Bullock,DC, Ch.X.3346, Mne(A/Ty/Sergeant ,No.41 Commando Royal Marines, MM Gulf of Salerno 9th-10th September 1943. On 10th September 1943 in the Vietri Sul Mare defile.During attacks on his position he was a continual inspiration to his machine-gun sub section.When enemy broke through a troop position on his flank he moved his machine gun to a position further forward from where he could bring better fire to bear on the enemy.While the gun was being moved the enemy appeared about 50 yds away and he himself went forward with a Tommy gun to cover the gun and was badly wounded.((Wounded in action 10th September 1943 (presumed killed) 10th September 1943.Recommended for DCM awarded MM (LG.27.06.44)

Cole,RW, Ex.4373, A/Ty Sgt, No.41 Commando Royal Marines, MM(Immediate) On September 13th 1943, at Vietri Sur Mare, this NCO during an attack on his troop position showed great gallantry when he frequently fetched ammunition which had beeen left in an exposed position and carried it under heavy fire to LMG Groups who were themselves being engaged by the enemy. At all other times throughout the operation he showed the highest standard of courage and devotion to duty, organising his troop which was left without officers,encouraging and inspiring his men.recommended for DCM aarded MM.(LG.27.06.44)

Cregan,JCF,Capt,RAMC,No.41 Commando RM, MC La Breche-Lion Sur Mer 6th-7th June 1944.This officer showed great personal bravery ,coolness and devotion to duty in dealing with a very large number of casualties,both on the beach under heavy fire, and when Commando HQ was heavily bobmed.His example and perseverance resulted in the successful evacuation of the majority of wounded in the unit.His conduct has been of the very highest order.(LG.31.08.44)

Crooks,J, Po.X.2359, A/Ty Sgt, No.41 Commando Royal Marines, MM(Immediate) Pachino Peninsula 10th July 1943. This NCO showed a high standard of courage in leading his section through dug outs and deep connecting trenches whilst clearing the beach defences. He drove out and destroyed many enemy from the position whilst being attacked by grenades,and rifle fire from concealed positions dug well underground.his high standard of leadership and courage was responsible for his section completely clearing the area of the enemy personnel who would have otherwise overlooked the beaches from well camouflaged positions and may well have proved very dandgerous to follow up troops as their machine guns pointed seawards through apertures in the cliffs.(LG.21.11.43)

Cunningham,W, A/Ty Capt, No.41 Commando DSO(Immediate) As 'Y' Troop Commander this officer was responsible for assaulting and capturing strongpoiunt 888898.owing to weather and mechanical breakdowns only a small portion(8 ranks) of hids troop arrived ashore. captain cunningham led these men quickly and accurately to the objective and as his bangalore torpedoes were not with him ,he suceeded in cutting the wire and entering the compound from the rear.He was however unable to silence the position from this angle and led an assault round the flank, silencing the position himself with a direct hit through the loophole with a 36 grenade.In doing so he was severely wounded in the arm by a burst of machine gun fire from the position byut he remained and mopped up the area killing and capturing many of the enemy.His leadership,especially after a painful wound was an inspiration to all.I consider that less resolute action by this officer would have resulted in considerable heavier casualties to our troops.Recommended for MC,awarded DSO.(LG.02.11.43)

Hadfield,JW, Pl.X.104358.Mne, No.41 Commando Royal Marines, MM(Immediate) On September 13th 1943, at Vietri Sur Mare this NCO buy his outstanding coolness and disregard for danger when his officer was killed leading a counter attack,rallied his men and succeeded in driving home the attack.When later only having a few men left he was forced to withdraw he succeeded in extricating his men from a very dangerous position.Subsequently he led numerous patrols wisely and well and was at all times an inspiration to his men.(LG.27.06.44)

Murray,W, Po.X.106801.Cpl, No.41 Commando Royal Marines, DCM Pachino Peninsula 10th July 1943. This NCO was in a leading assault group of 'B'Troop whose duty it was to clear enemy machine gun positions from the cliff edge in area 8889.having cleared 2 posts without much difficulty he encountered considerable opposition from a 3rd post some distance away.As no supporting fire was obtainable because they were on the waters edge,Corpral Murray charged the psoition with fixed bayonets.before reaching the it he received a hit from splinter of a hand grenade which penetrated his left eye.He showed an exceptional high sense of duty throughpout the campaign ,continuing to lead the assault,bayoneting two of the enemy himself and then clearing the area capturing four proisoners.Full well knowing that he had lost his eye, his subsequent undaunted courage cheered on his subordinates and is worthy of the highest praise.(LG.07.12.43)

Musgrove,L, Ply.X.101123, Sgt, No.41 Commando Royal Marines, MM At Westkapelle at 1010 hrs on 1st November 1944 the section officer of Musgrove's section was knocked out before landing ,together with almost half the section.the section's primary task was to capture a large pillbox which enfiladed the beach.Although he was very seasick Sgt Musgrove dashed forward on landing toward the pillbox firing his TSMG and throwing grenades.he assaulted and captured the pillbox single handed,killing or capturing 10 occupants.her then rallied the remnants of his section and by his magnificent example restored their spirits and led them forward to their next task,which they completed successfully.(LG.20.02.45)

Nightingale,FL, A/Ty Cpl, No.41 Commando Royal Marines,DCM At 1545 hrs on 5th November 1944, 'Y'Troop 41 Cdo RM as part of a Commando attack,assaulted battery W18 at Domberg on Walcheren which contained some 200 Germans.during the fighting in the battery,Cpl nightingale was forward with his section officer and one other marine.They were heavily engaged by enemy machine gun and rifle fire from the surrounding woods, and the marine was killed anfd theofficer seriously wounded.Cpl Nightingale attempted to carry on the fire-fight with his bren gun but this fired only a few rounds and stopped.Cpl Nightingale seized a captured German MG 34 and continued to fire this until the enemy was forced to withdraw.After a while the enemy counter attacked in a determined manner but Cpl Nightingale once again drove them to the ground and alone held on to this flank untilthe remains of his section were able to advance and join him.through this NCO's personal disregard for safety and his determination to kill the enemy,the troop was able to hold on to this position.(LG.20.02.45)

Pryor,FW,Ch.X.104490. A/Ty Cpl, No.41 Commando Royal Marines, MM(Immediate) On September 13th 1943, at Vietri Sur Mare,this NCO(his section officer having been previously wounded)commanded his section with great foresight and initiative,maintaining complete control under trying conditions and using his fire power to the maximum advantage.When his position was attacked he repeatedly led small counter attacks which drove the enemy back and inflicted many casualties upon them.his courage and coolness were an inspiration to his section on this day and at all other times.(LG.27.06.44)

Reid,W, A/Ty C/Sgt, No.41 Commando Royal Marines, MM(Immediate) At at Vietri Sur Mare on September 23rd 1943, Sgt Reid was a section Serjeant with the forward troop on the left hand side of the defile.During the heavy mortaring which preceeded an atatck his Section Officer was killed and other casualties were sustained.Serjeant Reid then took over the section and during the subsequent attack he showed great gallantry and initiative.Although under heavy small arms fire he twice lead small sorties to deal with enemy who were infiltrating through our lines and inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy. this NCO showed a very high standard of leadership and devotion to duty and was an inspiration to his men.(LG.27.06.44)

Stringer,JC, Ch.X.104430. A/Ty Cpl, No.41 Commando Royal Marines, MM(Immediate) On September 10th 1943, at Vietri Sur Mare this NCO showed great gallantry when he took out a small patrol to mop up an enemy machine gun post,which was being particulary troublesome.Although his route was occupied by the enemy he suceeded in his attack destroying the gun and bringing back 2 prisoners.At all other times throughout the operation he was an inspiration to his men leading them bravely and wisely.(LG.27.06.44)

Tanswell,JW, Ply.X.3849.A/Ty CSM, No.41 Commando Royal Marines, MM This NCO landed in Normandy on D-Day and since then he has led his sub-section continuously during the campaign in North West Europe with outstanding bravery and devotion to duty. He has several times been called upon to perform the duties of Section Officer when his officers became casualties,and his leadership has always been ogf the highest quality.As one instance of CSM Tanswell's fine example, in the assault on Walcheren on 1st November ,1944 he led his subsection in the attack on W19 Battery .Although he knew the enemy positions to be manned ,without thought for his own safety he went forward in broad daylight to cut the wire obstacles,through which he successfully led the assault.In the capacities of Section Officer and sub-section commander TSM Tanswell's personal example of coolness and courage under fire has been an inspiration to the men under him.(LG.12.02.46)

Tilney,WE, Po.X.108009. A/Ty Sgt, No.41 Commando Royal Marines, MM(Immediate) During the darkness on the morning of the 17th September 1943, in the attack on White Cross Hill(Salerno Sector) this NCO was ordered to destroy a machine-gun post which was impeding the advance of the section.with 5 men he began to work his way to a position from which he coulsd assault .during this approach four out of five of the men were wounded but he pressed on and with the one remaining man and the additional grenades from the wounded men he silenced the gun.(LG.27.06.44)

Wither,RJ,Ch.X.2244. T/Sgt, No.41 Commando Royal Marines, MM <...?> sur Mer 6th -7th June 1944This NCO assumed duties of Siganl Officer on the beach where his officer was wounded.throughout the two days action he has displayed great determination and efficiency in maintaining communications.Often under fire he visited his out stations repeatedly and on one occasion successfully laid a line in spite of being sniped at.His personal example resulted in a high standard of communication.(LG.29.08.44) .