Angus,DC,Capt, No.40 Commando RM, MC. Won in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans For gallantry, zeal and skill during the attack on Sarande and the seizure of the Island of Solta.(LG.20.12.45)

Aylett,B McG, Act/Sgt, CHX1409 No.40 Commando RM, MM.(Immediate) Termoli 3rd October 1943. Sgt Aylett was acting as TSM to A Troop whose objective was the port and eastern end of Termoli. An LMG post was located in a house which was holding up the advance of the troop.His Troop Commander had just been shot in the head from the position. In spite of a bullet wound through his arm causing great pain. Sgt Aylett proceeded clear of the house with a small party and killed two Germans in the position.Later he collapsed and was taken to the regimental aid post. Sgt Aylett displayed great courage and disregard for his own personal safety throughout this action. Recommended for DCM, awarded MM. (LG.08.02.44)

Beadle,JC, Chatham Division, Land Forces Adriatic, Lt, No.40 Commando RM, MM Lt Beadle,40 Cdo ,took part in the night attack on Saturday 3rd June 1944 on Hill 633,Island of Brac,Adriatic by 40 and 43 Commandos.In this attack his troop captured the hill top almost by themselves,but suffered very heavy casualties. the troop leader was killed, then the second in command.Lt Beadle took Command and pressed forward until the summit was taken.Here he consolidated his position and was violently counter attacked by the enemy.However he refused to withdraw and finally the hill was retaken by the Germans. Lt Beadle was wounded and fell into the enemys hands.There is no doubt that but for this young officers gallant leadership the hill top would probally never have been taken,and but for his stubborn defence and truculent fighting spirit its recapture by a numerically much superior enemy was greatly delayed.(LG.23.08.45)

Beaven, HFG, Ply.X.458 HFG, Sgt ,A/CSM, No.40/45 Commando RM, MM For bravery and great devotion to duty whilst operating with the Allied Armies in north-West Europe.(LG.12.06.45)

Bennett,H, CH.X512 Cpl, A/TSM, No.40/45 Commando RM, MM(Periodic) North West European Campaign - 6th June-(1944)to 7th May 1945. TSM Bennett rejoined his unit in Normandy after being badly wounded. He insisted on rejoining in spite of having a permanently damaged elbow.Since rejoining TSM Bennett'e troop has been in hard fighting and has suffered many casualties. On two separate occassions ,all the officer of the troop were killed or wounded and TSM Bennett had to command under difficult circumstances. He fully justified his unit's faith in him on each occasion. he has in addition personally distinguished himself in action on several occasions,the outstanding example being the time when he went out to bring in the body of L/Cpl Harden VC at Maasbracht, during the action for which Hardens decoration was awarded. TSM Bennett had proved himself in many severe tests to be not only a very brave man but also a determined, aggressive and sjkillful leader.When out of action he has done sterling work in re-forming his troop and keeping morale high and aggressive sp[irit to the fore. Successes which the troop has had are to a very considerable degree due to TSM Bennetts leadership and magnificent performance right through the campaign.(LG12.02.46)

Bradley,JWE, A/Ty Capt(Ty/Lt),Special Service Brigade, 13th Corps, No.40 Commando RM, MC Captain Bradley was commanding Q Troop the leading troop in the advance through Termoli.At the railway bridge he came under heavy fire from the houses in the vicinity. Very heavy fighting ensued and about 30 Gerrmans were captured including a Headquarters.Later he was wounded by a mortar bomb in the arm and the chest but carried on in command until ordered to the Regimaental Aid Post.Throughout the action Captain Bradley was an inspiration to his troop.He showed great spite of wounds he fought his troop out of a position surrrounded by Germans and withheld some three couter attacks.(LG.08.02.44)

Breen,TE, Ch.X.105010,Mne, No.40 Commando RM, MM Operation Jubilee(Dieppe Area 19th August 1943) during the approach to White Beach in LCA under a conspicuous and withering fire , marine Breen took up a position with his bren gun on the port side of his craft.He continued to fire with accuracy and effect om the German positions and succeeded in neutralising the German position on the Casino. During this time the craft was being continually hit by small arms and mortar fire but Marine Breen continued undaunted until all his ammunition had been expended.(LG.02.10.42)

Convery,JJ, Ply.X.1394,A/ Sgt, No.40 Commando RM, DCM Termoli , 3rd October 1943. Sgt Convery in Q Troop became the only SNCO in the troop remaining unwounded after all three officers had become casualties. He took command of the troop and carried on holding the left flank where severe fighting was taking place.Later when ordered over to the right flank he himself killed 15 Germans with a bren gun.Throughout the action Sgt Convery displayed courage and leadership of the very highest order and he was responsible for organising the troop in its defensive position during two counter attacks.(LG 08.02.44)

Cooper, C, 4122824, L/Sgt ,2nd Btn The 22nd Cheshire Regiment, No.40 Commando RM, MM(Immediate) On 22nd July 1942 L/Sgt Cooper was commanding his MMG section on Taqa plateau during operations. At about 1700 hours the Germans made an attack on the East Yorkshire front. they attacked with armoured cars containing infantry and troop carriers containing infantry.The attack was supported by artillery and 4" mortar fire.L/Sgt Coopers section came under terrific mortar fire,and he himself weas wounded in the head.despite of this he carried on supervising the firing of his guns and definitely assisted in repelling the attack. The machine gun platoon of which L/Sgt Cooper's section was a part was very largely the cause of the failure of the German attack, and the courage and devotion to duty of this NCO was an outstanding example to the men under his command.(LG.05.11.42)

Delap,P, 133538, Capt, RAMC, No.40 Commando RM, MC In recognition of gallant and distinguished services in the field.(LG.15.03.45)

Gorman,JJT, Ch.X.100536, Cpl, No.40 Commando RM, MM(Immediate) 22nd January 1944, Crossing of the Gargliano..This NCO was in command of a platoon which were the only troopson the forward slopes of the Damiano feature.His position was being heavily mortared and covered by intense enemy small-arms fire.As it was impossible to move his platoon without sustaining many casualties he himself took 2 men round to a flank under heavy fire from the enemy,where,with bren gun and two TSMG's he forced the enemy to withdraw from their position, causing some casualties. Through his extreme courage and decisve action , he no doubt saved his platoon from further casualties.(LG.18.04.44)

Hawkins,KS, Ch.X.1120,CSM, No.40 Commando RM, MM(Immediate) 22nd January 1944, Crossing of the Gargliano On 22nd January 1944, north of the river Gargliano,CSM Hawkins led a small patrol consisting of himself and six men.On encountering a German patrol of greater superior strength he outwitted,by skilful leadership,and suceeded in captiuring twelve prisoners.Later he led out a second patrol anf this time returned with a further 18 prisoners . During tyhe whole operation his courageinitiative and coolness were of the highest order and were a fine example and inspiration to the men under his command.(LG.27.06.44)

Hellings,PWC, Major, No.40 Commando RM, MC(Immediate) Termoli Italy 3rd-7th October 1943.At Termoli from 3rd October to 7th Major Hellings was second in command No.40 Commando(RM) .His first task was to capture the port and neighbouring buildings.He showed great skill and initiative during this phase and his party killed and captured a considerable number of enemy.Later during the critical counter attack period he showed outstanding leadership and was continually in the advanced positions encouraging and organizing his posts.He moved from post to post completely regardless of danger and by his cheerful resolute bearing did much to save the situation.(LG.08.02.44)

Hellings,PWC, Major, No.40 Commando RM, DSC (LG. 1940)

Hellings,PWC, Major, No.40 Commando RM, CB Companion of Order of the Bath (LG.11.06.66)

Hope,WM, Ply.X.110136, Sgt, No.40 Commando RM, MM Operation Impact 11th-12th April 1945.During the early stages of the attack the patrol attachjed to"P" Troop found themselves in exposed positions on the left of the main dyke. Heavy and sustained small-arms fire was brought to bear on their positions from enbemy positions on their left. Self propelled guns and mortar fire was also brought to bear,the position being well and truly straddled. The O.C. patrol ordered his men to the sheltered side of the dyke,as many casualties had been receicved.the above mentioned NCO with total disregard for his own safety made 3 separate trips over the dyke under accurate and withering cross small arms and mortar fire to try and pull out the wounded who were still lying on the exposed bank of the dyke.Heavy shellfire was also in progress. In the new psoition the patrol were under accurate sniping from 50 yds and spandau fire from 150 yds.The patrol were ordered to withdraw to a better and less exposed position. Sgt Hope remained with the wounded men; he continued moving amongst them,cheering them on and tending to their wounds.During this time the sniper continued to fire,tywo of the wounded men being hit again.Finally Sgt Hope jumped on to the bank ,completely exposing himself to the enemy in an endeavour to stop them firing on the already wounded. The enemy continued to fire and shelling commenced once again.Sgt Hope remained with the wounded giving what assistance he was able. When eventually medical aid arrived only one wounded man remained alive, the remainder having been either killed by sniper fire or shelling. Throughout the entire action this SNCO displayed the utmost bravery and complete disregard for his own life.His devotion to duty and encouragement to his section on the death of his section officer was an inspiration to all around him. (LG.23.0845)
Houghton,RD,Major,Holding Operational Commando, No.40 Commando RM, MC On the 19th August 1942 Major Houghton who was second in command 40 Cdo RM during Operation Jubilee was ordered to land party from an LCA onto the main beach at Dieppe. On the run in, the LCA in which he was travelling ,came under heavy emnemy fire,but in spite of this proceeded towards the beach.He eventuually grounded about 100 yds out.Major Houghton , with complete disregard for his personal safety , was the first to attempt to land .he found the water too deep to achieve a landing, so under heavy fire he re-embarked and gave orders for the LCA to be beached on another position of the shore.This second attempt was successful and on landing Major Houghton immediately organised his party and engaged the enemy with all the weapons at his disposal.In spite of overwhelming enemy fire , he only gave up when all the troops in the vacinity had surrendered.After capture,Major Houghton behaved in a manner which exemplified the highest traditions of the Royal Marine Corps.he maintained a high standard of discipline while acting as a company commander in Okay VIIB and by his personal example ,stimulated the morale of all troops with whom he came in contact.He was always ready to give every assistance to potential escapees aand it was only as a resuult of Medical advice that he did not himself partake in any attempts to escape.By his devotion to dutry,personal example and courage and untiring efforts he rendered to his countrry and corps a service which can seldom have been surpassed.(LG.14.12.45)

Houghton,RD,Major,HOC, No.40 Commando RM, OBE Officer of the Order of the British Empire(LG.07.01.49)

Houghton,RD,Major,HOC, No.40 Commando RM, CB Companion of the order of the Bath(LG.08.06.63)

Johnson,GATW, Po.X.3191 A/Ty Cpl, No.40 Commando RM, MM(Immediate) Crossing of the Gargliano On 22nd January 1944 Whilst holding a position north of the river Gargliano on 22nd January 1944 one man odf Cpl johnson's section was hit by machine gun fire and lay, in the open,badly wounded.Any attempt to reach the injured man was met with intense fire but Cpl Johnson,completely disregarding his personal safety,went forward.before he had completed the journey he fell severely qwounded in the hip. Undeterrred he continued to crawl forward until he reached the wounded man .he then remained with him until it was possible under cover of darkness for them both to be brought in.His action undoubtedly saved the life of his comrade.His personal courage and devotion to duty was a great inspiration tto all who saw him.(LG.27.06.44)

Kinnear,EA, Po.X.105560, Ty.Sgt, No.40 Commando RM, MM (Ref.Map Italy 1/200,000.Sheet 12 ) Sgt Kinnear was acting in the capacity of Troop Sergeant Major during Operation Impact 10th-13th April 1945, and became at once an outstanding figure on the battlefield.In the area of Menate the Commando met stiff enemy opposition on a narrow front, with the additional hazards of deeply sown minefields.Heavy toll was taken of unit personnel.During this critical period , with morale badly shaken and the success of the operation in the balance,Sgt Kinnear emerged as a leader of the highest qualities.Tirelessly applying himself to the welfare of his men he moved freely through his section positions , succouring the wounded and exhorting tired men to renewed effort.In doing so he was repeatedly exposed to enemy small arms fire, but by demonstarting complete disregard for his own safety he so simulated the troop that it was able to resume the attack and capture the objective.During many operations carried out by 40 Cdo RM from Sicily to Argenta ,Sgt Kinnear has been conspicuous by his gallantry.During an operation on the Dalmatian Island of Brac in June he was again acting as Troop Sergeant Major .When heavy casualties had been sustained he out alone over open ground to evacuate many of them under fire. Again in the same action he evacuated two casualties from the middle of a Schu minefield , and later returned tothe summitt of ahill within easy range of the enemy positions to evacuate wounded left behind in the withdrawal, although he was forced to retire by accurate sniping. Within his troop and within the Unit,Sgt Kinnear has been a tower of strength.With always a helping hand for the weak, a word of encouragement to the faint hearted and above all,by his own shining example he has upheld the highest traditions of his Corps and of the British SNCO.(LG.22.01.46)

Manners,JC,Captain,Act/Lt Colonel, No.40 Commando Royal Marines,DSO In recognition of gallant and distinguished services leading to the capture of Termoli.(LG.08.02.44)

Malcolm,G, Ply.X.639,CSM, No.40 Commando RM, MM(Immediate) Crossing of the Gargliano On 22nd January 1944 During the patrol to Rotondo the party was held up by an enemy machine gun post.CSM Malcolm made his way forward under heavy small arms fire from the enemy and reached a flank of the position. He threw grenades into the emplacement killing two of the occupants and wounding one .Due to this action the machine gun post was silenced and the main body was able to advance without loss through casualties.CSM Malcolm showed extreme courage and coolness and was an inspiration to the men under his command.(LG.18.04.44)

Smith,H, Po.X.105414, Sgt, No.40 Commando RM, MM(Periodic) This NCO has served with the Unit from Gargliano to Argenta and has made a lasting impression on all ranks.Although out of line he is of quiet unassuming nature he performs his administartive duties with the utmost efficiency.Once on the battlefield, however , he undergoes a complete mental and physical cahange and conducts himself with great gallantry and coolness.His acts of bravery are too numerous to cite individually although the following have contributed to his legendary fame within the Unit. At Anzio his section commander was wounded at an early stage in the battle.The section was in an isolated position and although wounded himself in the arm and legs Sgt Smith refused to recognise defeat and held his section to its position until relieved the following day.On the Dalmatian Island of Brac his section commander was killed at a critical stage in the battle.Left alone to conduct his defence,Sgt Smith found that his men had expended their ammunition and that the enemy, vastly superior in numbers had encircled his position.Emerging once more indefatable in adversity, Sgt Smith gave the order to fix bayonets and fought his section back to a beach head in the face of heavy fire and strongly pressing enemy.Later that night he went back with a patrol to recover the dead left behind in the withdrawal, although he was forced to retire by accurate small arms fire. At Sarande,Lake Commachio and Menate Sgt Smith dispalyed the same sterling qualities of leadership and vbraveryt which the unit had come to expect of him . In Operation Impact(mENATE) the Unit suffered its most serious reverse and casualties were heavy.throughout this critical period,with Unit morale at its lowest ebb,Sgt Smith with his customary brilliance,encouraged,exhorted and inspired his section to such good effect that it was able with the remainder of the Unit to win through to the final objective.twice previously recommended for decorations, this NCO has givenb little thought to personal recognition,and has never allowed personal consideration to influence his selfless devotion to duty.It is strongly recommended that Sgt Smith 's outstanding service with the Unit over a long operational period, be given the recognition it deserves.(LLG.21.01.46)

Tyman,FP, Ch.X.113132, Mne, No.40 Commando RM, MM(Immediate) Davido ? Valentia...1943 Mne Tyman was sent forward by himself to try and locate a German LMG Position which was causing trouble to the main position.He worked his way forward about 3/4 a mile in front of our forward position and located a mortar position by the cemetery above Pizzo,which was firing.He threww a grenade into the battery and withdrew.Later one German was found dead.This action of Mne Tyman caused the mortar to discontinue firing.The LMG had moved and could not be located.On his way back he saw an Italian section moving forward and he shot two with his snipers rifle.throughout this patrol he dispalyed great initiative besides skill and determination,gathering valuabble information.(LG.08.02.44)

Usher,FG, Ch.X.104066,Cpl, No.40 Commando RM, MM(Immediate) Cpl Usher was in command of a patrol ordered to the railway bridge two miles north of Termoli. He was informed by some Italians that the bridge was held by the Germans. He decided to attack it. The sentry was surprised and shot by the bren gunner and several Germans retreating over the bridge were wounded. he found the bridge prepared for demolition and although knowing little about it he cut all the wires he could see.Two days later he took out another patrol and suceeded in accurately finding out the enemy positions to our front.His initiative and leadership throughout the action were of a very high standard.(LG.08.02.44)