Charlwood,H, Ch.X.105642, Marine, No.46 Commando ,Royal Marines, MM(Immediate). During the attack on Rots 9571 on 11th June , Mne Charlwood was wounded in the neck. Shortly afterwards fire was opened on the section from an unexpected direction at short range and he was wounded in the arm. This Marine then picked up a grenade and rushed at the enemy post shouting that he would deal with it, thereby drawing all the fire to himself and enabling the remainder of the section to disengage and rejoin their troop.Mne Charlwood is missing. This recommendation has been delayed in order to obtain evidence of wounded men.(LG.19.12.44)

Cooper,S,PO.X.105978 ,Sgt, No.46 Commando, Royal Marines,MM. After the bulk of officers and SNCO's in his troop had been killed during the initial assault this Sergeant took a leading part in directing street fighting operations with his troop .Later on he led a courageous assault on to a strong enemy machine-gun position in the open fields on the south west of the town.(LG.29.08.44)
Easton,NK,P/277394,W/Lt, Ty/Captain, No.46 Commando Royal Marines, MC(Immediate). On the 29th April,in the initial assault over the River Elbe at Lauenberg, Captain Easton was commanding the leading troop of this Unit. As the craft approached the far bank, the enemy opened up fierce fire with light anti-aircraft guns, mortars and grenades on the landing point. Captain Easdton immediately led his men off the craft through the fire and started to climb the 100 ft cliff feature down which the enemy were hurling grenades .The grenade throwing was becomming accurate and casualties were occuring on both the beach and among the troops climbinb the cliff whom the enemy could obviously see and hear. despite this fire Captain Easton made his way up and standing up in full view he personally silenced with grenades the strongly held enemy post at the top. He then immediately led the way forward himself,despite enemy artillery and mortar fire and infiltrated through enemy posts at great speed.He led the advance for two miles to the objective and over-ran the enemy company on it.Captain Easton showed complete disregard for his personal safety and his action in silencing the enemy post save dmany lives and greatly contributed to the success of the whole operation.(LG.02.08.45)
Gibbon,JD,67147,Border Regiment, No.46 Commando Royal Marines, MC(Immediate) . On the night of 23rd March, 1945 during the assault across the Rhine near Weasel,Captain Gibbon commanded the leading troop of his Commando in the first wave of LVT's .Immediately before touching down , one of the LVT's was hit and burst into flames,thus reducing the strength by a quarter. Captain Gibbon however led his troops inland at such and with such determination that the enemy on the river bank were unable to check his advance.His objective was a farmhouse 500 yards inland, and he pressed his advance so relentlessly behind the barrage put down by our guns that his own Sergeant Major and another soldier fell by his side casualties to our own shellfire. Without hesitation and with complete disregard for his safety he led his men on to his objective where he killed three officers and took sixty priisoners.The capture of the vital first objective was entirely due to the dash and dauntless devotion to duty displayed by this officer.(LG.12.07.45)

Gibbon,JD,67147, Border Regiment, No.46 Commando Royal Marines, MC(Immediate) MBE (LG.01.01.59)

Gray,TM,Act/Lt Colonel ,No.41Commando Royal Marines,MC. At Lion-sur-Mer on the 6th June , from the moment of landing under heavy and accurate mortar and shell fire,Lt-Colonel Gray showed a complete utter disregard for his own safety.His coolness, cheerfulness and personal bravery were an inspiration to all. On the first morning he was slightly wounded on two occassions and insisted on continuing.His example contributed enormously to the success of the Commando task.Recommended for DSO awarded MC.(LG.29.05.44)
Gray,TM,Captain,Ty/Major,Act/Lt Colonel , No.46 Commando Royal Marines,MC. DSO(Immediate). Date 23rd March-24th March 1945. On 23rd March Lt-Col Gray was in command of No.46 Commando Royal Marines which captured the original bridgehead over the River Rhine.He attacked from across the river in Buffaloes and fought his way inland with unparalleled determination and skill. His men captured two large groups of houses killing over thirty enemy and capturing eighty three enemy in the first ten minutes of the operation. this was only made possible by the speed and dash of this fearless advance where a number of key personnel were lost.Lt-Col Gray never allowed the impetus to slacken despite every enemy opposition, and his dauntless courage and sure progress made the brigade task possible. He was in every way an inspiration and example to the men under his command. He was continually under fire from small arms fire from the Rhine to Weasel ,and in Weasel was under fire from enemy armed with panzerfausts which wounded many of the men around him.His cool judgement and his complete contempt for danger inspired his men and influenced the battle at the most critical stage.(LG.20.02.45)
Hardy,CR, S/Captain,Brevet Major, Act/Lt-Colonel No.46 Commando Royal Marines,DSO. On 11th June 1944, while serving under command of this brigade ,Lt-Col Hardy ld his troops during the difficult and trying operation of clearing the woods on both banks of the river from Barbiere to Rots.Lt-Col Hardy displayed great coolness ,good judgement and personal bravery in the capture of Le Hamel and Rots which were only cleared after the stiffest fighting in the hours of darkness after a long day's fighting. Although he would have been justified in recommending that the capture of Rots should be left until th efollowing morning after proper artillery preparation, this officer insisted on carrying out his task even although darkness was falling, adding to his difficulties.The operation was a complete success , and evidence of the fiercest fighting is that 122 German dead were buried on the following day.As a result of the action taken by Lt-Col Hardy and his Commandos ,this Brigade was able to occupy Rots on the following day with only two casualties and thereby considerably improving the position.In my opinion the success of the operation was to a great extent due to the leadership of the C.O. and I recommend he be awarded the D.S.O.(LG.12.09.44).

Hardy,CR, S/Captain,Brevet Major, Act/Lt-Colonel No.46 Commando Royal Marines,DSO. Bar to DSO(Periodic). Lt-Col Hardy has commanded his Commando with outstanding success from 6th June to 8th October 1944. During this period , the Commando has distinguished itself on many occasions . Lt-Col Hardy has consistently shown a complete disregard for his own personal safety when under fire and has on all occasions set a magnificent personal example.Two occasions are cited, typical of several, when his personal courage and leadership have been the decisve factor in winning the battle.On 20th August , at Putot en Auge , the Commando was ordered at very short notice to attack by night a strong enemy position in close country which has repulsed a battalion attack during the day.Little daylight was left for recce.While the recce parties were assembling , a mortar bomb wounded two of the troop leaders,the Adjutant , the Signals Officer and the Forward Observation Officer.Lt-Col Hardy , in order to overcome the setback,personally placed every officer and NCO in his correct position on the start line.Since it was too dark to point out objectives he led the assault himself from the centre of the leading wave and was the first man into the enemy position.The complete success of this attack was due entirely to his courage , determination and leadership.On 25th August at Quetteville, he again displayed the greatest resolution and devotion to duty when his Commando was held up by sustained opposition after suffering considerable casualtiesAlthough wounded at the begining of the action , his determination to find a way into the enemy position never faltered.It was at his suggestion that the final and successful attack was made.It was entirely due to hisd inspiration and personal disregard of danger that the objective was finally won.(LG.29.03.45)

Hazell,JH, Ply.X.108682, Marine, No.46 Commando Royal Marines,MM. During the establishment of the initial bridgehead over the River Rhine near Weasel on 23rd March, 1945 a section had advanced too quickly and was in danger from our own artillery barrage.Marine Hazell was ordered to bring them backHe ran forward, and at that moment the barrage , fired by six Field Regiments , came down in the vacinity .Shewing complete disregard for his own safety he dashed forward and ordered the section to withdraw.When on his return it was discovered that twoi men from the section were missing .Marine Hazell acting on his own initiative went forward again without orders, and in spite of the barrage, which was still falling , brought back the two men.Thje cool initiative and high courage shewn by this Marine was a magnificent example to his comrades.(LG.19.06.45)
Mallorie,H, PO.X.106665,Ty/Sgt,Act/Company Sergeant Major,No.46 Commando Royal Marines,MM. This Warrant Officer has served the campaigns in Normandy,Holland and Germany.In Normandy he proved himself wan outstanding and fearless patrol leader.He took over the duties of Troop Sergeant Major shortly before the battle for the River Rhine , and in every battle since then has shown such fearless determination and high qualities of leadershipthat his men would literally follow him anywhere.During the sever fighting in the River Aller bridgehead, when another troop had had all its officers and TSM killed or wounded and was in a precarious position, he personally led a party to assitance and acted with such dariung and initiative that he completely restored the situation and completed the destruction of the enemy, thus enabling his Commando to capture the important village of Hademstorff.During the storming odf the River Elbe his troop led the brigade into Lauenberg, and it was largely due to his dash and relentless determination that the Brigade werre able to break into the city with such speed.(LG.12.02.46)
Rennie,W, PO.X.105943,Marine,No.46 Commando Royal Marines, MM(Immediate). In the initial assault over the River Elbe on 29th April, Marine Rennie was a member of the leading group whose duty was to mark the route to the objective witrh white tape. As the craft approached the far bank , the enemy opened fire with light anti tank guns , mortars and grenades on the landing point and craft. Immediately off the beach was a steep cliff, 100 foot high, down which the the enemy , who were strongly entrenched at the top, were throwing grenades.Although the NCO in charge of the taping party and the other Marine who was sharing an awkward 'two man' load of tape with Mne Rennie were both wounded, Mne Rennie, without further orders carried on on his own .Despite the fierce enemy fire he managed to find and mark a passable route to the top of the cliff carrying the 'two man' load himself. This was a considerable feat of endurance even had he not been under fire and had it been daylight. Having reached the top he then continued to lay the tape for some two miles to the final objective in Lauenberg with great speed and coolness despite concentrations of enemy mortar and gun fire . Marine Rennie's gallant action in finding and taping a passable route up the cliff, whilst carrying ahis companions load was beyond all praise.But for his courage and perseverance a considerable delay wouldhave occured and many casualties inflicted on the succeeding flights of troops on the beach.His action materially assisted in the success of the operation.(LG.07.08.45)
Vardy, T, Ply.X.103900,No.46 Commando Royal Marines,MM.This Marine was the Signal Operator attached toi Y Troop during the attack on Le Hamel and Rots 6th June .He was carrying a 38 set. Despite this load he pushed himself to the front and took a leading part in three assaults on enemy positions his dash and determination when under heavy fire had an inspiring effect on the men of the troop.(LG.29.08.44)