Abbott,JHR, 927138,Gnr,Royal Artillery,No.3 Commando.MM 18th-19th August,1942 Yellow 2, Dieppe.This young soldier, never in action before,was the only bren gunner tto get ashore at Y2 and fortunately proved to be a cool man with No idea of anything but to get a good target without considering his personal safety In the early stages of the raid on berneval Battery he helped to turn the tables on the enemy who got in a volley at close range before they were seen.Firing at 60 yds range with hardly any cover he was lucky to escape with nothing than a shower of tiles on his head. Doing what literally amounted to the work of three men he became utterley exhausted, and was nearly drowned during the withdrawal.H e kept his head and was towed away on lifelines behind the LCP, until he was finally rescued by Captain Selwyn and others(LG.02.10.42)

Andrews, AM, 6916421,L/Cpl,London Rifle Bde,No.3 Commando.MM Andrews was embarked in HM Submarine Triumph for a Commando Raid against the main Messina-Palermo railway.Triumph first attacked the Ita;lian Battle Fleet north of Messina, torpedoeing the cruiser Bolzano; this was immediately followed by heavy and accurate depth charge counter attack.The submarine withdrew to carry out the Commando raid but ,on approaching the shore,encountered a fishing vessel in the mist and sank it, having again to withdraw since the gunfire had compromised the position.The next evening 29th August 1941,HMS Triumph approached and launched the Raiding party in canoes.At 0320 hrs 30th August one and a half spans of bridge were successfully demolished,but the Commando party could not be re-embarked and were taken prisoner.Andrews showed great courage ,determination and resource throughout this eventful and disturbing submarine passage and throughout the successful raid.(LG.11.04.46)
Banks,RD,6451872, Pte, Queens own Royal West Kent Regiment, No.3 Commando.MM For gallant and distinguished services in the field.(LG.10.06.46)
Bartholemew,PI, 73118, Ty/Major, A/Lt Col, Somerset Light Infantry ,No.3 Commando. Bar to DSO Lt-Col Bartholomew was in command of N0.3 Commando during the crossing of the River Weser and the attack on Leese. he was ordered to probe to the northward to capture an important factory.He had in support one squadron of tanks.His leading infantry were approaching a group of houses when they came under intense accurate small arms fire.One officer was severely wounded and the remainder of the troop were pinned by fire in open ground.Lt-Col Batholomew saw that quick and decisive action was necessary, and immediately climbed on the commanders tank and brought the leading troop of tanks within close range of the houses.Here under close range sniper and automatic fire he personally directed the fire of the tanks onto the individual targets.His runner,who was riding besidehiom on the tank was severely wounded,but Lt-Col Bartholomew continued tio direct the tanks fire until the enemy was completely destroyed.This officers prompt and gallant action was an inspiration to all under his command, and led to the complete rout of the enemy in this sector. Recommended for MC awarded bar to DSO.(LG.08.03.45)
Chapman,KH,5958297, Pte, Bed&Herts, No.3 Commando.MM(Immediate) During the operations at Termoli between 3rd and 6th October 1943 in the second attack on D+2 a trooper of his Unit was badly wounded in the leg .Pte Chapman in the next weapon pit immediately went to his assistance although he was exposed to a fierce enfilade of a MMG. sub-section. He applied a torniquet which involved kneeling in the open for a considerable time.He then reported the casualty and went to finsd a strtcher.Owing to the disorganisation he was unable to find doo this , but he returned with two medical orderlies. The wounded man was then carried back on a blanket,Chapman assisted.All this coming and going was done under intense machine gun and shell fire and Chapman showed disregard of danger in the highest tradition of the Commnado.(LG.27.01.44)
Clarke,SC, 5989663, Pte,U/K,,No.3 Commando.MM Yellow 2 Dieppe-18th -19th August 1942.These two soldiers batman and runner to the senior officer at Y2 reconnoitered the approach to Berneval Village and guided their party forward from the beach without it being discovered.They set a fine example to the rest of the soldiers by pushing on through the village with great dash, showing a tactical sense, which was most useful in a party not trained to work as a team,and knowing little of infantry work.They exposed themselves most willingly in carrying messages, particulary when the party was sniping the Battery from the cornfields.They were among the last group to leave the beach, covering their officers, whom they guarded most watchfully throughout , as they came down the cliff.They previously did excellent work in the Raid on Vaagso, December 1941 , where the former was wounded. Both recommended for MID both awarded the Military Medal .(LG.02.10.42)
Craft,AJ, 5950610, Pte,U/K,,No.3 Commando.MMYellow 2 Dieppe-18th -19th August 1942.These two soldiers batman and runner to the senior officer at Y2 reconnoitered the approach to Berneval Village and guided their party forward from the beach without it being discovered.They set a fine example to the rest of the soldiers by pushing on through the village with great dash, showing a tactical sense, which was most useful in a party not trained to work as a team,and knowing little of infantry work.They exposed themselves most willingly in carrying messages, particulary when the party was sniping the Battery from the cornfields.They were among the last group to leave the beach, covering their officers, whom they guarded most watchfully throughout , as they came down the cliff.They previously did excellent work in the Raid on Vaagso, December 1941 , where the former was wounded. Both recommended for MID both awarded the Military Medal .(LG.02.10.42)
Cunningham,J, T/61556,Dvr,U/K,,No.3 Commando.DCM Yellow 2 Dieppe-18th -19th August 1942 This ma n was outstanding troughout the operation.He showed initiative and firmness worthy of a Senior NCO and set a fine example in the boat during the trying period of the Naval action. He made a toggle and eye rope to assist his comrades to climb the cliff; he was constantly alert to find the enemys telphone wires and cut them. He was most forward when the enemy engaged us by surprise and at close range. He was the elader of a group of privates who covered the withdrawals to the beach and to the boats.Hit once on his bandolier , once on his arm , while the LCP lay off shore he cooly continued to shoot at the Germans on the cliffs and certainly accounted for some.He helped greatly tomake up for the absence of NCO's in this party.(LG.02.10.42)
Davison,JC, 14241659, Cpl, RAC,,No.3 Commando.MM(Immediate) During the operations around Bova Marina between 28th August 1943 and 5th September 1943 , this NCO was in charge of one of four parties which had to abandon ship when LCI 107 ran aground .He led his three men on fighting patrols on the nights of 1st and 2nd November having kept them safely concealed up to that time as one of them was sick.On the night 2nd September he ambushed an enemy lorry causing casualties with his LMG .On the morning of the 3rd september hearing an Italian patrol in the woods he surprised it, taking five prisoners. Encouraged by this success he determined to capture the bridge west of Bova Marina, which he did taking three more prisoners.Deciding topatrol the town he and one other man went through it onbicycles and took eight more prisoners.On the night of September 4th he attempted to cotact a destroyer which was two miles out to sea , by swimming.On the 5th september ,he safely contacted British Troops leading a party now of 5 soldiers and 7 sailors.Throughout these operations he showed the same offensive spirit and cool headedness by which he had distinguished himself diuring the previous operation at Argone on the 14th -15th July 1943. His conduct has been an outstanding example on both occasions to the soldiers under his command.Recommended for DCM awarded MM.(LG.13.01.44)
Denham,JS, 14241763,WS/Cpl , L/Sgt,Sherwood Foresters, No.3 Commando.MM(Immediate) Cape Spartivento Italy 27th August-5th September.This NCO was part of a patro; of one officer and six other ranks detailed to report by wireless on enbemy activities around Cape Spartivento, between August 27th and 5th September 1943. On the 28th August the wireless having become useless thepatrol was ordered by their officer to fend fir themselves as the party was too large to subsist. On 1st September Cpl j.Denham together with L/Cpl J.McClelland was concealed in some scrub on th eside of the mountain.Three Italian soldiers came towards them searching the ground and firing into bushes.These NCO's shot them dead.On 3rd September they saw an Italian Corporal comae out of a farm and followed him for 5 miles, when he entered a valley fullof Italian soldiers.Soon after they captured a Sergeant, three privates and an officer who could speak English. The Italian Sergeant was sent to inform his Colonel of the situation, and returned asking them to go with him. The NCO's said the Colonel was to come to them alone, which he did.He surrendered to them 6 officers and approximately 400 men of the 143rd Infantry Regiment.The NCO's took it in turn to guard theprisoners until they handed them over to the Canadians 48 hrs later on the 5th September.In the meanwhile they were able to keep ythem quiet by giving them a short talk on British Policy .Throughout these operations this NCO behaved with coolness and boldness.(LG.27.01.44)
Dowling,J, 4454381, Cpl,DLI,No.3 Commando.MM(Immediate) On the night of 13th-14th July 1943 at Agnone ,Cpl Dowling exposed himself fearlessly in the finalstages of the invasion of the landing craft while maintaining a Vickers K gun.he fired many magazines and accurately directed fire at enemy pill boxes. On arrival at Punta Dei Malati with his section , he rushed and captured a pill box being wounded during this assault.He continued to operate cheerfully and efficienc showing fine leadership during the disturbance.(LG.21.10.43)
Durnford-Slater, JF, 41090, WS/Major ,Ty/Lt Col,Royal Artillery,No.3 Commando.DSO Lt-Col JF Durnford-Slater was the senior officer ashore during the operations at Vaagso in Southern Norway on 27th December 1941.He was in command of the assaults on the Isle of Maaloy at the town of South Vaagso, and was in immediate charge of the operations ashore following the landing on the latter objective. The task with which he was faced was not an easy, the oppositon was unexpectedly heavy , and at once developed intot house to house fighting.Under such conditions ,when it was extremely difficult to maintain effective command over the many independent actions, which were being fought, to gain control of the town ion time for the various tasks to be completed. Lt-Col JF Durnford-Slater on two occasions went forward to take charge of the situation , only returning to HQ in order to report progress to the Flagship at one period when the street fighting had become very bitter in character and when th etwo leading troops had lost 5 out of 6 officers and nearly 40% of their effectiveness,he immediately took personal command of the leading troops , reorganised his fo, set the attack in motion again and completed the capture of the town. At this time any delay or hesitation might have had serious results .he was constantly under fire , and both his orderlies were wounded besides him.his personal courage , complete coolness, and quick grasp of the situation were outststanding ,throughout the day and rightly inspired complete confidence. As a result all his alloted tasks were completed and casualties inflicted on the enemy at least dioubled those suffered by his own troops from enemy action. he left South Vaagso in thelast craft to put off from any landing place(LG.03.04.42)

Durnford-Slater, JF, 41090, WS/Major ,Ty/Lt Col,Royal Artillery, No.3 Commando.DSO bar (Immediate) Operation Husky( Sicily ) On July 10th and 13th 1943.Lt-Col JF Durnford-Slater carried out two successful operations.the first(10th) which was vital to the safe landing of 5th Division on beach 44. His task, the destruction of a 5-gun howitzer battery two miles north east of Cassibile. the second(13th) the capture of a bridge in the rear of the enemy lines, vital to the advance of the XIII Corps.In spite of outclassed in weapons ,the Germans employing tanks and heavy mortars, Lt-Col JF Durnford-Slater and his Commando having seized th ebridge formed a bridgehead , held on for 18 hours until relief could get through. Lt-Col JF Durnford-Slater displayed the greatest courage ,determination and tenacity.His complete disregard for personal safety proved an inspiration to his men and in the face of heavy casualties he cheered and forced his men to hold on and fight back until relief arrived, thus the bridge being saved from enemy demolition.(LG.21.10.43)

Etches,WW, 112866, W/S Lt, RoyalWarwickshire Regt, No.3 Commando.MC On 28th March 1942 dutring the Commando Raid on St Nazaire , France.Lt Etches was assistant to Captain Montgomery, RE,in supervising the various demolition parties in the dry dock area. Lt Etches was severely wounded in the legs during the run in on board HMS Campbeltown , but in spite of this and though only just able to walk , he carried on to his objective and supervised the demolitions , only with drawing to the Old Mole when the whole of the demolition was complete.Subsequently, athough in great pain. Lt Etches fought with courage and determination in th estreet fighting in the town of St.Nazaire when the force was trying to breakout from the dock area. Although weak froim the loss of blood, and only able to drag himself along, he kept up with the others, scaling walls, breaking into houses and fighting on until finally captued when all ammunition had been expended.His courage and devotion to duty was an example to all who saw him,and his own personal bravery encouraged other wounded men to follow his indominitable example and continue with the fighting.(LG.05.07.45)
Evans,AW,2045969, L/Sgt, R.Fusiliers,No.3 Commando.MM On 8th June 1944, the enemy attacked in force and the troop position was threatened.L/Sgt Evans seeing that his officer had become a casualty , took over control of the whole section of 30men and counter attacked with such determination that 15 of the enemy were killed and forty prisoners were taken.Later on in the day,his troop being in an exposed position came under very heavy shelling .Some of the trenches were blown in and became unusable.L/Sgt Evans with complete disregard for personal safety left his slit trench to go round his section encouraging the men. by this fine example and devotion to duty he maintyained the fighting spirit of his men at a very high level and has demonstrated time and again throughout the campaign his resourcefulness and bravery.(LG.01.03.45)
Fitzpatrick,MB,321375, ,Cpl, RAC,No.3 Commando.MM Almost immediately after landing at Vaagso in South Norway Cpl Firtzpatrick was acting as leading scout to his section .the advance was held up by a wire obstacle covered by heavy enemy fire.o Cpl Firtzpatrick without hesitation moved forward alone and cut a gap through the wire, thus allowing the advance to continue without loss of time.the moment was somewhat critical as a hold up in the early stages might have had serious delaying affects on the operation as a whole. Cpl Firtzpatrick's coolness and presence of mind quite definitely prevented any such delays occuring.(LG.03.04.42)
Head,CS, 74290, WS/Lt, Ty/ Capt, Royal Artillery, No.3 Commando.MC(Immediate) On the night 13th-14th July 1943,after the landing at Argoneue and during the advance to Punta Dei Malati,Captain Head was all the time moving up and down the column exposing himself under fire and encouraging the men. At Punta Dei Malati under heavy mortar, machine gun and shell fire he walked continually in the open from post to post, delivering messages and sighting weapons.He was badly wounded but although unable to walk continued to assist in the withdrawal arangements .He sent on the men assisting him, so as to avoid having them captured.While lying in the open for the next 5 or 6 hours he kept advising and directing parties he saw. After being captured he kept up the spirits of those with him and endeavoured to organise their escape.Later he was recaptured by our troopsCaptain Head was also outstanding on the night 9th-10th July during the attack on the CAsibile Battery. Recommended for DSO awarded immediate MC.(LG.21.10.43)
Herbert,RG, 3382401, Pte, 5th Northamptons,No.3 Commando.MM n On the night of 21st May two sections of A 'Company weree ordered to a forward position to assist D'Company .Pte Herbert was in one of the sections.On arrival he was told that 2nd Lt pemberton was lying out in frontof the post near the canal.He went to this officers assistance and found him to be seriously wounded; he attended to the officer and dragged him to the shelter of a nearby house.Hre then returned and fetched the stretcher bearers from A'Company and assisted them to get the officer to the Battalion Regimental Aid Post .All this time the post was being heavily shelled and machine gunned(LG.22.10.40)
Hodgson,G, 2764113, L/Cpl, Black Watch, No.3 Commando.MM On the 6th June 1944 on the landing beach at La Breche when his section commander was wounded and unable to continue in advance from the beach, this man showed great coolness when under heavy mortar fire in rallying the section.During the attack on Le Plein on 8th June 1944 he again showed great courage when on recce patrol by exposing himself toenemy fire in order to find their position.During the attack he showed great courage and killed several of the enemy.(LG.31.08.44)
Hopkins,FW,5948301, Pte No.3 Commando.MM On 18th-19th August,1942, yellow2 Dieppe. This soldier showed himself to be thoroughly alert and resourceful in his job in the intelligence section.he discovered and reported the landing at (....).He found telephone wires leading to the battery and cut them.He particulary distinguished himself as one of the leading scouts during the advance through Berneval Village, and when the fighting started he was very much to the fore , being fortunately , an excellent rifle shot .By his work with a stripped Lewis gun when the LCP was lying close inshore and completely exposed , he helped to render the Germans fire erratic and comparitively ineffective.(LG.02.10.42)
Hopson,DC,87593, Ty/Major, RAC No.3 Commando.MC Since the time of landing in Normandy on 6th June 1944 this officer had shown the same determination and gallantry and coolness when under fire which he had already shown in Agonone,Sicily and in Termoli ,Italy ,on 14th July 1943 and 5th October 1943.On the 6th June 1944when th e2nd i/c was wounded bringing the Unit forward ,Major Hopson took charge and led the troops acrooss the bridges benouville with great speed and skill, with slight casualties.Subsequently, although although wounded in the head when the self propelled gun in which he was operating struck a mine, he insisted on proceeding out with another self propelled gun and completing his task,. on the occcasion of the attack on Breville he performed invaluable service by leading tanks up to the forward positions which the Commanders had not had time to recce.Several times during the heavy shelling of the Unit's forward defended lines he again showed graet courage and coolness in directing the bringing to shelter of the wounded although he himself again slightly wounded. His service with this Unit had always been an example of courage,coolness and efficiency and an inspiration to his fellow officers and men.Recommended for DSO awarded MC(lLG.01.03.45)

Hopson,DC,87593, Ty/Major, RAC, HQ 1 Commando Brigade & 3 Brigade, No.3 Commando.MC DSO

Since January 1945 major Hopson has been Brigade Major of the First Commando Brigade, and has taken an active part in all operations since that time. He crossed in the first wave both in the battle of the Rhine and Weser Crossing. In the battle of Esseller Forest he particulary distinguished himself.the brigade encountered strong Kreig Marine Fusilier force of 3 battalions , twocompanies of SS Troops and a detachment of self propelled guns,The brigade consolidation area was in the form of a tight bridgehead over the River Aller , which was one of the greatest importance to 11 Armoured Division. At about 1130 hrs on 11th April 1945 the brigade was heavily counter attacked from 3 sides.Brigade HQ was under mortar and small arms fire and several officers and men were killed by sniping. physical contact with Units was impossible. Major Hopson was in a slit trench with a No.22 wireless Set and was very much exposed from one flank to enemy fire. Nevertheless, during the whole battle when vital messages were being sent,Major Hopson continually exposed himself to fire in order to toensure that there should be no fault or delay in the passing of orders,The whole battle was a great success and the bridgehead consolidated, allowing 11th Armoured Division to pass complete over the River Aller.Major Hopson's complete disregard for his own safety, and his wholehearted devotion to duty materially contributed to the success of theoperation.Both before and since that date Major Hopson has distinguished himself on every occasion the brigade has been in action,and has been an inspiration and an example to all members of the First Commando Brigade.(LG.11.10.45)

Hubbard,S , 525533, Sgt/CSM, Worcestershire Regt No.3 Commando DCM(Periodic) CSM Hubbard has been in No.3 Commando for three years and has consistently distinguished himself in action throughout his career. In Normandy on D+1 during the fierce fighting east of the River Orne he showed magnificent gallantry by lying on a Teller mine thus preventing it from exploding and wounding many of his comrades.Miraculously he escaped wqith his life , although badly wounded.he rejoined the Unit and fought with them throughout Holland and Germany, where his conduct has been continually of the highest order. in the woods during the fierce fighting subsequent to the crossing of the River Aller ,CSM Hubbard at great personal risk so handled a section of 25 men of his troop that they were largely instrumental in holding and driving back a German attack that threatened to overrun Commando and Brigade HQ . Again during the River Elbe crossing CSM Hubbard's troop was the first to reach the dominating ground overlooking Lauenberg and thus secure, without casualties, this vital feature.A more gallant, unselfish WO it would be difficult to find anywhere.(LG.24.01.46)
Leach,JE,5948937, Pte, Bedfordshires&Hertfordshires ,No. 3 Commando. MM(Immediate) During the operations in Calabria between the 28th August and 5th September 1943, Pte Leech took a prominent part in ambushing an Italian army lorry on the night of 30th-31st August and in capturing an Italian post on ther night 30th-31st August.this was despite his having malaria at the time ,which fact he concealed.While escorting 3 Italian prisoners on the 31st August he fainted and was lost until the next day, when his party being pursued by a Company of Italian parachutists , rather than risk the safety of his companions he left them and concealed himself in a farm.On 2nd September 1943,being somewhat recovered, he and a sailor joined themselves to a party under Cpl Davison and the same day he, alone, captured 6 Italians in Bova Marina.This soldier though sick , did more than many a man in perfoiect health and was a great asset to both patrols he found himsel;f with.(LG.13.01.44)

Leach,JE,5948937, WS/Sgt Pte, Bedfordshires&Hertfordshires ,No. 3 Commando. Bar MM On Queen Red Beach on 6th June 1944 Sgt Leech's section Officer was wounded and he immediately took command and re-organised.casualties and wounded had occured in the boat.During the counter attack at Le Plein woods on the morning of 8th June 1944, he led the sectionwith great distinction, and he himself killed several of the enemy, and hsi section took numerous prisoners.Although wounded he continued to lead the section until the operation was successfully completed.he displayed powers of leadership, military knowledge and courage of the highest order.(LG.31.08.44)

Lilley , ET, 2660913, WS/Cpl 3 Btn Coldstream Gds, No.3Commando MM(Immediate) aThis NCO was cut off and captured by the enemy when returning from a raid on Berka Aerodrome in May 1942.Although completely unarmed he subsequently managed to surprise and strangle his guard and to return by himslef to the rendez-vous.he has distinguished himself by great coolness and courage in other raids.It is requested that details of these operations should not be published owing to their secrecy.(LG.26.11.42)

Lilley , ET, 2660913, WS/Cpl 3 Btn Coldstream Gds, No.3Commando MM(Immediate) BEM (LG.01.01.52)

Pollard,Gordon G, 1480560, WS/ Sgt, Royal Artillery,No.3Commando MM(Periodic) As a Light Anti Aircraft detachment commander ,W/Sgt Pollard has continually displayed a high standard of courage, devotion to duty and resourcefulness.His conduct has been an example to all his men,and has sustained them in conditions of extreme emergency .Omne outstanding example of the many occasions on which he proved his worth was on 27th May 1942, when his troop was protectingthe B'Echelon of 3rd Motor Brigade .When attacked by tanks Sgt Pollard sistently 's gun received a direct hit from a tank shell. So severe was the damage that the Battery Captain ordered the breech to be removed and the gun abandoned.Under heavy tank and small arms fire ,Sgt Pollard personally continued to remove valuable parts of the mechanism.When finally compelled to leave the position he withdrew,but awaiting his chance,returned and recovered the gun, with a fine display of ingenuity and courage.The officer strength of his Battery was sson seriously depleted , and he was given the command of a newly formed troop which he commanded with distinction dueing the next six weeks of fighting. On his own initiative he found and succeeded in salvaging Bofors a gun. Sgt Pollard has shown himself to be possessed of a degree of courage,resoiurcefulness and devotion which has been an inspiration to all those serving with him and, under his leadership, his troop steadfastly provided a high standard of protection to the formation they were defending.(LG.18.02.43)
Pollard,G, 1480560, WS/ Sgt, 2/ Lt, Royal Artillery,No.3Commando MM(Periodic) MC(Immediate) During operations around Bova Marina between 27th August 1943 and 5th September 1943, this officer led a patrol of 6 men other ranks who were to send back on a 21 set, information about the enemy in the Bagaldi area.He entered the village of Ghorio with one man in the morning of 28th August to capture 4 Italians whom he had seen there. they took one and returned to the rest of the party which was attacked by 4 Italian riflemen, two of whom they wounded.The wireless set failed and while they were loading it on a mule , they were attacked on both flanks by about 50 Italians.Lt Pollard fought a delaying action while the signallers withdrew.At the last ridge he had only one man with him who was shot , and the Italians were firing on him from a range of 200-300 yds.Despite tyhis he got his party away and concealed them .About 1700 hrs he heard more firing and going alone to see what it was , he was cut off. On the night of 29th-30th August he went alone to the beach near Bova Martina and flashed a lamp out to sea between 0200 and 0300 hrs.This was a pre-arranged signal in case a follow up force should be sent; none ca,e.On the night 30th-31st August he repeated the process. He fell sick from eating bad food and did not rejoin the British Forces until 5th September.this officer behaved with great determination throughout a most trying period.(LG.13.01.44)

Pollard,G, 1480560, WS/ Sgt, 2/ Lt, Royal Artillery,No.3Commando MM(Periodic) MC(Immediate) OBE (LG.1960)

Jennings,TA, 5958758, Pte ,Beds&Herts Reg No.3 Commando(2,6,14 Cdo's) MM dOn 6th July 1944 an attack of troop strength was launched by No.3 Commnado against enemy holding out in Le Plein.This troop came under heavy and accurate fire from a well concealed enemy strongpoint whilst advancing up theMain street as a result of which the Troop Commander was wounded and the Troop pinned down.An attempt to dislodge the enemy resulted in further casualties.Pte Jennings summed up the situation and called out that he would give covering fire.With supreme contempt for his own safety he advanced down the main street firing a bren gun from the hip.Almost immediately his water bottle was shot away by a burst of machine gun fire.Undismayed , he continued to advance firing from the hip and neutralised the enemy fire so effectively that his troop was able to bypass the enemy strongpointand liquidate it Pte Jenning complete disregard for his own safety combined with the skill and accuracy he displayed under intensive fire from close range was largely responsible for the rapid capture of the objective. His courage from the date of landing and throughout the campaign has been in the highest of traditions of his service.(LG.01.03.45)

Hughes,RG, 5434780, DCLI, No.3 Commando MM At Agnone in Sicily on 13th July 1943, Cpl Hughes showed great courage and determination in the face of vastly superior enemy opposition.During the Commando withdrawal from the bridgehead, his section was chosen to carruy out a rear-guard action to enable the Commando to extracate itself.Casualtiesd had already depleted the section and Cpl Hughes therefore took over the LMG firing it
repeatedly with such good effect that the enemy were unable to close.At last the enemy succeeded in working around the section's flanks
and the Sgt commanding the section gave the order to charge the nearest positionin an attempt to disotganise the enemy.Cpl Hughes advanced with the section until it was pinned down by fire from the three machine gun positions.These he engaged one by one. with his bren gun and fired so cooly and accurately that he neutarlised all three enemy gun positions in turn, killing or wounding all of the enemy teams who stayed by their guns.Cpl Hughes continued to fire his gun until all ammunition had been expended, when he was taken prisoner with the remaining survivors of his section.nemy gun positions This NCO's skill and courage in the face of overwheling odds was an inspiration top all who saw him and his accurate fire held up the enemy and inflicted heavy casualties.(LG.2509.47)

King,EG,6911407,L/Sgt, No.3 Commando,MM On the night of 13th -14th July 1943 after the landing at Agnone and during the advance to Punta Dei
Malati ,Sgt King continually led the HQ party forward under fire regardless of his own safety his only desire being to get forward and engage the enemy.
During the fight at Punta Dei Malati and in the subsequent withdrawal, Sgt King was continually taking messages and exposing himself under heavy
mortar machine gun and shell fire.He was of the greatest assistance in organising the withdrawal,always remaining with the rear elemnts ; his steadiness
had an inspiring effect on all ranks.Sgt King was also outstanding in the advance and the attack on the Cassibile Battery on the night 9th-10th July 1943.(LG.21.10.43)

Spears,T,7266352,RAMC, No.3 Commando,MM On the night of 13th -14th July 1943 During the landing at Agnone and advance on Punta Dei Malati ,Sgt Spears remained alone with the Mediacl Officer for a period of two hours between the arrival of the first and second flights.Some 30 wounded were attended to and Sgt Spears and the MO attacked and silenced the enemy post.Sgt Spears then joined the second flight and proceeded to Punta Dei Malati.Here he showed outstanding devotion to duty in attending the wounded under intense fire, completely regardless of his own safety.During the withdrawal he again attended to several men under heavy and accurate air-burst high explosive.(LG.21.10.43)
Taylor,G, 831819,Royal Artillery , No.3 Commando,MM At Agnone 13th -14th July 1943 Sgt Taylors LCA ran grounded on a rock 50 yds out. He swam ashore under intense fire and joined his troop.During the advance he was continually in the lead engaging enemy posts.At Punta Dei Malati he was outstanding in an advance under heavy fire.He continually showed a fine offensive spirit and complete disregard of personal safety.(LG.21.10.43)
Lewis,HH,258575,WS/Corporal, Royal Corps of Signals,No.3 Commando MM Owing to the fact tha t the Signal Officer had been wounded in a previous action.L/Sgt Lewis was in chareg of the section during the action at Termoli, 3rd to 6th October 1943.Throughout the 4th to 5th and 6th October., during which the Unit maintained its position, he constantly visited all troops.With complete contempt for danger he personally laid a line to the two flank troops in order to conserve wireless batteries.In order to do this he had to cover 1 mile of ground which was being constantly machine gunned mortared and shelled. The Signal communications was excellent throughout and the morale of the Signallers was of the highest order. This was very largely due to the example set by L/Sgt Lewis.(LG.27.01.44)
Leyland, SJ,1434937,L/Sgt The Welch Regt,No.3 Commando MM During the landing at Agnone 13th -14th July 1943 when he was a Lance Corporal he distinguished himself by leading back to the British Lines a party of four other ranks who were cut off.Meeting a patrol of equal strength he out manoeuvered it.Two germans were killed and his own party came through without loss.During operations around Bova Marina ,Italy between 25th August 1943 and 4th September 1943, L/Sgt leyland was to begin with i/c of one of the small parties which had to take to the hills when LCI 107 went aground and was abandoned. he succeeded in rejoining his O.C.after two days and took a prominent aprt in an ambush on the 31st August 1943.Later on the same day he was one of a party which pursued some Italians. At the end of a long chase he was the only man who had been able to keep up with his officer.They captured an Italian post with a garrison of 9. On the 1st september 1943 when the party was attacked by a company of parachutists he
exposed himself with a complete contempt for their fire and succeeded firstly in observing the enemies dispositions ,which could only be done from the skyline,secondly, in bringing in rifles which had been left in full view of the enemy when they first opened fire.tThis NCO was a splendid example to his men and an invaluable asistant to his officer throughout a period which many found trying.Calm and consistent and cheerful he proved himself in every way an excellent leader.(LG.13/01/44)

Pantall, WR, 14241750, WS/Bdr,Royal Artillery, No.3 Commando MM During operations around teh Bocva Marian between 24th August and 5th September 1943, this NCO took part in 2 landings.the object of the first was to capture a prisoner and the second to report by wireless the activities of the enemy around Bagaldi.During the morning of the 28th this patrol of one officer and six other ranksbecame he4avily engaged with between 50 and 60 of the enemy which they kept at bay for over an hour, during which the signallers were able to pack up and take away their wireless, while at least 8 of the enemy were sen to fall.During the action Cpl Pantall played a prominent part .Later in the day his officer left him in charge while he went on a reconnaisance from which he did not return. Cpl Pantall took charge and kept his men concealed throughout the afternoon, although the valley was full of enemy troops and civillians armed with shotguns. He counted 168 enemy in all .During the 29th August he successfully evaded an Italian patrol o fone officer and 20 men although handicapped by the fact that one of his men had malaria , and the two RA signallers were exhausted.On 2nd September his party cutthe telephone lines between Melito and Bova Marina. On the 5th september he brought his party into British Lines.Through the operations he kept his men cheerful although he had not the least idea of when the invasion of Italy was to take place , and although their diet consisted mostly of figs.He succeeded in extracating his party, of which throughout only oneman was capable of rendering him complete support. He has shown himself to be an excellent NCO.(LG.13.01.44)
Rigg,P,Pte, 7402326 RAMC, No.3 Commando MM(Immediate) All the casualties caused in 4 Troop during the operations at Termoli between 3rd October and 6th October 1943 occured in the positions in the forward defended line which were enfiladed by enemy tanks on the left.By the (...) machine gun fire had ploughed a track through the (..) in rear of our forward weapon pits and any movement along this fixed line brought a burst of fire, yet Trooper Rigg never hesitated to go forward immediately any casualty occured.He dealt with five of our casualties in these conditions , often exposing himself for considerable periods while dressing them.His conduct throughout the operation was in accordance with the highest traditions of the RAMC.(LG.27.01.44)
White,WHAR,5620176, No.3 Commando MM 18th-19th August 1942,Yellow 2 Dieppe.Throughout the early part of thr Raid this NCO handled his mortar detachment very well as a rifleman.Towards the end of the action he was wounded by an anti personnel mine on the beach and although
suffering intolerable pain, he got his 3" mortar into action directly afterwards and fired all the ammunition into the enemy battery before retiring.He succeeded in getting his mortar to the LCP despite small arms fire from the cliffs at about 300yds.(LG.02.10.42)

White,EG, 6941647 No.3 Commando DCM Throughout the operations at Vaagso in South Norway on 27th December 1941.Cpl White displayed leadership of a very high order coupled with a remarkable spirit when his troop commander had been shot, the other officers in his troop put out of action and the Troop Sergeant Major delayed ,Cpl White took command of the remnants of the troop .he carried out a series of assaults and proceeded in destroying a hotel which was manned as a strongpoint and continued in charge until the end of the operation. He personally accounted for some 14 of the enemy.His gallantry and leadership were of a high order, and had a direct bearing on the alloted tasks bering carried out, within the toime limit whaiuch had been laid down. (LG.03.04.42)
Komrower,AG, 75236, W/S Lt, Ty/Capt Lancashire Fusiliers, DSO(Immediate) During the period 4th-6th October 1945 this officer was in Command of No.3 Commando who were holding a forward position west of Termoli. During this period the Commando was continually under heavy mortar and machine gun fire. During the early afternoon of 5th October the infantry on the commando's left flank withdrew, through and to the left of the position, leaving the Commando completely isolated.Later in the afternoon the Commando was strongly attacked on three sides by tanks and infantry, some tanks approaching to within a few hundred yards of the position and concentrating devastating high explosive and machine gun fire on the area.When darkness fell enemy infantry had also infiltrated to the rear of the position, and on twosides were within 200 yds. Throughout this period the Commando held firm, with its position intact and its morale unshaken. Thiswas due to Captain AG Komrower's great gallantry and devotion to duty ; he moved about the forward positions under intense shell and machine gun fire instilling confidence into the troops by his cheerful manner .His complete disregard forpersonal safety and his determonation to(hole in the paper) the enemy at all costs set a fine example to the troops.Later that night it was discovered that the nearest positions of our own troops were 3/4 of a mile to our rear. Early in the morning of 6th October when ordered to withdraw by the Brigade Commander, he conducted a most orderely withdrawal in the face of the enemy without losing a man.Throughout this very difficult period , with a continuous flow of casulaties, when all other units had withdrawn, this officer by his leadership ihnflicted heavy casualties on the enemy, and held with his small force of 140 men a vital position against strong atatcks by the 16th Panzer Division.(LG.27.01.44)
Osborne,VA, 3974535 , L/Cpl,Welch Regiment, No.3 Commando ,MM aOn 6th June 1944 in the attack on Le Plein, this man showed exceptional courage and devotion to duty when he continued to engage the enemy in the open to enable the wounded , including his Troop Commander to be evacuated.He immediatelykilled the German who had wounded hois Troop Commander .He later sjhowed great bravery and initiative in the second and successful attack. Recommended for DCM awarded MM(LG.31.08.44)
Smith,WT, T/6288218,WS/Corporal, A/Sgt, RASC, No.3 Commando, MM eFor devotion to duty and great powers of leadership under fire. During the action at Termoli on 5th October 1943 this NCO commanded a section of 10men exposed on the forward slopes of a hill covering(hole) and dead ground in front.The section(hole) under heavy shell fire.Sgt Smith inspired confidence in his section by his own example of coolness.They remained in this exposed position for 6 hours though casualties were being innflicted. When given the order to withdraw 400 yds to a new position he brought back his men without loss,finding the only covered line available. This manoeuvre was carried out under heavy mortar fire.he placed his section and gave the order to dig in. they were then shelled and machine gunned by four MK IV tanks for six hours. it was through sgt Smith's fine and courageous example that his section stood their ground with confidence and cheerfulness.he was alive to every changing situation and had complete disregard for his own personal safety.(LG.27.01.44)
Thomas,RF, 5180266, Glosters No.3 Commando ,MM(Immediate) During the battle for the Essel bridgehead on April 11th 1945, No.3 Commando washeavily counter attacked. Tpr Thomas was in a forward exposed position nad fifteen enemy were withtin 50 yds of his slit trench. He was wounded in the shoulder and a NCO beside him in the slit trench, was killed at the beginning of the action.In spite of these handicaps he continued to fire his bren gun over a period of one and a half hours with such effect that the attack was held up and then beaten off. Tpr Thomas accounted for 4 enemy killed and 6 more wounded.His complete coolness in the face of heavy enemy opposition was an inspiration to all (LG.12.07.45)
Wadge,EE, L/Cpl, RASC,No.3 Commando, DCM L/Cpl Wadge is a medical orderley in No.3 Commando.At Amfreville on 12th June 1944 although wounded by shellfire he refused to have his wounds attended to until he had dressed and evacuated 5 of his wounded comrades.Throughout the campaign in Holland and Germany his conduct has been consistently excellent.At Linne in January 1945 he re-entered the town after a fighting patrolhad withdrawn and with the asistance of a comrade managed to evacuate one of four wounded men left behind.At leese after the crossing of the River Weser he walked out with the medical officer over completely open ground on two separate occasions and helped carry back a wounded officer and OR , during this time being under continual rifle fire from enemy troops some 400 yds away. After the crossing of the River Allerand whilst the initial fighting was in progress he voluntarily went out through woods infested by the enemy to attempt the evacuation of two wounded men of his troop. Subsequently on hearing at 0200 hrs 13th April that a wounded Sgt of the Commando Unit was in an enemy Regimental Aid Post in a village some 3 miles away , he immediately went out, through the enemy lines to look for the Sgt,but was unsuccessful. he returned at first light , despite the fact that SS troops were holding the village , found the wounded Sgt ,carried him back through the German Linesand saw him evacuated. By this action L/Cpl Wadge was largely instrumental in saving the amputation of one of the Sgt's Legs. Again on the crossing of the River Elbe , L/Cpl Wadge distinguished himself by walking out under heavy fire from, cliffs above and across ground which was being mortared enemy and shelled, successfully brought to cover , and then evacuated two wounded men who had been hit on disembarking from their Buffalo, and who were lying in the open. L/Cpl wadge's bearing, devotion to duty and completye disregard for his personal safety have been an inspiration to allthroughout the entire campaign.(LG.24.01.46)
Wilkinson,JW, 5957086, L/Sgt ,Beds& Herts ,No.3 Commando, MM(Immediate) L/Sgt Wilkinson was second-in-command of a patrol of one officer and six other ranks which was landed near Bova marina on night 27th-28th August 1943 with the object of going to Reggio and reporting on enemy activities with a wireless set.His officer left him inm a defensive position and with omne L/C[pl went to do a reconnaissance. While he was away the Sgt's party came under rifle fire, so he moved to join his officer but again came under small arms fire had to extracate his party.The officer never re--appeared.While making towards Melito on the 29th -August they came under fire.. Seeing only 4 Italains they returned it driving themoff and capturing their food water and kit.This helped the party to carry on. On the third day the wirless failed and on the 4th day,the Sgt was warnned by a peasant that Carabinieri weresearching the farms sohe moved to Sanpantaleone .During the afternoon he was able to observe and avoisd two parties of German Infantry. The next six days he kept his patrol concealed in a farm as one of them was sick and on the 6th September , succeeded in joining our own army.It was entirely due to the fforts of this NCO that his party of two Commando signallers and two RA Signallers were able to survive a week with little water and food and no exact knowledge of when the British Incvasion was intended to take place.(LG.13.01.44)