Murdoch, Major Coulson ,Capt Mercer-Wilson

Dedicated to

Temporary Major Leonard Nickson Coulson

W/Capt,155037 D.L.I. No.4 Commando Military Cross
Maj Coulson landed with his commando in the assault on Ouistreham
on D-Day, in support of the airborne assault by 6 Airborne Division.
He was in command of a troop position viatl to the defence of the important
Orne Bridges, which at that time were under continued heavy fire from
enemy mortars and self-propelled guns.
During this period Major Coulson exposed himself to fire to keep his
positions organised and to his unflagging energy and determination
and disregard for his own safety can be attributed the relatively low casualties
his troop suffered.
One instance of Major Coulson's outstanding courage and example was
on 10th June 1944, when he had been without sleep for five days, with very
little food, and under almost continual fire. After a partiiculary heavy
bombardment, an enemy unit formed up to attack his positions. Regardless
of his own safety, Major Coulson rallied his men with the result that the
enemy attack was completely smashed.
Throughout the whole campaign in North-West Europe, this officer has shown
the highest qualities of leadership, courage and devotion to duty in the face of
the enemy.
(London Gazette 24.01.46)