King George VI presents Serjeant Balloche with his award.

Serjeant Francois Balloche 4900 F.N. 40

No.10 (Inter-Allied) Commando, Fighting French Troop, att 4 Cdo
Military Medal
Sjt Balloche was attached to No.4 Commando during the recent operations at Dieppe.
He was attached to one of my Troops and played a conspicuous part in searching and
occupation of the village of Le Haut, which lies within close proximity to the German
Heavy Battery at Varengeville. He proved of great assistance to the Troop Leader,
who could not speak French, and having gained the information required, he
subsequently went into action and, with the rest of the troop, inflicted heavy
casualties on the enemy. I have great pleasure in recommending Sjt Balloche
for a Military Medal, or some other suitable award.