Bryce,CK, CH.X.101818,Ty/Cpl,Corporal, No.47 Commando Royal Marines,MM(Immediate). During a large scale raid on an enemy position east of Sallenelles on the evening of 18th June ,Cpl Bryce was in command of No.1 MMG detachment which advancing to take up a fire position, walked into an unlocated minefield. An explosion wounded Cpl Bryce and two Marines.Despite serious injuries to his foot , including a compound fracture of his leg ,and in great pain,Cpl Bryce took charge of this detachment and the situatiuon , got his gun intpo action against three located enemy machine gun positions which had in the meantime opened fire on the detachment . It was due to Cpl Bryce's determination to accomplish his task disregarding his own injuries ,that a serious dislocation of the fire plan did not occur and that tfire support was forthcoming when it was required.(LG.19.12.44)
Donnell,PM,Act/Ty/Captain,Act/Ty/Major, No.47 Commando Royal Marines,DSO(Periodic). Lt-Col O'Donnell fought through the majority of this campaign as second in command of 47 Commando RM, the Unit he now commands.He has throughout shown outstanding qualities of gallantry and leadership.In the assault landings on 6th January 1944 he organised the Unit under fire when his commanding officer was temporarily separtated from it. Later he commanded a detached force in the successful attack on Port-en-Bessin,which he greatly assisted by his quick reaction in an unexpected emergency. Throughout the summer he was always well to the fore in raids and patrols and performed several acts of gallantry. In the assault on Walcheren Island he took command of a a troop when its officers had become casualties , and later, during the night after an enemy counter attack , continually moved around the forward posts encouraging the men and bringing forward the ammunition and rations.In the words of his late commanding officer he was a tower of strength as second in command, his coolness under fire, imperturbability and his sound common sense have been of inestimable value.Later as Commanding Officer , it has not fallen his lot to take part in any major actions , but he has commanded and administered his Unit and , by his skilful planning and direction of patrols and raids, inflicted casualties on the enemy and gained information at minimum costs.(LG.24.01.46)

Donnell,PM,Act/Ty/Captain,Act/Ty/Major, No.47 Commando Royal Marines,DSO(Periodic). Croix de Guerre with Vermillion Star. When 47(RM) Commando landed near Le Hamel in Normandy on morning of 6th June the Commanding Officer becames separated from his Unit.Major Donnell the second in command collected the very disorganised unit together , under fire, and brought it forward to apre-arranged rendez-vous just east of Buhot. During the assault on Port-enBessin the following day,B Troop came under devastating fire from two flak ships lying along side the wall of the outer basin.Hearing the sound of heavy sustained firing.Major Donnell went forward and quickly sizing up the situation , assembled as many of B Troop as he could find taking cover in the houses , and with complete disregard for his own safety personally led the attack on these ships.Major Donnell ,by his determination , his unflinching courage and his personal inspiration was largely responsible for the success of this attack which was so vital to the whole operation.During the attack the whole Commando on the enemy position at Sallenelles, east of River Orne on the evening of 17th June , a MMG section,advancing to take up a firing position , walked into an unlocated minefield.Casulalties were inflicted on both gun detachments .As soon as the first mine exploded an enemy machine gun opened fire at a range of 200 yards inflicting further casualties.

Major Donnell, with complete disregard of the danger of further mine explosions and under accurate close range machine gun fire , went back ,picked up the gun , carried it forward and personally acting as No.1 , got it into action.The fire support provided by the MMG section contributed largely to the success of the raid . During the whole period 6th June - 31st August small arms fire by his determination .1944, as second in command of the Unit, he has been a tower of strength .His coolness under fire, his cheerfulness, his anticipation and his sound common sense have been of inestimable value.

Ellis, WE,,EX.4013,Ty/Corporal,L/Sgt,No.47 Commando Royal Marines,MM(Immediate). On the evening of 8th June on theoutskirts of Port-en-Bessinb, Sgt Elis was semnt out in a carrier to collect two wounded men who were known to be lying by the side of the Pont fatu road. Sgt Ellis came under fire from close range from two directions .When he reached the wounded men he leapt out of the carrier andreturned with both of them to our position.Throughout these actions Sgt Ellis's conduct and devotion top duty were an example to all.(LG.12.09.44)
Emsley,R,Marine,PO.X.105331, No.47 Commando Royal Marines,MM(Immediate). During the attack on Port-en-Bessin on 7th June Marine Ellis was seriously wounded by a German mortar bomb.Despite his injuries, he continued to give supporting fire with his Bren Gun and throughout showed an excellent offensive spirit.By this fine act of devotion to duty Marine Emsley very materially assisted the advance and final success of his comrades.(LG.12.09.44)
EstherRWW, CH.X.114336, Marine,Act/Ty/Sgt, ,No.47 Commando Royal ,Marines, MM(Periodic). During the assault on Walcheren led by 47 (RM) Commandoon 1ST November 1944, the LCT in which Sgt Esther was travelling was hit twice by shells and unable to beach,all LVT's had to swim off and owing to strong tidal conditions became disorganised and sub-units were landed at widely separated points. Sgt Esther immediately rallied his men and went in search of other scattered bodies of the Commando.; By his energy, a large part of the Unit was reorganised , officers were contacted and a most difficult situation cleared up. later on 2nd November , when the Commando were attacking enemy positions beyond Zouteland , Sgt Esther's troop came undervery heavy and concentrated mortar fire while crossing a ;arge enemy anti-tank ditch in the sand dunes.Two of the three officers were severely wounded and it seemed doubtful if a footing could be gained on a high dune overlooking the ditch.Although severely wounded , he remained on the position encouraging his men to hold on until further troops arrived and the situation was reorganised.Only then did Sgt Esther allow himslef to be evacuated .As an example tof the graet spirit of this NCO when in hospitalalthough he knew ythat the Naval Authorities were evacuating all Royal Marine personnel to the United Kingdom , Sgt Esther insisted that the location of his Unit should be found and on leaving hospital he immediately rejoined the Commando by getting lifts from passing vehicles.Since the landings on 6th June 1944, Sgt Esther;'s name has become famous in the Commando for his continued keeness to get at the enemy, for his coolness under fire and foir his consistent cheerfulness.(LG.05.06.45)
Forfar,JO, 227049, W/S Captain,Captain,RAMC,No.47 Commando Royal Marines,MC.(Immediate). At Walcheren on the afternoon of 2nd November, during the advance along the dunes south-east of Zouteland, theleadiing troop of 47(RM) Commando came under extremely heavy and sustained enemy mortar fire which killed 15 and wounded 21, including three officers.Amidst the bursting mortar bombs and whilst casualties were still being inflicted on those around him, Captain Forfar went forward toattend the wounded.The troop commander could not be found and Captain Forfar went on another 50 yards in incessant mortar fire, where he found him previously lying grieviously wounded.Whilst he was dressing his wounds, five Germans appeared over the a sand dune 250 yards away and opened fire with an MG34 , killing one ,and wounding another of the stretcher party who had meanwhile crawled forward and joined him.Captain Forfar with complete disregard for his personal safety cooly went on giving the wounded first aid and he, together with the wounded ,werew later withdrawn under cover of smoke. Throughout the whole course of the first three days of the battle for Walcheren, when 82 ranks were wounded, many of whom were recovered by this officer personally with the greatest heroism,the courage and devotion to duty of this officer were above praise.(LG.22.03.45)
Gadsden,DR,PoX.115030,Marine,No.47 Commando Royal Marines,MM.On 7th June ,during the attack on Port-en-Bessin,Commando Headquarters and one weakened troop on Point 72 feature were over-run by an enemy counter-attack which was supported by mortar and machine gun fire.Marine Gadsden showing a complete disregard for his own safety, moved about bringing fire to bear from different positions for a long time deceiving the enemy as to our actual strength on the position.His gallant conduct and cool bearing were a great encouragement and inspiration to his comrades and materially assisted in frudtrating the enemy's attempt to overcome the position.(LG.12.09.44)
Gardner,DHG,Ch.X.105333,Act/Ty/Sgt, No.47 Commando Royal Marines,MM. At about 1730 hrs on June 7th during the attack on Port-en-Bessin,Sgt Garnner's section came under heavy machine gun fire which caused four casualties.Immediately afterwards,a German mortar inflicted further casualties including Sgt Gardner.Despite his wound,Sgt Gardner pressed forward and occupied the position ordered.Throughout Sgt Gardner was very cheerful and later showed an excellent spirit whilst waiting to be evacuatedfrom the Regimental Aid Post.(LG.12.09.44)
Grrffin,JA, Po.X.106712, Marine,No.47 Commando Royal Marines,MM.During the attack on Port-en-Bessin on June 7th,Marine Griffin's section came under fire from an enemy MG.The remainder of the section went to ground but Marine Griffin immediately went forward alone and captured the occupants of the post.Throughout the assault,Marine Griffin was always in the thick of the fray,always cheerful.(LG.12.09.44)
Harden,HE,11006144,L/Cpl RAMC,No.47 Commando Royal Marines, VICTORIA CROSS. War Office - 8th March 1945. The King has been graciously pleased to approve theposthumous award of the VICTORIA COSS to No.110066144 L/Cpl Henry Eric Harden,Royal Army Medical Corps(Northfleet,Kent). in W europe on 23rd January 1945 the leading section of a Royal Marine Commando troop was pinned to the ground by intense enemy machine gun fire from well concealed positions.As it was impossible to engage the enemy from the open owing to lack of cover, the section was ordered to make for some near-by houses.This move was accomplished , but one officer and three other rank casualties were left lying in the open. The whole troop position was under continuous heavy and accurate shell and mortar fire.L/Cpl Harden, theRAMC orderley attched to the troop , at once went forward, a distance of 120 yards, into the open under a hail of enemy machine gun and rifle fire directed from four positions, all within 300 yards, and with the greatest coolness and bravery he remained in the open whilehe attended to the four casualties.After dressing the wounds of the three of them , he carried one of them back to cover.L/Cpl Harden was then ordered not togo forward again and an attempt was made to bring in the other casualties with the aid of tanks,but this proved unsuccessfulo owing to tothe heavy and accurate fire of the enemy anti-tank guns.A further attempt was then made to recover the casulaties under a smoke screen, but this only increased the enemy fire in the vacinity of the casualties. L/Cpl Harden then insisted on going forward again ,with a volunteer stretcher party, and succeeded in bringing back another badly wounded man.L/Cpl Harden went out a third time , again with a stretcher party, and after starting on the return journey with the wounded officer, under very heavy enemy small arms and mortar fire, he was killed. Throughout this long period ,L/Cpl Harden displayed superb devotion to duty and personal courage of the very highest order, and there is no doubt that it had a very steadying effect upon the other troops in the area at a moost critical time.His action was directly responsible for saving the lives of the wounded brought in.His complete contempt for all personal danger , and the magnificient example he set of cool courage and determination to continue with his work, whatever the odds, was an inspiration to his comrades, and will never be forgotten by those who saw it.(LG.08.03.45)
Horsefield,H, PO.X.115384,Marine,Act/Ty/Sgt,No.47 Commando Royal Marines, MM.Sjt Horsefield was a volunteer for a raid on the enemy forward defended lines, east of Sallenelles, during the early morning of 23rd July.The enemy had been in position for at least six weeks and his defences were well prepared and covered with wire and mines.Sjt Horsefield was the Senior NCO of a small party , led by Lt Collet, who had been ordered to sweep to the left on reaching the enemy forward defended line.When about 50 yards from the enemy forward defended line ,Lt Collet trod on a mine and became a casualty.Surprise was lost and the enemy opened heavy automatic fire aided by flares. Sjt Horsefield immediately took command of the unwounded numbers of his party and , who were considerably shaken , led them forward and by his fearless example restored their confidence.In the darkness the finding and searching of enemy weapon slits was difficult but, not content to return empty handed ,Sjt Horsefield persevered, the whole time under heavy automatic and mortar fire.His party captured and returned with an officer prisoner. He later returned with Lt O'Brien and assisted in carrying his own seriously wounded , clear of the minefield to safety.(LG.19.02.44)
Kendrick,PG, 5336379,L/Cpl,RAMC,No.47 Commando Royal Marines, MM. On June 7th during the assault on Port-en-Bessin X Troop came under accuarte close range machine gun fire.Without hesitation or orders ,and with complete disregard of danger,L/Cpl Kendrick went to and attended , the woundedalthough casualties were still being inflicted .The devotion to duty and the prompt courageous conduct of L/Cpl Kendrick was a grand and inspiring example to all his comrades.(LG.19.10.44)
Lanyon,FW,Ply.X.103196,No.47 Commando Royal Marines,MM(Immediate). Closing the beach near Westkapelle during the assault on Walcheren 1st November, the LCT carrying Mne Lanyon's troop,47(RM) Commando , was hit by a shell.Three amphibians in the LCTY caught fire and there were large and loud explosions .A number of Marine Lanyon's Troop were killed , wounded or burnt and among these was a Marine who had literally ben blown into the sea and had his leg broken.There was a great 'sauve que peut'.Marine Lanyon , who is not a strong swimmer, without hesitation jumped into the sea and assisted this Marine , who was quite helpless and in great pain to reach the beach, some 200 yards distance. By his timeMarine Lanyon was in a state of complate exhaustion and had swallowed so much salt water that he had to be given medical attention in the beach dressing station. Here his clothes were taken away , but as soon as he recovered his faculties this Marine , wrapped in only a blanket, rejoined his troop.He was subsequently fitted out in the Regimental Field Post with casualty clothing.The next day Marine Lanyon was's troop was ordered to attack the battery south east of Zouteland .They came under heavy fire at close range from several enemy riflemen , killing his section NCO and wounding three others in the section. The men scattered and took cover.At this critical junction Marine Lanyon ,calling upon the others to follow him, without hesitation, rushed the enemy post , killed three of them and wounded the fourth. But for his fearless example and leadershipo on this occasion there is little doubt that the attack would have been held up and possibly never put in that evening.(LG.20.02.45)
Litherland,H,Po.X.119150,Act/Ty/Corporal, No.47 Commando Royal Marines,MM. Throughout the campaign in North West Europe, Cpl Litherland 's cheerfulness and devotion to duty , no matter what have been the circumstances, have been beyond praise.In action , at Port-en-Bessin as a Marine, he took charge of asection when his section commander was wounded and by his personal example was largely responsible for the successful completion of the task alloted to his section.Throughout this period of the bridgehead, he volunteered for and took part in several patrols of a hazardous nature .Later at Walcheren , he again cheerfully took over the responsibilities of commanding his section on his NCO becomming a casualty. At Kapelsche Veer on the River Maas, on the night of 16th - 17th January 1945 , he was in the leading group of a strong fightiong patrol which was sent to secure a firm base from which the Commando could makje an attack. Before the firm base was reached two enemy patrols were met and wiped out due almost entirely to his initiative .Later when the main Commando attack was held , and heavy casualties had been incurred, he volunteered to take his Bren Gun Group to help the leading troop.On arrival there his cool direction of the bren gun , and his personal bravery in attacking (in company with only one other Marine) an enemy slit trench from which an enemy machine gun was dominating our own positions,were largely instrunmental in beating off the counter-attack.Situations as cited above are but a few examples of this NCO's magnificent personal example on all occasions.(LG.12.02.46)
MacDonald,W,CH.X.109660,Marine,No.47 Commando Royal Marines, MM.Throughout the assault on June 7th on Port-en-Bessin Marine MacDonald was absolutely fearless.As the Troop Commander's runner, he time and again crossed open ground under close range enemy automatic fire , carrying messages and orders of vital mportance.By his gallant and corageous conduct he played a major part during the closing stages of the successful assault on the port.His devotion to duty was quite exceptional and a most inspiring example to his comrades.(LG.12.09.44)
Pymm,AL, Ch.X.103623,Act/Ty/Corporal,No.47 Commando Royal Marines,MM(Periodic). During the landings on D-Day on the Normandy Beaches ,Cpl, tehn Marine Pymm's boat struck some underwater object, causing him and several others to be thrown into the sea; he saved one man who was wounded , from drowning and not content with this, he went back into the water and saved two more of his comrades.Throughout the campaign in Normandy and in the chase across France Cpl Pymm set an example of courage and fortitude which was asource of inspiration to many a younger man.Later in November , having landed at Westkapelle on Wlacheren Island , the Commando found its forward troops pinned down by accurate qand heacvy machine gun and mortar fire .Cpl Pymm in his capacity as a stretcher bearer worked cooly and efficiently at his job of evacuating the wounded , many of whom owe their lives to his calmness and complete disregard of personal safety.Thes e are but two instances of this NCO'S exemplary behaviour throughout theis campaign, which are rendered the more exceptional when his 39 years of age are taken into consideration.(LG.12/02.46)