Dedicated to
Lance Sergeant I.Portman,
1870112, Special Service Brigade,

2nd Canadian Division,

att No.4 Commando

Sgt Portman is pictured on the right
priming grenades
Operation Jubilee, Dieppe Area 19th August 1942
Sjt Portman was the last Sjt left in the troop when the Troop Sjt Mjr Stockdale
and all the Troop Officers had become casualties. He took over command. and
rallied the men prior to Capt Porteous's arrival. During the subsequent bayonette
charge Sjt Portman was the first British Soldier in a German gun pit. Having
disposed of the gun crews he proceeded with the demolition task which he had
been assigned to him. Sjt Portman's good leadership and effiiciency made the
demolition of the battery a rapid and complete success.
AFW3121 gives J.Portman,RE, L.G. gives I Portman
London Gazette 02.10.42.