England, James Paterson , PO.X.1372. Sgt A/Ty CSM, No.43/46/47 Commando RM, DCM(immediate) On 2nd November,TSM England was TSM of one of the troops of 47(Commando)RM detailed to attack one of the strongly defended battery positions south-east of Zouteland which commanded the Scheldt estuary.The defences included concreted casemates and pillboxes and unnusually thick belts of barbed wire covered by machine guns.the advance was over 1500 yds of deep soft sand.By the time the attacking troops had reached the assaulting distance they had become very depleted and disorganised and it seemed as if there would be insufficient weight in the attack to storm the enemy defences.At this critical time TSM Englandcame under heavy fire at close range from an enemy machine gun.Seizing a bren lying on top of a dead Marine,and firing from the hip as he went,this brave NCO plodded up the soft sandy slope and charged this heavily bunkered position alone.He shot and killed two of the occupants and,running out of ammunition ,he turned th eGerman machine gun with good effect on three more Germans who had fled.Still alone, ,he worked forward to a second position 30 yds further on where he killed three more Germans,two others surrendering.Here he was later joined by men from another troop. In a situation where the odds were strongly against him ,and knowing that he was unsupported,the courage and determination of this NCO was above praise.Later, in the darkness when it was impossible to give our forward troops any close support, the enemy counter attacked and our men were driven off the enemy position on which they had gained a foothold.the next morning another attack was put in on this enemy battery and TSM England's troop was given the task of mopping up behind the assaulting troops. The enemy was putting up the most desparate resistance and soon attacking and mopping up troops became intermingled.The enemy opened up concentrated and sustained cross fire from the position which TSM England' had rushed the previous evening and from a concrete fire control position known as the 'umbrella's on the seaward side of the dunes.On his own initiative and with total dosregard for his safety he threw a smoke grenade to screen himself from the view of the 'umbrella' and rushed the machine gun post in front of him.Killing or capturing the occupants, he continued to work through the network of trenches and tunnels.Throughout the course of the battle for Walcheren,especially in the fluctuating and bitter fighting, his immense courage and total disregard for his safety had a decisive influence.(LG.20.02.45) .

French,RD, Ex.3226.A/Ty Sgt ,No.43 Commandon RM, MM(Immediate) Patrol Ambush on Hvar Island 12th July,1944.DDuring this action , a party of enemy ensconced themselves with two machine guns in an isolated house, with excellent field of fire in all directions. It was necessary to take immediate steps to liquidate this party.Sgt French first vbrought his bren group up into position, and then alone dashed across the open ground to the house.All this time he was under heavy fire.on reaching the house, single handed he destroyed one MG, and killed or wounded fourt of the enemy.His action caused the remaining enemy to surrender,thus contributing largely to the success of the whole operation.Sgt French throughout showed complete disregard for his own safety and a spirited determination to close with the enemy.He set a fine example to all ranks.(LG.29.08.44)

French,RD, Ex.3226. A/Ty Sgt ,No.43 Commandon RM, bar to MM For outstanding courage, determination and devotion to duty in operations during the campaign in Italy. (LG.10.07.45)

Gallon,TCD,Ex.3235, A/Ty Sgt, No.43 Commandon RM, MM Operation Flounced Ref Map Youoslavia 1/100,000 Sheet 109.Night attack on Point 622(0960) 3rd June 1944. Sgt Gallon was in charge of the leading section whose task it was to blow a gap through the wire and minefields and assault through it. For about a mile his troop was under heavy fire. When the wire was reached he blew a gap through it but was wounded in the leg while doing it.Despite this wound he led his section through the gap and assaulted the enemy position which had been firing at them.When on the objective hos Troop Commander was killed and he took charge of the remnants of the troop.He was then ordered towithdraw from the position and he reorganised and led them back still under fire.Hearing that some had been left behind, he went back again although wounded to try to get them back.he again was wounded and could nolonger walk.He crawled back and was picked up by a stretcher party whohad gone out to search for wounded.thisNCO's courage and devotion to duty, though in great pain,was an example to all ranks.(LG.16.12.44)
Gourlay, BIS, Capt, No.43 Commandon RM, MC For gallantry ,zeal and skillduring the attack on Sarande and the seizure of the Island of Solta.(LG.03.04.45)

Gourlay, BIS, Capt,No.43 Commandon RM, MBE Member of the Order of the British Empire (LG.01.01.49)

Gourlay, BIS, Capt, No.43 Commandon RM, OBE Officer of the Order of the British Empire (LG.13.06.57)

Hook,RS, Chaplin, No.43 Commandon RM, MC(Periodic) Before his service with this Commando ,the Rev Hook had served with 40 Cdo RM and had been into action with them several times, including one operation on the Island of Brac where the Commando suffered very heavy casualties.The Rev Hook has served 10 months with 43 Commando RM and vefore the final offensive had been in action with them four times, on Dalmatian Islands of Hvar,Brac and Soltaand on the main Island of Jugoslavia,as well as various periods of line holding. Throughout the period the Rev Hooks zeal and efficiency in the presence of the enemy had a fine effect on the spirit of the Commando.During the assault on the Comacchio Spit,the Rev Hook'sconduct was outstanding.He showed the greatest devotion to duty carrying out his difficult task under fire and often with the asssaluting troops.This was repeated during the forcing of the Argenta Gap.His selfless interest in all which affect the well being of the Commando has been most marked.He is highly respected by officers and men who have the utmost confidence in him.He had played a large part inp the producting the spirit and dash shown by the Commnado n action.(LG.22.01.46)
Hudspith,JCD, Ty/Capt, No.43 Commandon RM, MC(Immediate) Attack on Jelsa,Hvar Island ,Yugoslavoia,22nd-23rd March 1944. During the night move by 43 Commando to surround Jelsa,Capt Hudsmith was in command of a troop of 53 men.this troop met an enemy column,strentgh 150 approximately,who were attempting to make their escape from the town. At the time, Capt Hudsmith was uncertain whether this column was composed of Germans,or of Partisan , who were known to be on the Island.Accompanied by another officer, he went forward to identify them.immediately, heavy machine gun fire was opened up by the enemy, both from th efront and the flanks.Despite this fire, Capt Hudsmith rejoined his troop, reorganised them , and led them forward to the attack.the enemy were routed ,leaving five dead, four prisoners and their complete baggage train of 20 mules. Capt Hudsmith, by his disregard for his own safety , personal example, and prompt action saved a situation which might well have seriously jeopardised the success of the whole operation.(LG.27.06.44)
Hunter,TP, Ch.X.110286.Ty/Cpl ,No.43 Commando RM, VC * Admiralty-Whitehall-12th June 1945.The KING has been graciously pleased to approve the award of the VICTORIA CROSS for valour to :- The late Corporal(Temporary)Thomas Peck Hunter,Ch.X.110296,Royal Marines(attached Special Service Troops)(43rd Commnado Royal Marine)(Edinburgh).In Italy during the advance by the Commando to its final objective ,Corporal Hunter of "C" Troop was in charge of the bren group leading the sub section of the Commando.Having advanced to within 400 yds of the canal,he observed enemy were holding a group of houses south of the canal.Realising that his Troop were behind him were in the open , as the country was completely devoid f any cover, and that the enemy would cause heavy casualties as soon as they opened fire, Corporal Hunter seized the Bren Gun and charged alone across two hundred yds of open ground.Three Spandaus from the houses , and at least six from the north bank of the canal opened fire at the same time the enemy mortars started to fire at the troop. Corporal Hunter attracted most of the fire, and so determined was his charge and his firing from the hip that the enemy in the houses became demoralised.showing complete disregard for the intense enemy fire , he ran through thehouses changing magazines as he ran ,and alone cleared the houses.Six Germans surrendedered to him and the remainder fled across a footbridge onto the north bank of the canal.The Troop dashing up behindCorporal Huntter now became the target for all the Spanduas on the north of the canal.Again,offering himself as a target ,he lay in full view of the enenmy on a heap of rubble and fired at the concrete pillboxes on the other side.He agfain drew most of the fire ,but by now the greater part of the Troop had made for the safety of the houses.During this period he shouted encouragement to the remainder ,and called only for more Bren gun magazines which he could engage the Spandaus.Firing with great accuracy up to the last ,Corporal Hunter was finally hit in the head by a burst of Spandau fire and killed instantly. There can be no doubt that Corporal Hunter offered himself as a target in order to save his Troop, and only the speed of his movement prevented hin from being hit earlier.the skill and accuracy with which he used his Bren gun is prived by the way he demoralised the enemy, and later did definitely silence many of the Spandaus firing on his Troop as they crossed the open ground, so much so that under his coveriung fire elements of the Troop made their final objective before he was killed .throughout the operation his magnifiicent courage,leadership and cheerfulness had been an inspiration to his comrades.(LG.12.06.45)
Jenkins,WG, Ty/Lt , No.43 Commandon RM, MC For gallant and distinguished service displayed in the Italian campaign when taking part in the operations in April, 1945,north of the Reno andwest of the Argenta(LG.14.08.45)
Pickering,KR, Ex.3877, A/Ty Sgt, No.43 Commandon RM, MM For great courage and exemplary behaviour whilst carrying out Commando Operations under heavy enemy fire off the Jugoslavian coast (LG.13.03.45)
Saberton,EC, Ch.X.101281, L/Cpl, No.43 Commandon RM, MM For outstanding courage,determination and devotion to duty in operations during the campaign in Italy.(LG.10.07.45)
Smith,CW, 7403479, RAMC, L/Cpl, No.43 Commandon RM, MM In recognition of gallant and distinguished services in the field.(LG.15.03.45)