Dedicated to

Sergeant Stanley John Mullard,

14241800, Cameron Highlanders, 4 Cdo

Military Medal

At Flushing on 1st November 1944, this NCO,after the initial assault on the
beach, assisted his Section Officer in manning a captured anti-tank gun
mounted on the roof of a pillbox, and engaged several enemy pillboxes
which were interfering with the approach of subsequent flights of landing craft.
To enable more effective fire to be brought to bear, Sgt Mullard unhesitatingly
went forward and took up a desparately exposed position from which he
controlled the fire by signals. His coolness and courage in the accomplishment
of this task were instrumental in the silencing of the series of pillboxes and two
strong gun positions in casements which were surrendered by the enemy.
London Gazette 22.03.45.