Kennen,The Rev ,HAW, B.A, RNVR, No.45/47 Commando RM, DSO For gallantry, steadfastness and inspiring devotion to duty whilst serving with the 45th Commando RM during the liberation of Holland.(LG.26.06.45)

Beadle,INN, A/Ty Major, No.45 Commando RM, MC At Merville on 8th June 1944,Capt Beadles Troop was surrounded and were heavily attacked by the enemy. He selected the enemy position that was causing the most casualties and personally led a counter attack.Due to his quick appreciation and to the great dash and gallantry with which the assault was led,the counter attack was completely successful, destroying the enemys positions and inflicting heavy casualties.This action restored a criticals situation, and its success was proimarily due to Captain Beadle's soind judgement ,intrpid gallantry and great devotion to duty ,which was an inspiration to all ranks. he has shown these fine qualities consistently during the campaign.Recommended for DSO awarded MC(LG.20.02.45).
Blake,AL, Major, HQ 2nd SSBde, SBNo.94, No.45 Commando RM MC(Periodic) 9th November 1943 to 17th October 1944. During the above mentioned period Major Blake has served first as Staff Captain 2 Special Service Brigade and then since 17th January 1944 as Brigade Major.He took over the latter appointment on the sudden death of his predecessor and only 5 days before the Brigade landed in the assault wave at Anzio.he has taken part in all Commando operations which the Brigade has carried out since that date,including the attack and capture of Monte Ornito in February 1944,the operations in the Dalmatian Islands, including the attack on Mljet in May 1944 and the attack on Brac in June 1944, between March and August 1944, and the attack and capture of the Sarande in aSeptember and October 1944. In all of these operations he has displayed the highest standard of staff work,showing himself completely able to take decisions on behalf of his Brigade Commander whern the occasion warranted it; and he has set an example of conscientiousness method and industry which had had its influence throughout the Brigade HQ Staff.His conduct under fire has been exemplary and his careful organisation has ensured the smooth working of Brigade HQ in spiter of the fact that ,both at Ornito and Sarande,Brigade HQ was established in close proximity to the enemy,and on top of mountains nearly 2000 feet high.Throughout the eleven months period which this citation covers this officer has gone far beyond the requirements of his appointment in his anxiety and determination to forge an efficient HQ and to render the maximum assistance to the Units under hi scommand.He has never spared himself when he considered that he was in a position to help, and he has acquired the goodwill and co-operation of all those with whom he has come in contact. recommended for MBE awarded MC.(LG.21.06.45)
Brown,A ,Po.X.4113, A/Sgt, No.45 Commando RM MM After fighting at Merville, 45 Commando was ordered to withdraw to Le Plen at 1900 hrs 8th June1944. During the return journey the leading troop was heaviily engaged by three enemy positions at a range of 50 yds in close<hole in the paper>.Sgt Brown was ordered to take charge of the party to detailed to enegage the enemy positions.He detroyed the first position by accurately aimed 68 grenade from an EY Rifle, but was unable to deal with the remaining two positions owing to the position of a thick hedge between him and them. With complete disregard topersonal safety, he left all cover and standing in the open, fired all his remaining bombs with such good effect that the two remaining positions were neutralised. His cool courage was an inspiration to all,and enabled the remaining troops to continue their withdrawal unimpeded.(LG.29.05.44)
Burton,FG, Ply.X.105925.L/Cpl, No.45 Commando RM MM(Immediate) On 23rd january 1945 during the initial battle for the bridgehead at Vloot Beekfrom which the final attack on Linne was alunched,Mne Burton was carrying the Commando Rover set.Mne Burton followed his commnading officer from Commando HQ to visit the forward troops,who were hotly engaged. On the way Mne Burton encountered heavy mortar fire and also came under accurate rifle fire. After some 300 yds had been covered Mne Burton was badly hit in his right arm. Although obviously in great pain and with a useless right arm Mne Burton continued to follow his commanding officer, maintaining vital communications and passing orders for supporting fire to aid the forward troops.this he continued to do, refusing to return to the regimental aid postuntil another signaller was obtained to take over the set.mne Burtons conduct was a shining example of a signallers devotion to duty and loyalty to his unity.(LG.24.04.45)
Fenwick,JL, PO.X.105797, C/Sgt , No.45 Commando RM MM Reconnaisance across the River Maas 27th-28th February 1945. On the night 27th-28th February 1945, D Troop 45 Commando RM crossed the River Maas near Roermond to carry out a raid on the enemy positions.Fanatical enemy paratroops were encountered and bitter close fighting ensued.The Troop Officers,Troop Sergeant Major and senior Sergeant were all killed or wounded.Colour Sergeant Fenwick rose to the occasion and commanded the troop during the difficult withdrawal back across the river. He was himself taken prisoner by the enemy whilst looking for wounded men of his troop .he shewed great initiative and escaped very quickly during a moments confusion.Returning to the river bank he contacted a patrol of the Commando which was looking for survivors and was brought back across the Maas .he gave the detailed information of enemy positions and numbers together with maps, got from a German Artillery officer which shewed the enemy gun areas in that locality. On return C/Sgt Fenwick continued to command his troop,which had suffered 50% casualties, for some days until an officer was available.Throughout the whole action C/Sgt Fenwick shewed great coolness., determination and leadership.Unfortunately the fullstory of his exploits was not available until one of the wounded officers was later able to give it, and was therefore not possible to recommend C/Sgt Fenwick for an award at the time.

Bridgehead across the River Weser - 6th April 1945. Again this Senior NCO shewed outstanding courage and leadership.On this occasion he was a sub-section commander of D Troop, 45 Commando RM during that Units attack along the bank of the River Weser on the outer defences of theLeese. Heavy opposition was met fromwell dug in and concealed enemy positions at close range. D Troop was met by heavy fire,but C/Sgt Fenwick with great determination and leadership led his men forward unflinchingly and personally cleared several enemy slit trenches with phosphor and HE grenades.Later he took a bren gun forward and from an exposed positionon top of the river bank pinned the enemydown in their trenches under 100 yds away to the left flank thereby enabling the rest of the Commando to continue its advance. He undoubtedly inflicted many casualties on the enemy.Apart from these two instances ,C/Sgt Fenwick has on many occasions shewn coolness and determination in many actions.His disregard for personal safety and his unflinching determination and leadership have gained him the complete connfidence of those under his command and the respect and admiration of the whole Unit.(LG.23.10.45)

Gray,WN,Major, No.45 Commando RM DSO Since his Commanding Officer was wounded on D-Day, Major Gray had commanded No.45 Commando RM and has shown himself to be outstanding on numerous occasions both as commanding officer and as a daring fearless leader.on 7th June 1944 the Commando was ordered to attck and hold the area Merville and Franceville Plage. Major Gray with a skeleton HQ personally directed the fierce fighting that took place in both villages.On one occasion the Support Troop was unable to move forward being pinned down by accurate MG 34 fire froom a well protected position at the top of the main street. major Gray gathered a few men together and led a bayonet attack against the enemy, shot the gunner with his revolver and put the rest to fight.he continued to fight his Unit for the next 36 hrs until almost out of ammunition when he received the order to withdraw. This he achieved successfully under difficult circumstances brought his Unit back to our lines intact.major Gray's tireless energy,devotion to duty and unfailing cheerfulness throughout all difficulties has been an example to all, and is largely through his fine leadership that his Unit has inflicted such heavy casualties upon the enemy. Recommend for MC awarded DSO(LG.20.02.45)

Gray,WN,Lt Col , No.45 Commando RM DSO bar. Lt Col Gray commanded No.45 Commando RM during the assault across the Rhine and the capture of Wesel on the night of 23rd-24th March 1945.Lt Col Gray's task was to force his way to the Northern sector of the town and seize a factory which was vital in order to achieve successful consolidation. Following uprapidly behind the leading Unit who had broken through into the city, he passed through and debouched into the streets.While leading his troops at speed and clearing all opposition in his path with great determination he was wounded by a panzerfaust fired at close range.In spite of his wound he refudsed to be evacuated and completed his importannt task. Having catured the factory he disposed his troops so skillfully that during the next 36 hrs they were able to beat off three major counter attacks by imnfantry and self propelled guns with enormous casualties to the enemy.Throughout this time although he was suffering considerablly from the pain of his wound he was consttantly encouraging his men, who were inspired by their commanders example.Not until the last counter attsack had been broken , 48 hrs after he had been wounded doid this gallant officer allow himself to be evacuated. (LG.19.06.45)

Green,N, Ply X.106617.Marine, No.45 Commando RM MM On the 8th june 1944 during the withdrawal from Merville to Le Plein, 'E' Troop No.45 Commando RM came under heavy fire.Mne Green being in charge of an LMG was ordered to talk up a position on the right hand side of a hedger and to engage the enemy.This he found he was unable to do owing to low branches and long grass.Mne Green therefore abandoned all cover and running into the open under intensive and accurate fire during which time a bullet lodged in the magazine of his gun,open fired with such effect into the enemy position that it was silenced.This man's calm and coolness under intense fire was an inspiration to all,and enabled the withdrawal to continue successfully.(LG.29.08.44)
Harrison,T, No.45 Commando RM MM No further details.
Noakes,WJ,Ex.977.Ty/Sgt No.45 Commando RM MM North West European Campaign-6th June 1944 to 7th May, 1945. Sgt Noakes landed with his Unit on D-Day near Ouistreham.During this landing he distinguished hilself by getting out gangways on the LCI(s) after the seamen had become casualties. On D+1 he again showed himself to be a cool and aggressive leader, on thios occasion during street fighting at Sallenelles. His subaltern was killed and Sgt Noakes rose to the occasion and commanded his section with skill and courage. After those early days he went out on many difficult patrols at night.For hispatrol work he gained the respect of his officers and the complete confidence of his men.Since then Sgt Noakes has been in hard fighting a lotof which was at very close quarters, at Angerville(20th August 1944) ,Linne(January 1945) ,in addition to being in an assault troop in the forcing of the Rivers Maas,rhine,Weser,Aller and Elbe.In alll these actions his Unit was involved in stiff fighting.Sgt Noakes was on each occasion absolutely reliable, cool and aggressive.He has never missed a chance of inflicting casualties on the enemy. His loyalty to his Unit and his devotion to duty are quite outstanding and his personal courage and disregard of danger beyond question.(LG.12.02.46)
Stuart,R,Po.X.106959. A/Cpl, No.45 Commando RM MM During an attack on the school at Franceville(..) Major J.N. Rushworth who wasleading the assault was wounded when the party came under heavy fire from concealed positions ten yds from the building.Corporal Ronald Stuart immediately rallied three men and drove out the enemy with grenades and bayonets and pressed on until the enemy, who were in superior numbers, had been forced to withdraw from the buildings.Cpl Stuart hekld his ground in spite of several counter attacks .He showed a high example of leadership ,courage complete indifference to his personal safety.His prompt action was directly responsible for restoring an awkward situation.His example and personal courage has shown itself again and again throughout the campaign.(LG.20.02.45)
Sykes,J,Po.X.106961.L/Cpl , No.45 Commando RM MM(Immediate) Capture of wesel - 23rd-24th March 1945.On 24th March 1945, B Troop 45 Commando RM were in position at the north eastern end of the Wesel wire factory. During the period of airborne landing no artillery was available to the Unit for 3.5 hours.Two 88mm self propelled guns approached to approximately 500 yds and engaged the troop position.L/CplSykes was in charge of the forward Bren Group sighted outside thenorth-east corner of the building.A shell burst four feet above his position on the wall seriously wounded his No.2 of teh bren. He immediately assisted the Medical Orderly to remove the casualty and organised a relief and then engaged the enemy machine gun post 250 yds his right front. Five minutes later another shell burst immediately in front of his trench blowing his bren gun out of its position. Sykes again left his cover and under machine gun fire recovered the gun,which was still serviceable, and returned to his trench,and again engaged the enemy.A third shell hit the wall to the left of his position ,this time breaching the barrel of the gun,Sykes jumped from his trench with the damaged gun , ran to Troop HQ for the spare bren and returned to his post and returned the enemy's fire. His aggressive spirit and determination to fight back was a shining example of courage during a most trying period and was an inspiration to all ranks.(LG.19.06.45)