMG fire but TSM Haines made a determined dash acrosss the bridge and into the direct fire of enemy weapons.Under his leadership his party managed to silence most of these gun positions, thus enabling the main force to proceed. During the remainder of the action, in the town of St.Nazaire,TSM Haines set a magnificent example of courage and devotion to duty to all who served him.(LG.05.07.45)

Harding,VP, 5189003,Pte, Glosters, No.2 Commando, MM POW Escapee - <Lengthy report to be added later>.

Harrington,JL,7014698, L/Cpl,RUR, No.2 Commando, MM On the 28th March 1942 during the Commando Raid at St. Nazaire, France. L/Cpl Harrington was given orders to carry a message to start off the withdrawal from the Dry Dock area back to the point of re-embarkation.With all means of inter-communication broken down,it became neccessary that this important order should be carried by a runner, whowould have to cross a bridge which was under intense fire. The cool manner and deliberation with which L/Cpl Harrington proceeded with this message which was safely delivered,and set the withdrawal in motion,is worthy of the highest praise.He returned to Headquarters across alarge open space under fire the whole time ,and reported his message delivered in a manner which showed a great example to those who saw it.His devotion to duty during the whole of the operation was outstanding.(LG.05.07.45)

Hausmann,Fritz Sigmund, Oal /1344 Dvr,P/L/Cpl, RASC, No.2 Commando, DCM risland of Brac(Dalmatia) 5th March 1944.Island of Solta(Dalmatia) 19th March 1944 in the Commando raid on Brac Island on the night of 5th March 1944 Dvr Hausmann was the leading scout of the section which carried out this raid. the section was seen approaching and two sentries opened fire with schmeisser automatics which pinned them to the ghround. Dvr Hausmann dashed forward firng his TSMG and killed oner sentry, but the other ran into a house.hausmann followed,kicked open the door and threwq in a hand grenade.When it had exploded he dasshed in shouting to the Germans to surrender,and having killed one and wounded two more, the remaining five men gave themselves up.On the morning of the 10th March 1944 during the Commando attack on Solta Island the behavior of this man was exemplary.In the forefront of the final assault on the village he led a small group of men in house clearing in an area where the agGerman Garrison was holding out, and during this op[eration severely wounded a German who was holding up the advance with a spandau machine gun which was mounted in an upoper window. Dvr Hausmann is a Palestinian of German origin serving in the Commando.He has taken part in three Commando raids in these islands during the last 6 weeks, and in each of these his behaviour has been outstandingly bold and aggressive. He insists on beingthe leading scout on all approaches by day or night and is not content to await his turn for this duty.He has set a magnificent example and his conduct under fire is in the highest traditions of the army.(LG.20.07.44)

Hendry,BJ, 5337785,Pte,R.Berks Regt, No.2 Commando, MM In recognition of gallant and distinguished services in the field. (LG 15.03.45)

Hoggett,W,2326631, L/Cpl,Royal Signals, No.2 Commando, MM In recognition of gallant and distinguished services in the field. (LG 15.03.45)

Honey,P, Pte, Cameron Highlanders, No.2 Commando, MM On 28th March 1942 during the Commando Raid on St.Nazaire,France.Pte Honey was in a small protection party whose duty it was to protect demolition parties at work on the destructiono f the dry dock installations.It was due to his personal initiative and bravery that the enemy machine gun post, housed on the roof of a building and sited in such a position that it was a potential danger to the demolition parties, was successfully destroyed.The demolition party were thus allowed to continue their work unhampered and to complete their task. Throughout the whole five hours of thge action, Pte Honey was always to be seen where the fighting was thickest;he was continually dashing from building tobuilding seeking and destroying the enemy.The particular area in which this soldier had to fight was under the heaviest of fire and his individual bravery unflinching devotion to duty and aggressiveness were of the first order.He was a true example to all and his drive and initiative remain imprinted in the minds of all who saw him.(LG 05.07.45)

Hooper,RH, 70956, ,WS/Capt, Kings Regt, No.2 Commando, MM Operation Blackcock Sicily 16th August 1943. Captain RH Hooper led his troop with great gallantry and determination in the street fighting in Scaletta Village in the early morning of the 16th August 1943,which resulted after the Commando landing just north of this village .In this action with German Troops, he was wounded in the shoulder by a rifle bullet.After his area of the village was cleared, he continued to lead the troop to its correct position , 3 miles further down the coast. later the troop was ordered to march north on the road to Messina,Captain Hooper again leading until restrained by medical authorities and removed to the casualty clearing station.Captain Hooper also took part in the Commando raid at Vaagso and St.Nazaire where he was badly wounded.(LG.18.11.43)

Howard,JD, 7375194, L/Cpl, RAMC, No.2 Commando, MM Spilje Bay,Albania July 28th-29th,1944 Op.Healing II. This NCO displayed untiring zeal , braveryu and devotion to duty and was an example to all about him.Whilst under heavy shell fire he displayed the utmost coolness and disregarding his own safety entirely,he attended to the wounded and endeavoured to movbe them from the danger area.later,during the attack he was constantlyup with the assaulting troops in his capacity as a medical orderly and he showed complete indifference to the enemy fire whilst attending the wounded .He remained out under heavy fire dressing wounds and assisting in casualty evacuations.He went out repeatedly to bring in the wounded to a place of safety.He was untiring in his work and at no time did he show the slightest regard for his own personal safety.His coolness and courage were great examples to those with him.During previous actions he has shown the same consistent devotion to duty.(LG.05.10.44)
Humble,William McClean,2940188, L/Cpl,Cameron Highlanders, No.2 Commando, MM Gulf of Salerno 13th september 1943.On 9th Septembner on the Salerno Road Pte Humble engaged at 100 yds an advancing MK III Special enemy tank, which was shwlling the house from which Pte Humble was sniping. On 13th September 1943 on the Dragone Hill when the section had been outflanked,Pte Humble together with another soldier went frward under heavy machine gun fire with all the hand grenades he could collect, and driove the enemy off the forward ridge. Pte Humble was also seen to kill a machine gun crew of 3 single handed in close hand to hand fighting. Throughout the operation 9th to 18th September Pte Humble was an inspiration to all he came in contact with, always showing coolness and determination to get to close grips with the enemy.(LG.13.01.44)

Hutton,GF, 6012900,WO2, Essex Regt, No.2 Commando, DCM In recognition of gallant and distinguished services in the field. (LG 15.03.45)

Jackson,J, 3781177,Cpl, Kings Regt, No.2 Commando, DCM In recognition of gallant and distinguished services in the field. (LG 15.03.45)

James,CV, 174099,Capt, Royal Signals, No.2 Commando, MC. Gulf of Salerno 13th september 1943.Captain James as Brigade Signal Officer throughout the actions of Marina,Vietri and Piegolette showed an untiring energy , technical skill and a devotion to duty worthy of the highest praise. No deterrent whether occassioned by the hazards of battle or by physical fatigue, prevented Captain James's efforts top maintain at all costs the best possible communications through the action.On alloccassions he personally conducted the laying of the line(with captured material since this equipment is not used to teh Special service Brigade)which was often accomplished under fire.he also frequently visited his operations up with the forward fighting troops.An example of this tenacity was shown when the jeep from which he was laying cable duering a critical period of the battle broke down on the middleo f the Vietri viaduct at that time being mortared by the enemy and under the fixed line machine gun fire. Instead of temporarily abandoning this mission and returning for another jeep, Captain James laboriously unloaded the equipment from the disabled vehicle and continued to lay the line on foot. I consider theat such success as may be credited to the Special service Brigade would not have been made possible without the excellent communications which were maintained at all times, an achievment for which Captain james, through his disregard of danger, endurances, enterprise and skill was primarily possibl.(LG.13.01.44).

Keep,RW, 187000 ,W/Lt Acting Major,W.Yorks, No.2 Commando, MC Major Keep landed in Sicily with No.2Commando in July 1943. he took part in the Commnado raid at Scaletta which led to the capture of Messina.He had taken part in an all the actions of this Commando, including the landing at Salerno in september 1943,the raid on Hvar Island, Dalmatia, in January 1944, the raid on Solta Island in March 1944, the raid on Mljet Island in May 1944 and the raid ion Brac Island in June 1944.During the biter fighting on the beach head at Salerno from 9th-20th September 1943 this officer was a section leader who distinguished himself by leading aseries of small patrols behind the enemys lines which brought back nine prisoners in all and much valuable information.His leadership and fearlessness won the admiration of his section and his offensive spirit and anxiety to go forward at a time when most of the troops in the beach head were on the defensive had an excellent effect on the morale of his unit.On the move of No.2 Commando to Dalamtia Major Keep was apponted Adjutant ,and again distinguished himself as a leader in all raids in which he took part. In action he has always displayed a keen offennsicve and truculent spirity and was always the first volunteer for any duty which involved the penetration of the enemy's lines. In the raid on Brac in June 1944 the Colonel of No.2 Commando was taken prisoner by the enemy while leading an assault on the final objective. After its capture the island was evacuated, but Major Keep volunteered to remain behind with one man ibn order to release the Colonel .He remained on the island for three days during which he personally killed two Germans with his Tommy Gun and reconnoitered the enemy positions which were heavily mined and wired. Not content with keeping these features under close observation he actually penetrated them both, crawling through the minefields and listening to the German converstations in their weapon pits. he did not leave the island until it seemed beyond all doubt that teh Colonel had already been evacuated to the mainland of Yugoslavia by sea.This officer was previously recommended for an immediate award after Salerno .His spirit and leadership has consistently been of the highest order ,and he had maintained his high standard over twelve months of hard fighting.(LG.22.02.45)

Kirkhope,WAF, 7662003,Sgmn,Royal Signals, SS Bde Signal Troop att No.2 Commando, DCM Gulf of Salerno 1943. On the 13th September at Special Service Brigade HQ on the Vietri-Salerno Road Sgmn Kirkhope volunteered to repair a vital line to one of the forward units which had been cut by shell fire.After proceeding along the line the break was found, and as the enemy was mortaring the area heavily Sigmn Kirkhope had to perform the repairs under conditions of extreme danger.On the return journey Sgmn Kirkhope visited a relaying station where he found theoperator exhausted from long hours on duty under fire.He at once relieved the operator and jimself continued the tooperate the station though he hasd no rest since the assault landing 5 days earlier. He continued on duty all day. A few hours later the line was cut again by enemy fire during the ensuing battle on Dragone Hill.In spite of very heavy mortar fire and great fatigue Sgmn Kirkhope continued to man the relaying station which now served as the only link forward.Throughout this operation this man showed the greatest willingness to undertake all tasks however dangerous and his unflurried efficiency and technical skill under fire ensured the maintenance of communications during a critical period of 24 hours.(LG.13.01.44)

Morgan,FC, 6468099,L/Cpl, Royal Fusiliers, No.2 Commando, MM Morgan was embarked in HMS Triumph for a Commando Raid against the main Messina-Palermo railway.Triumph firstattacked the Italian battle-fleet north of Messina,torpedoing the cruiser Bolzano; this was immediately followed by heavy and accurate depth charge counter attack. The submarine withdrew to carry out the Commando raid but,on approaching the shore encountered a fishing vessel in th midst and sank it ,having again to withdraw since the gunfire had copromised the the position.The next evening 29th August,1941.Triumph approached and launched the raiding party in canoes.At 0320 hours 30th August one and a half spans of the bridge were successfully demolished,but the Commando party could not be re-embarked and were taken prisoner. Morgan showed great courage,determination aand resource throughout thius eventful and disturbing submarine passage and throughout the successful raid.(LG.11.04.46)

Morland,PD, 3655808, CSM, S.Lancs Regt, No.2 Commando, DCM (Immediate) Spilje Bay,Albania July 28th-29th 1944.Operation Healing II.This Warrant Officer went into action in the role of a Section Officer.Throughout the whole action Morland showed a complete disregard for his own safety , initiative and great powers of leadership. on the first attack, his section came under heavy machine gun fire and sustained casualties,he rallied his men and led the charge clearing the ridge.On the second attack his section came again under heavy fire causing many casualtiess, but armed with a pistol he by his gallantry and leadership ,pressed home the attack and cleared the objective .He then immediately gave first aid to th ewounded, arranged their evacuations and made 2 attempts to get over the crest of a ridge , and rescue 2 men , after 3 other attempts had been unsuccessful.In the l;atter stages, his section was reduced to a mere handful of men.Seeing that the other section was in difficulties, he collected men of different troops and another regiment, put in an attack and enabled the other section to withdraw. In teh last stages of the battle, having no men, under heavy mortar fire , he helped evacuate the wounded to the Regimantal Aid Post he had formed and thence back to the beach head. His example, and fine and untiring energy throughout were an inspiration to all.This Warrant Officer has consistently shown great courage in previous actions in Norway,Scaletta and Salerno , and on other Commando raids on the Yogo-Slav Islands.(LG.05.10.44)

Morris,LJ, 7014390, L/Cpl,London Irish, No.2 Commando MM Morris was embarked in HMS Triumph for a Commando Raid against the main Messina-Palermo railway.Triumph firstattacked the Italian battle-fleet north of Messina,torpedoing the cruiser Bolzano; this was immediately followed by heavy and accurate depth charge counter attack. The submarine withdrew to carry out the Commando raid but,on approaching the shore encountered a fishing vessel in th midst and sank it ,having again to withdraw since the gunfire had copromised the the position.The next evening 29th August,1941.Triumph approached and launched the raiding party in canoes.At 0320 hours 30th August one and a half spans of the bridge were successfully demolished,but the Commando party could not be re-embarked and were taken prisoner. Morris showed great courage,determination aand resource throughout thius eventful and disturbing submarine passage and throughout the successful raid.(LG.11.04.46)

Mulachy,TJ,1517069, L/Bdr, Royal Artillery, No.2 Commando MM (Immediate) Spilje Bay,Albania July 28th-29th 1944.Operation Healing II.This NCO showed a great deal of courageand leadership throughout the action.In the early stages when his section was missing and his Corporal wounded,Mulachy immediately took charge.He led his men intio the assault showing complete disregard for his own personal safety and carried the assault through to destroy 2 machine gun posts and several weapon pits.Then when his section were pinned down, he carried out a reconnaissance undeeer fire which enabled him to outflank these posts . In the final stages, his section was driven backk in the attack on a streong point, but although wounded rallied his men, and led a second attack in which he became more seriously wounded. Whilst lying on the ground, he encouraged his men and insisted on being the last to be evacuated.Throughout this action, he displayed graeat gallantry, determination and devotion to duty which,without question, materially contributed to the success of each assault. This NCO has repeatedly been outstanding in action and was recommended at Salerno.(LG.0510.44)

Myram,AE, u/k ,War Subst.Sgt,Somerset LI, No.2 Commando MM Operation Blackcock Sicily 16th August 1943. Pte Myram is serving as a Private in this Commando, No.3 Troop, to which he is attached.He hold s the rank of Sergeant in the Independant Company of Gibraltar Garrison . this man backed up Sgt White , his Section sgt ,admirably during the street fighting in Scaletta village on the morning of the 16th August 1943.He showed much enterprise and dash in seeking out and killing the German enemy, who werre holding buildings in the village,giving no thought tohis own safety.Furthermore at all times during the 48 hour operation he showed unbounded energy and enthusiasm and willingness to do all manner of extra duties .he was a fine example to the rest of the rank and file and has been outstanding ever since he became attached to us.(LG.16.11.43)

Newman, AC,Lt Col,Essex Regt, No.2 Commando , VC
O'Brien,R ,5340890, L/Sgt, Berks Regt, No.2 Commando DCM Sgt O'Brien was one of the detachment of 2 Commando on operation Musketoon. This highly successful operation resulted tin the destruction of the important electric power plant at Glomfjord in Norway on the night of the 20th October, 1942. Sgt O'Brien throughout showed great skill and resolution.He helped reconnoitre the difficult mountain crossing from the landing place to the objective and personally laid the charge which destroyed the pipe-line. He then made his escape,spending,in all,12 days in enemy-occupied country.When suffering from sickness,privation and exhaustion he showed remarkable enduance and determinationn.(LG.19.02.43)

Parsons,CD,5952876, W/Subst Cpl - Acting Sgt Beds&Herts Regt No.2 Commando MM On 17th April 1945 sgt parsons was Section Sgt of 3 Troop, No.2 Commando when his section was ordered to attack the bridges over the canals West of Argenta.owing to the formation of the 4 dykes and the flooded area to the west of the canals , a frontal assault was essential.Shortly after the attack commenced Sgt Parsons Section officer became a casualty and Parson's took over Command of the section.He led his section with great ability against heavy oppositio, to capture the bridge over his area,silencing at least 1 spandau position himself in the process.The enemy shortly afterwards counter attacked in some strength and though out numberedm, Sgt parson's section,sustained by his magnificent coolness and inspiring example, succeeded in repulsing the counter attack. Sgt Parson's maintained his position against 3 further counter attacks during the morning,inflicting considerable loss on the enemy.throughout the remainder of the operation Sgt Parson's displayed outstanding leadership, and his fine example inspired great coinfidence oin the remainder of his section.(LG.23.08.45)

Peachey,VF, 3654154 ,L/Sgt S.Lancs Regt, No.2 Commando MM(Immediate) Gulf of Salerno 17th September 1943. At Piegolette on the 17th September 1943 this NCO performed his duties fearlessly and with extreme keeness,On more than 1 occassion in darkness and in daylight he went out with another man yto locate enemy machine guns which wer efiring at his section position,as a esult of which effective fire was brought to bear on the enemy. Throughout the operation from the initial landing he was always in the forefront of the sections activities and served as a very fine example to all teh troop. He was wounded at a later stage in the Piegolette operatioin. This NCO had previously taken part in the Commando raids of Vaagso and St.Nazaire where he distinguished himself for his coolness and steadiness under fire.On the later raid he was seriously wounded but continued his LMG fire from the deck of his ML.(LG.13.01.44)

Peachey,VF, 3654154, L/Sgt S.Lancs Regt, No.2 Commando bar to MM(Immediate) On 17th April, 1945,L/Sgt Paechey was Acting Section Sgt in a troop ordered to attack the bridges across the River Reno and neighbouring canals west of Argenta. owing to an earlier casualty he had no section officer.Peachey led the assault section intot he attack on the bridge himself and then ordered toproceed forward to attack positions beyond the bridge.t this stage, the enemy reinforced his posirtions and counter attacked strongly.His troop commander was wounded and more than half his section had become casualties when the German counter attack carried the enemy onto our forward positions in this sector.Peachey with superb coolness and disregard for himself rallied th eremnants of his sectioon and led an atatck with bayonettes and grenades on the advancing enemy with such ferocity and determination that the enemy ewre driven back, he personally killing or wounding at least 3 Gerrmans.During this assault,Peachey was badly wounded in the chest, but he continued from a prone position to encourage his men and engage the enemy.Peachey's bravery and high standard of leadership materially contributed to the smashing of the enemy counter attack and the securing of our defensive position.(LG.23.08.45)

Perkins,L,2930945, Sgt Cameron Highlanders No.2 Commando MM In recognition of gallant and distinguished services in the field. (LG 13.03.45)

Randall,RC,2929382, Sgt Cameron Highlanders No.2 Commando DCM On 28th March 1942 during the Commando Raid on St.Nazaire,France, Sgt Randall was a member of an assault force commanded by Captain Roy.The second in command of this force was wounded in the leg annd unable to land, and Sgt Randall, showing great initiative immediately took charge of the section and led it to its objective. On arriving at the obbjective both his section and the remainder of the force were seriously depleted owing towounds and it was found impossible to carry out the written orders.Realising this Captain Roy immediately called for a volunteer to assist him to destroy 2 gun positions which wer eon top of the pumping station some 20feet high at the the top of a 2 storey building.Sgt Randall immediately volunteered .With Captain Roy, in the face of heavy plunging fire, he reached the top of the building with a scaling ladder and with amazing coolness forced the enemy gun crew too withdraw and placed charges on the the guns and brought about their total destruction.On completion of this task,Sgt Randall went straight to the bridge where he took up a position without cover with an LMG,and, with total disregard to his own safety, gave covering fire to the remainder of the force which had to cross the bridge.Throughout the whole action this NCO's individual bravery and total disregard of his own personal danger was an example to all and worthy of the highest traditions of the British Army.his cool courage is worthy of high recognition.(LG.05.07.45)

Rogers,JGA, 2933493, L/Sgt Cameron Highlanders No.2 Commando MM Spilje Bay, Albania July 28th-29th 1944.Operation Healing II. L/Sgt Rogers personally led his sub-section with conspicuous gallantry. Inm the face of heavy fire from 2 spandau's he continued to advance against his objective. Although wounded and in great pain he led his men close to the enemy and killed the machine gun teams. By this action ,the troops on the left,who had been held up were able to move again. L/Sgt Rogers throughout showed a complete disregard of danger and continually refused toallow his wound to interfere with his duties until the objective had been captured, and other casualties in his section had been dealt with first.(LG.05.10.44)

Rudge,WF,3654948, Sgt S.Lancs Regt No.2 Commando DCM(Immediate) Gulf of Salerno 13th September 1943. On the 13th September 1943 on the Dragone Hill , Sgt Rudge one of the 6 survivors of the forward section of 22, showed outstanding bravery whilst in close contact with the enemy.After being mortared and shelled for two and a half hours and during a period of close confused fighting he twice rallied the men near him and repeatedly drove off the enemy.He also organised a party to go forward,under enemy machine gun fire to retrieve a Vickers gun(whose crew were all caualties) .The gun was used afterwards and inflicted casualties.Sgt Rudge carried back on 3 separate occasions badly wounded men,aleays returning immediately to the firing line, and his behaviour under a most severe concentration of mortar and machine gun fire for a period of about 3 hours was an inspiration to the section.(LG.13.01.44)

Searson,AC,6403917, L/Sgt R.Sussex Regt No.2 Commando MM POW Escapee - <Lengthy report to be added later>.

Sims,RW, 2033171, L/Cpl Somerset LI No.2 Commando MM POW Escapee - <Lengthy report to be added later>.

Simster,CA, 7363858,W/S Cpl RAMC No.2 Commando MM(Immediate) Gulf of Salerno 9th-18th September 1943.The above NCO acted as troop medical orderly to No.3 Troop during the actions at Liberatore,Dragone and Piegolette on 10th,13th,16th and 18th September 1943 respectively, perfornming his duties with complete disregard for his own personal safety.he was responsible for saving the lives of at least six badly wounded men.At Dragone he attended to wounded under direct mortar fire from close range and by his actions and coolness of bearing encouraged the members of the troop to remain steady in their positions under heavy fire.(LG.13.01.44)

Smith,T, 3655831, L/Cpl S.Lancs Regt No.2 Commando MM This NCO was one of a small party of volunteers who remained behind on Brac after the Allied Forces had left, in an attempt to rescue their commanding officer who had been captured. It was thought at the time that there was little chance of them returning.for three days and nights this NCO was outstanding for his coolness and resource when in close proximity to the enemy.(4th-6th June) The party did return to base however and on the 8th June 1944,information being received of prisoners this NCO again volunteered to return to Brac.He was agian outstanding .He climbed a hill in the German Lines to observe enemy movement and was spoytted.He was fired at and mortared with perfect calmness he ignored this fire and cintinued to observe the enemy and did not retire until the Germans were actually advancing up the hill. He then retreated and made his way back through the German lines to base with very valuable information about the enemy.This NCO has also been conspicuous in several battles during the past year being recommended for the MM at Salerno in September 1943.(LG.22.02.45)

Tomlinson,R ,840175, WO2, Royal Artillery No.2 Commando MM (Immediate) Owing to navigational difficulties on Op.Roast on the morning of 2nd April 1945,3 Troop HQ became separated from its rifle sections and was ordered to form part of an ad hoc force to storm the beaches and form the Commando bridge head. By setting a peerless example,CSM Tomlinson led his HQ weapons to the attack and subdue at least 6 enemy weapns pits and pill-boxes,and secure the right flank as afar as the Canale de Bellocchio. later during teh same day aftyer re-organising further inland, the Commando was running short of 3" mortar ammunition owing to counter attack on the right flank. Tomlinsonm volunteered and personally led a patrol to a cache on the beach to collect more bombs, knowing that involved running the gauntlet over ground ciovered by enemy fire, On the following day during the advance up the Split,Tomlinson' troop was pinned by intense shell fire.His coolness and disregard for his own safety were a great inspiration to a body of men already severely strained by fatigue.(LG.05.07.45)

Trigg,F, 6399046, Pte R.Sussex Regt No.2 Commando MM Raid Escapee - <Lengthy report to be added later>.

Verri,A, 5337321, Cpl R.Berks No.2 Commando MM .Cpl Verri ,R.Berks and No.2 Commando , attached HQ No.2 SS Bde, took part in the night attack on hill633,Island of Brac,Adriatic on Sat 3rd June 1944.He wasplaced in position on the hill top immediately was taken, and worked his set with great coolness under heavy mortar and machine gun fire.Later he was sent alone to another position more suitable for signalling.Shortly afterwards the hill was counter attacked by the enemy and lost. Cpl Verri's woireless set was hit and damaged.The troops in the vacinity withdrew, but Cpl Verri remained attempting to repair his instrument in the moonlight.Just before dawn the hill was heavily bombarded by our guns,the British Force being no longer there.Cpl Verri picked up his set and while searching for a more sheltered position bumped into a german post and was captured.this mans bravery in the early part of the attack helped greatly in the taking of the hill.Later his fortitude in remaining where he had been placed was the sole reason for his capture.(LG.23.08.43)

Webb,J, 7377410, L/Cpl RAMC No.2 Commando MM (Immediate) Gulf of Salerno 9th-18th September 1943. During the peroiod 9th-18th September 1943 this NCO carried out his duties as mediacal orderly tending the wounded whilst under fire with complete disregard for personal safety.he searched a hill after our own troops had withdrawn owing to heavy enemy fiore and casualties,and brought in 2 severely wounded men.(LG.13.01.44)

White,JE,2620077, L/Sgt Grenadier Guards No.2 Commando MM Sgt White was Section Sergeant of No.1 Section No.3 Troop , 2Commando.he showed excellent leadership and military ability in the clearing of houses in the village of Scaletta on the morning of 16th August 1943,showing complete disregard of his personal safety,yet making use of cover that was available as opportunity offered. Later in the day , he continued to show much energy and determination in keeping the section together and moving well, in arduous cross country movement through the hill country northwest of the Catnia-messina road. (LG.18.11.43)

Wickson,LC Sgt Beds&Herts Regt No.2 Commando MM On the 28th March 1942 during the Commando Raid at St. Nazaire, France.Sgt Wickson was in a small party which was first to land at the Old Mole.Under intense enemy firee this NCO displayed courage and determination of the highest order by immediately proceeding personally to eliminate an enemy blockhouse and kill the occupants.A little later, when his party was held up by enemy fire in a built up area ,Sgt Wickson, completeley disregarding his own safety,t ook up a position in the open with his bren gun, and proceeded purposely to draw all the enemy fire unto himself to makee iot possible for the remainder of his party to proceed.By this courageous action the advance into the built up area was able to be continued.At a later stage when the officer commanding this party was cut off from troops,Sgt Wickson immediately took command,and by his personal initiative and leadership btrought them safelt through the enemy pocket to rejoin the officer. In the subsequent street fighting this NCO's determination and personal gallantry was an inspitration to all,and although wounded, he continued to inflict casualties on the enemy until he had completely run out of ammunition.His great dispaly of valour is worthy of the highest praise.(LG.11.06.46)
Woodiwiss,AF Cpl Queens Regt No.2 Commando MM On the 28th March 1942 during the Commando Raid at St. Nazaire, France.Cpl Woodiwiss was a member of a party whose tasks were the destruction of the enemy light coastal defence guns, covering the dry dock. during the attack on the first gun position, this NCO sjhowed personnal bravery of the highest order.He was forever in the thick of the action and after bitter hand to hand fighting with the gun crew, in which he palyed the most prominent part, he personally was successful in palcing the firing charges which resulted in the cpomplete destruction of the gun. laster in the action ,and again showing tireless devotion to duty and outstanding zeal,this NCO took up an extremely exposed position with a bren gun and covered the force away from the bridgehead, personally acting as a rear guard and thus securing the rear of the force from enemy attack.His personal bravery and tireless devotion to duty were an example to all and his conduct throughout the whole operation is wortyhy of high recognition.(LG.05.07.45)