Dedicated to
Lance Sergeant Peter McVeigh
3853876, Loyals.
att No.4 Commando

Distinguished Conduct Medal

At Flushing on 1st November 1944, this NCO in command of a sub-section,
went to the assault of the Naval Barracks, defendedby approximately 60 enemy.
With great skill and pertinency L/Sgt McVeigh harassed the enemy while searching
for a means of breaking in. When engaged from the houses surrounding the barracks
he detachedhimself and disposed of at least two enemy pockets of three to six men
with machine-guns, thus paving the way for the break-in to be made. He then led the
assault on the barracks which he cleared , accounting for 25 enemy killed and
wounded and taking between 30 and 40 prisoners. L/Sgt McVeigh showed personal
bravery to an outstanding degree, and by his cunning leadership attained his
objective at the cost of only one man killed, though fighting throughout against great odds.
London Gazette 22.03.45.