Dedicated to

Marine Charles W. Paton, Po.X108528, No 4 RM Engineer Commando

Military Medal

Marine Paton of the Royal Marine Engineer Commando Detachment
attached to No. 4 Commando Brigade, landed in Normandy on 26th June 1944.
From that date, until the end of the War in Europe, he has borne himslef in a
manner that has been a source of inspiration to his comrades both in and out of battle.
He has continually been to the fore when there were, as happened not infrequently,
mines to be lifted and booby traps to be disarmed. In spite of the fact that casualties
were suffered in his detachment he did not once fail to volunteer for any job, however
hazardous. His powers of endurance, his courage , fortitude and ability to be cheerful
in depressing circumstances, have often been soorlley tried but have never been found
wanting. In deed in the words of the Staff Officer Royal Engineers attached to
No.4 Commando Brigade, "his conduct hads alwayds encouraged his companions to
to further efforts". These qualities were particulary noticeable and effective durring the
severe winter of 1944 on the Island of Walcheren. There, Paton's detachment was, for
some considerable time, daily engaged on the most arduous task of clearing amphibian
tracks along flooded roads which had been mined with large caliber shells. Working
under almost impossible conditions , hisspirits never flagged, and his example was an
inspiaration to his comrades.
On two occassions, both in De Haan in October 1944, when casualties occured in mine
clearing parties , Mne Paton had not the slightest hesitation in immediately re-entering
the mined area. His prompt action encouraged others to follow and on boith occasions
the casualties were successfully evacuated.
London Gazette 12.02.46.