Dedicated to
Edward Lionel Knivet Augustus Carr
No.4 Commando

Military Cross

At Flushing on 1st November 1944 the LCA in which Captain Carr and the Mortar Section
were landing , struck an anti-landing mine and was sunk.
Despite heavy fire from both flanks Captain Carr extricated himself and his men and then
returned with a small party to wreck and salvaged the mortars. This he accomplished
with complete disregard to his enemy fire and after setting up the mortars went forward
to make contact with his machine-gun section. This was a very exposed position in the
heart of the town, and closely engaged ny a considerable force of the enemy.
The machine-gun section officer having become a casualty, Captain Carr himself took
command and maintained the section position through the next 24 hours, during which
contact with other troops was cut by an enemy counter-attack, and the machine-gun section
position heavily pressed. By his outstanding courage and devotion in holding
this vital point, the forming up and further operations of the follow up troops were made
London Gazette 22.03.45.