Addington,RTC, 85533 Capt, 13(HAC)RHA, No.5 Commando, MC. This Officer is the Battery Captain OF H Battery HAC RHA.Throughout the last three months he has set the very highest example to all by his quiet and unostentatious hard work. Whatever job he has done he has done extremely well,usually in charge of the gun line and the echelons,at times as a Forward Observation Officer in support of the armored regiments or in some well-registered farmhouse a few hundred yards from the enemy. His personal bravery is beyond praise ,but above all it is his quiet competent handling of difficult situations and his complete disregard of personal safety that has been of the highest order.His work in the organisation of the echelon and the care and supply of all vital necessities to his battery has been excellent, and throughout , his cheerfulness and good humour has been a never failing tonic to all his men.(LG.21.06.45)

Bray,HA, Capt, 2nd Dorsets,No.5 Commando, MC. Captain Bray during the operation has been commanding the bren gun carrier platoon .On 18th May he held a line under considerable enemy fire, thus permitting the battalion to withdraw.On 28th May he displayed remarkable gallantry in the defence of Festubert when attacked by numerous enemy tanks. Hs coolness and good leadership under heavy fire has been inspiring to all ranks.(LG.11.07.40)
Brown,J, Pte, Argyle&Suth, No.5 Commando, MM. Escaped P.O.W. via St Nazaire Raid.(Lengthy report). (LG.26.07.45)
Carr,FP,1867740, Sgt, Royal Engineers, No.5 Commando, DCM. On the 28th March 1942, during the Commando Raid at St.Nazaire ,France.Sgt Carr was NCO I/C the demolitionp party commanded by Lt Robert Burtenshaw. before reaching the demolition site ,Lt Burtenshaw was killed and iimmediateky sgt Carr took command and led the party, against heavy opposition, to the dry dock gate.Sgr Carr then reported to Lt Brett who commanded another demolition party also detailed to assist in destroying the gate.Lt Brett had been wounded in the legs and could only move with difficulty. Sgt Carr assisted Lt Brett in supervising the two parties in their laying of the explosive charges on the dry dock gate. The charges were about to be fired when fighting broke out in the area, forcing the demolition party to take cover.Sgt Crr then went forward alone and fired the charges which completely destroyed the gate.Sgt Carr then continued to assist Lt Brett in organising the withdrawal of both parties to the point of re-embarkation.Sgt Carr throughout the entire actyion showed outstanding courage and devotion to duty.His leadership was magnificent.(LG.05.07.45)
Chant,SW, 105159, W/S Lt, The Gordon Highlanders , No.5 Commando, MC. On the 28th March 1942, during the Commando Raid at St.Nazaire ,France.Lt Chant was in charge of a demolition party whise duty it was to destroy part of the pumping station by the dry dock .Although wounded in the hands,Lt Chant carried out his task successfully,despite being hampered by his hands being slippery with blood.he remained in the pumping station ,helping to carry out the remainder of the demolitions and showing fine leadership to the others carrying out their tasks,until all were completed.Subsequently, in the street fighting he again displayed leadership of tyhe highest order until he was wounded again,this time in the knee causing him to be taken prisoner .During the whole of this action , his determination to carry out his task and his dash under fire is worthy of high recognition.(LG.05.07.45)

Chant,SW, 105159, W/S Lt, The Gordon Highlanders , No.5 Commando, OBE. Officer of the Order of the British Empire(10.06.54).

Dickson,JJ, 2Lt WS/Lt , 96192, T/Major, Territorial Commission, Royal Sussex att 9th Sherwood Foesters, MC. In North Burma Campaign 1944. On 10th November near Hpapan ,Major Dickson was in command of a company ordered to attack and capture a strong enemy bunkered position on the banks of a river. The position contained a high proportion of machine guns and mortars, and it was obvious that Major Dickson was faced with a difficult task. This task he fulfilled with conspicuous skill and gallantry, boththe planning and executionof the operation being a model of their kind.Leading the company himself he put in a mosyt determined attack from the flank, rolling up th enemy position bunker by bunker and finally causing the remnants of theenemy to flee in disorder leaving behind them much new equipment.Major Dickson was always to the fore himself wherever the attackshowed signs of slowing down , and by his personal example of courage and offensiveness ensured the success of the attack . On the following day, Major Dickson once more displayed exceptional skill and bravery when his company bumped the main enemy defences covering Pinwe. His company came undewr heavy machine gun fire, suffering casualties.In very trying circumstances Major Dickson exhibited a coolness and personal example of courage.(LG.22.03.45)

Dickson,JJ, 2Lt WS/Lt , 96192, T/Major, No.5 Commando, Bar to MC. In North East Burma. On 27th February 1945,Major Dickson was ordered to capture the feature known as Hill 800 near Myitson. This feature commanded theline of advance of the whole Brigade, and captured enemy documents disclosed that the enemy attached great importance to its retention.Major Dickson secured tactical surprise by attacking up a precipituous face, through dense jungle and avoiding easire slopes which offered obvious lines of approach.The attack was met with some LMG and sniper fire.major Dixckson, seeing that some men in the leading sections were wavering, owing to the barrage fom our own guns falling short, at once went forward with himself and became the spearhead of the attack. With cool courage and determination he personally led his compantt to the crest of the hill where the leading platoons were again held up by LMG fire from the far end of the ridge.Rapidly grasping the situation ,he called for additional artillery fire and committed his reserve platoon to a left flanking attack. This attack was put in with such skill and determination that it met with instant success and the enemy fled, leaving one officer and five Jap other ranks on the field, together with an LMG packs and other equipment which showed that the position had probably been a company one. it was due to tehis officers outstanding courage, initiative and superb leadership, combined with tactical skill of a very high order, which enabled the feature to be captured with the loss of very few casualties to our own troops.(LG.21.06.45)

Ferguson,J McI.McL, 2318036, TSM, Cameroanians, No.5 Commando, MM(Immediate). Arakan 1945. This Warrant Officer was in the action fought on Hill 170 on the afternoon of 31st January 1945.Our own troops were being hard pressed by repeated strong enemy counter attacks.The No.2 of a bren gun was knocked out by a grenade.TSM Ferguson immediately took over. The enemy was still pressing his attack and in order to prevent a further breakthrough TSM Fergusoin leapt from his trench anf flung grenades returning for more and again throeing them causing the enemy many casualties. He was then seriously wounded but still made attempts to fight on until forcibly evacuated.throughout the whole action he was cool ,calm and resolute and by his fearless example he inspired the men around him.(LG.19.04.45)
Gibson,George MacDonald , 2992911,Pte, U/K, No.5 Commando, MM. Arakan . On 23rd March 1944 during 5 Commando's attack on Spur 383348 the sub-section,of which Pte Gibson was a member, was caught in the valley by enfilade fire from a MMG in a position on the hillside.Pte Gibson immediately volunteered to wipe out the post. he climbed the hillans was about to open fire when he was attacked from the rear by two of the enemy. These he killed with his colt.He then emptied a bren magazine into the MMG crew at a range of 30 yds.The gun was silenced. Shortly afterwards an enemy patrol of seven men passed within 5 yds of him .He again opened fire with his bren.None escaped.By this time Gibson had lost contact with and run out of ammunition.In trying to make his way back he was surrounded by a party of the enemy who closed in on him.He escaped by throwing himself doewn a gully where he lay until dawn. he rejoined his Unit after first light.Recommended for DCM awarded MM.(LG.22.06.44)
Heron,JG, Lt, 2nd Btn Dorsets, No.5 Commando, MC. On May 27th when the enemy were pressing closely with infantry and the situation was becomming serious, Lt Heron personally volunteered to take the two bren gun carriers available and deliver a counter-attack. He ledth eatatck himdself under heavy fire , drove back the enemy infantry after inflicting heavy casualties on them.Lt Heron by his initiative and leadership completely restored the situation.(LG.20.12.40)
Kerr,DS, 145403,W/S Captain(E.C), U/K , No.5 Commando, MC(Immediate). Arakan. .At 1645 hours 23rd March 1944, during No.5 Commando's attack on Spur 383348, this officer led a determined attack by one of his sub-sections on a machine gun nest which was captured despite firce opposition. Captain Kerr, concerned about the remainder of his force, then went down into the valley, tot ry and reorganise the troop.This he did under fire.At 1715 hours this officer was severely wounded in the shoulder and leg and his arm was shattered. In spite of the pain and the fact that he was under fire he did not release his command and continued to issue orders calmly.He successfully reorganised his men and his calm example and courageous devotion to duty undoubtedly saved the lives of many of his men.(LG.22.06.44)