Dedicated to
Lieutenant John Simon Hunter-Gray, R.A, 217536, 4 Cdo

Military Cross

At Flushing on 1st November 1944 this officer led a section of his troops against strong
enemy opposition on the flank of the point of landing, himself clearing two pillboxes
which were engaging the landing craft and beach, and taking some 20 prisoners.
When his section was stopped by fire coming across a wide stretch of open ground,
Lieut Hunter-Gray ppromptly manned an enemy anti-tank gun mounted on the roof of a
pillbox, and without regard for his exposed position engaged and disposed of the
enemy positions consisting of several pillboxes and two guns in casemates, whose
occupants finally came out and surrendered. By this action Lieut Hunter-Gray
ensured the safety of the subsequent flights of landing craft, two of which had been
previously sunk by the guns of this strongpoint.
London Gazette 22.03.45.