Black, JW, Ply.X.102166, Ty/Sgt (A/Ty/CSM) TSM, No.48 Commando RM MM Throughout the North Wes European Campaign ,Troop Sergeant Major Black has behaved outsstandingly well.His cheerful and determined manner and his coolness and offensive spirit under fire have, in all circumstances, in major actions, patrols and routine duties,been an example to all.(LG.23.10.45)

Brownfield,JE, Ch.X.907 Cpl, A/Ty Sgt No.48 Commando RM MM Throughout the winter ,Sgt Brownfield has shown outstanding leadership both in static conditions at Goes and in action. During the three raids on Schowen in which he took part in recent months.His imperturbable demeanour was a source of inspiration to the less experienced members of the raiding parties.In particular during his last raid near Bruinesse .Sgt Brownfield was second in command of a fighting patrol. When his officer was severely wounded Sgt Brownfield personally charged an enemy strongpoint and,having killed or wounded the occupants , rallied and withdrew the patrol under the instructions of the wounded officer; all this in spite of being wounded himself.(LG.23.10.45)
Burgess,SC, Mne, Ply.X.120533. No.48 Commando RM, MM(Periodic) Troarn ,August 1944.During 5 days of very close contact with the enemy at Troarn in August 1944 Mne Burgess was acting as troop cook. He showed conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in getting hot food forward to the troop during the hours of daylight. It was impossible to cook in the troop area as any noise attracted enemy fire, and cooking was done about 200 yds behind the troop.Mne Burgess , with containers strapped to his back,made this trip two and often three times a day,frequently through mortar fire.On three separate occasions he was blown into ditches and brambles, and once was slighlty wounded.In spite of occassonal mortar fire continually on his cooking area, he never failed to arrive at the correct time.He always issued the food himself,crawling to the foremost fire to do so.His steadiness and disregard of personal danger were an example to the whole troop.(LG.20.01.45)
Clark,RT, Po.X 100345, T/Cpl, TSM No.48 Commando RM MM 6TH June 1944, St Aubin.Assisted Lt Mackenzie to rally A Troop on the beach under fire in very trying circumstances,when he showed high qualities of leadership,calmness and determination.he was always well forward in the street fighting in Langrune in the last stages of which he handled the 2" mortar team under fire with disregard for his own safety.He gave the troop a fine example throughout the action.(LG.29.08.44)
Flunder,DJ ,Ty/Lt, A/Ty Captain No.48 Commando MC For gallantry ,leadership and undaunted devotion to duty during the assault on the Island of Walcheren.(LG.20.02.45)
Kemp,GL, Po.X.102383, Ty/Sgt, No.48 Commando RM MM At Westkapelle ,throughout the day of 1st November, 1944, this NCO was conspicuous for his fearlessness and his desire to come to close grips with the enemy.When his subsection landed in the first wave, he immediately gained control of it and led the it forward under heavy shellfire to its first objective.Later,when his troop was called upon at short notice to to assault battery W.13,he was conspicuous for the way in which he led his subsetcion directly at the core of the enemy resistance, and silenced,with bursts from his tommy gun and grenades, an LMG which was firing at the attacking troop. His example,leadership and dash contibuted greatly to the success of the initial break-in to the fortified battery position.(LG.20.02.45)
Nicholson,D, CH.X.106544, Mne No.48 Commando RM, MM Half mile offshore near Westkapelle Walcheren Island, 1st November 1944. LVT (Birmingham) aboard LCT 133 was hit in the engine room by shell fire from a coastal battery and so was unable to leave the craft. this shell caused an outbreak of fire,the flames from which caused a second fire in the hold of the LVT which contained 57,000 rounds of .303 MK.VIIIZ , five RE explosive packs and ammunition for LVT's Brownings. While the Browning ammunition was exploding Mne Nicholson remained alone in the hold of the LVT,throwing out inflammable material and ammunition and so eliminated the danger to lives of three wounded men in the cabin of the wheelhouse of the LCT, one of whom could not be moved to a safer place. Later LCT 1133 hitr amine which threw several men into the sea.Mne Nicholson ,disregarding enemy fire,alone rescued two of these men ,one of whom had two broken ankles.(20.02.45)
Ryalls,KJ,po.x.109903, Mne No.48 Commando RM, MM(Immediate) f At Westkapelle on the 1st November 1944, this Marinedrove his amphibious vehicle ashore in an early flight.Owing to the nature of the ground all vehicles were forced to remain on the restricted beach which was an obvious and important target for enemy shellfire. Casualties were numerous and vehicles were being continuously hit and catching fire. Marine Ryalls ,with a fine disregard tof his own safety , worked continuously, salvaging vehicles and ammunition, and helping with the wounded. After his own vehicle had been hit, he helped toremove two others from the side of a burning LVT which was loaded with ammunition and threatened to blow up at any minute. In all, this Marine was working for over 24 hours under accurate shellfire, which included spells of intensive fire.He showed outstanding coyurage and never stopped a job to take cover, and set a fine example.(LG.01.12.44)
Stringer,JC, PO.X.112235, Sgt No.48 Commando RM, MM June 6th St.Aubin France, 1944. Rallied his subsection on the beach under fire atfter landing through deep water .He showed great calmness and resolution under these trying circumstances and was unmoved by enemy fire.During the street fighting in Langrune he repeatedly volunteered for and carried out tasks of extra risk, leading and inspiring his sub section by personal example.(LG.29.05.45)
Wood,JH , Ply X.3377,Nne No.48 Commando RM, MM eMarine Wood landed in the assault on the Normandy beaches on D-Day and has throughout maintained a high standard of zeal and cheerfulness both in and out of the line.He has always been an example of willingness to undertake any task or accept any risk that came along.One outstanding example of his gallantry occured at Kapelsche Veer during an attack across the River Maas on the night of 10th-11th April 1945.Mne Wood was posted on top of the river dyke with his bren gun to cover a wiring party going forward. The wiring party inadvertently set off a trip flare and the enemy immediately opened fire with two machine guns from their positions 500 yds away on the other side of the Maas. Marine Wood at once engaged these two machine guns and drew the fire of three more to himself.In spite of the fact that five machine guns were firing at him and were hitting the dyke all around him and in spite of the fact taht his own position was completely exposed,Marine Wood continued to fire for about 10 minutes until all the working party were safely back across the dyke. he fired 14 magazines in all, and not only were his great determination and personal courage the means of saving the wiring party a large percentage of casualties, but he succeeded iby his vigorous and accuarte fire by silencing two of the enemys' machine guns.(LG.24.01.46)