Allender, J, 4614105, Pte, 1DWR, No.6 Commando & SBS, MM. May 21st,1940 Pont a Chin Area. During a bombardment of the Brigade area all telephone communictaions was broken.These men volunteered,went out and mended all lines maintaining them until the end of all action.(And Pte William Stead) (LG.17.07.40)

Allender, J, 4614105, Sgt, 1DWR, No.6 Commando & SBS, MM bar February 26th Fedi et Attia(516128 sheet 34) During the action between VI Commando and a Battalion of Herman Goering Jaeger Regiment,Sgt Allender showed exemplary courage and devotion to duty throughout while the section was moving up a hill under heavy machine gun and mortar fire and without cover. Sgt Allender firedhis bren gun resting it on another mans shoulders to get the necessary elevation.During this period he was well exposed and enemy LMG fire was directed at him.He was wounded but carried on. The troop later advanced over the same ground and it was found that a complete German machine gun team had been killed by Sgt Allender's fire and the gun was captured.(LG.23.09.43).

Ellis,DC,40323700,Cpl,No.2 SBS & No.6 Commando, MM Oran Landings .Assault on port by HMS Walney and HMS Hartland - 8th November 1942.Was Captain Holden-White's partner in the folbot, he displayed coolness and courage in directing his Officer on to the target and l;ater,when by himself, he salvaged and refloated the damaged folbot, almost under the eyes of a French sentry.(LG.27.04.44)
Khytovitch,E,1876034, Royal Engineers, No.6 Commando MM 26th February 1943 Fedi et Attia (516128 Sheet 34) After five hours fierce fighting in an engagement between VI Commando and three companies of teh Herman Goering Jaeger Regiment this NCO was ordered with his subsection to cover the withdrawal of two troops. Both troops passed through his position without casualty owing to the effective and well controlled fire of his subsection .Although under heavy fire and riunninhg short of ammunition this NCO conducted such a skillfull and offensive rearguard action with his subsection that he successfully neutralised the enemy attck in that locality.(LG.04.05.43)
Berrisford, PJ, 910524,Sgt, Royal Artillery,No.6 Commando.MM After the actionb on Djebel el Aagz on 30th November 1942, Sgt Berrisford lay by himself
on the plateau foer two nights and one day gaining all possible information abiout the German machine gun positions.He came under a good deal of fire, but did not withdraw until he had carried out his task.(LG.23.09.43)

Findley,FG,5041667 ,Ty/Sgt Major, RASC,No.6 Commando.MM During the action at Djebel el Aagz on 6th January 1943, TSM Findley completely showed disregard for his own safety by covering his section by advancing under fire and throwing grenades.I consider that TSM Findley 's actions were largely responsible for numerous men reaching safety.Throughout this action he showed a most excllenent example to his men .He is over 40 years of age and put up a remarkable performance.(LG.23.09.43)
Goodall,W,L/Sgt, 3593748,Border Regt, No.6 Commando , MM On the night 12th-13th December 1942 Sgt Goodall proceeded in command of a small recce patrol to gain information about Germans in the area Djebel el Keddia. During the 13th his patrol became involved with the enemy and surrounded by a considerable superior force . Sgt Goodall extricated his patrol with great coolness and skill and brought back information which resulted in a very successful raid during the following night.reported missing after the action on Djebel el Keddia on 6th January 1943.(LG.23.09.43)
Lister, W, 3595103,L/Sgt, Border Regt, No.6 Commando , MM During the withdrawal from Djebel el Aagz 6th January 1943 ,Sgt Lister covered the witrhdrawal of his own troops by advancing and taking onm the enemy with a Colt automatic and one grenade.This he did under machine gun fire, thereby enabling his section to
withdraw in safety.Apasrt from this , he showed great coolness throughout the action.(LG.23.09.43)

Davis,T, 4688032,L/Sgt, KOYLI,No.6 Commando, MM 26t h February 1943 Fedi et Attia (516128 sheet 54) In an engagement between VI Commando and three companies of the Herman Goering Jaeger Regiment,L/Sgt Davis showed entire disregardof enemy fire and kled his men in every advance with greatcourage and skill.When wounded in the stomach he continued to engage the enemy until completely incapacitatedb by his wound.(LG.23.09.43)
Rae, W, 2754334, Sgt, South Staffs, No.6 Commando, MM 26th February 1943 Fedi et Attia (516128 Sheet 34) Sgt Rae was a member of a troop 46 strong which was ordered to attack and hold a hill held by the Herman Goering Jaeger Regiment,The fact that this difficult task was so successfully carried out and such heavy losses inflicted on the enemy was largely due to the discipline and inspiration instilled into the men by Sgt Rae's fine leadership and complete disregard to for danger. During the whole of the action which lasted six hours he constantly urged his men to greater efforts by his own fine example and never-failing aggressiveness.(LG.04.05.43)
Fielding,WG, 264688,2/Lt The Royal Irish Fusiliers, No.6 Commando, MC(Immediate) At Maletto on 12th August 1943 this officer was in command of a platoon of D'Company which was engaged in clearing the village. After clearing the northern corner , 2/Lt Fielding moved forward to some rising ground and located a party of eight Germans.Calling for volunteers he quickly formed a small combat group of six men and proceeded to attack.The Germans scattered ,onme was captured and one shot, and the remaining six ran to a culvert under a railway and opened fire with an MG34.During this attack two of 2/Lt Filelding'sparty were killed and the three others became involved in a firefight with a party of Gernmans some distance off.On being fired on 2/Lt Fielding snatched a rifle and replied to the fire , then, crawling forward alone across the open ground he reached bomboing range of the culvert and threw in his grenades, seriously wounding two of the Germans including the unteroffizer.Although by now he had run out of ammunition and grenades he dashed forward on them to the culvert and pointing his empty rifle at the Germans called upon them to surrender after some parleying they emerged reluctantly.By this time anoither man came up and assited 2/Lt Fielding to round up the six Germans.During the whole period 2/Lt Fielding was under fire from snipers and a machine gunner from a point further to the north.The dash and fearless leadership shown by 2/Lt Fielding in accounting for this party of Germans so successfully was beyond all praise.(LG.18.11.43)
Keat,ECBS,328922,Lt , RAMC, No.6 Commando, MC(Immediate) Near Essel on 11th April 1945, the enemy put in a strong counter attack of two companies
on the Unit position in the wood, just before the Unit had time to consolidate its recently won position.Lt Keat had his regimental aid post situated in the rear of the Unit but the flatness of the ground was such that during the counter attack those in the rear were just as exposed to the enemy small arms fire as those in front.Realising that there was no alternative but to cope with the casualties in the open throughout the 75 minutes of the counter attack attending the casualties, completely undaunted by the heavy small arms fire , even tough one of his mediocal orderlieswas shot whilst assisting him.Never once did he make any attempt to take cover but used what pits had been dug to shelter his casualties until there was an opportunity of evacuation.By sheer personal example , force of character, complete disregard for his own danger he not only inspired his medical section with the same spirit but also by immediate and skillful attention saved the lives of badly wounded men.(LG.12/.07.45)

Loraine,PP,6028870,The Essex Regiment, No.6 Commando,MM In recognition of distinguished services in the field.(LG. 12.08.41)

Clapton,JF,258657, W/Lt, Cameroanians, No.6 Commando, MC(Immediate) Near Linne on the 28th January 1945, Lt Clapton was in Command of a recce patrol consisting of himself and four men, whose job it was to search a wood. On arriving 30 yds from the forward edge of the wood he got down with his patrol, in dead ground, to give final orders.On looking up he saw six German parachutists with a spandau positioned in a long trench on the forward edge of the wood.Acting immediately, he dashed forward on his own and so dismayed the Germans who were behind the gun, by his determined and immediate action that they deserted
their post and fled.The other four, when they grasped the situation, immediately made a grab for the gun but Lt Clapton reached it first and took them prisoner.Bu his determined initiative and complete disregard for personal danger, Lt Clapton saved what might have been an ugly situation and might have resulted in casualties to our side. As it was four proisoners of a true Nazi type were taken with out a shot being fiored.(LG.12.02.48)

Thompson,N,Sgt, 1896266, Royal Engineers, No.6 Commando & 2 SBS, MM During recent months No 1896266 Sgt Thompson, Royal Engineers has taken part , ans an NCO in the Special Boat Section of the Special Service Brigade, in operations concerned with the marking of beaches for "Operation Torch", the landing of agentsin enemy territory and in two operations on the east coast of Sardinia designed principally to mislead and deceive the enemy.He has prioved himself. utterly reliable in action and has been reported upon by Admiral of the Fleet Sir Andrew Cunningham , Commander-in-Chief,Mediterranean, as having displayed iniative , devotion to duty and bravery in the operations mentioned above and as having set a fine example to other ranks of the Special Boat Section.I most strongly recommend that Sergeant Thompson be awarded the Military Medal in recognition of his services and of the extremely high standard he has set over a long period of operational activity.(LG.11.11.43)
Harrison, AH,1877319, Royal Engineers,No.6 Commando, MM.At Osnabruck on the 4th April 1945 L/Sgt Harrison and his sub section were ordered to enter
a large factory and clear it of enemy snipers.L/Sgt Harrison entered one doorway of a large machine workshop , and as he did so a group of five enemy fired a panzerfaust at him from the other end of the workshop.This wounded L/Sgt Harrison in the leg. However completely undaunted, L/Sgt Harrison went
on, best his wounsd would allow, firing his carbine at the enemy, killing one and driving the remander of the party , which included a spandau team out of the building where he killed another.Leading his sub section on to where the enemy had taken cover, he drove them out once again and was responsible for wounding yet another before the other two enemy surrendered.Up to this moment the Unit had been held up as the factory overlooked the route which the Unit had to take and several casualties had been caused by the spandau.L/Sgt Harrison by his gallant and dashing action, in which he showed complete disregard for his own personal safety, enabled the advance of the Unit to continue without further casualties.(LG.12.07.45)

Dobbs, C,4914036,W/Cpl,A/Sgt, South Staffs, No.6 Commando,MM On the night 24th-25th Febraury 1945 at Well, Sgt Dobbs was amember of a fighting patrol sent out to cross the River Maas and bring back a prisoner.Having crossed the river the asault party was advancing towards an enemy post when heavy accurate fire was opened on them from three different positions, pinning thenm to the ground.Sgt Dobbs, who was in Command of the covering party acted immediately.Exposing himself without hesitation to heavy machine gun fire he brought his party across the open ground at speed, and opened fire on the nearest enemy post.His fire was so effective that the machine gun was knocked out , and he was able to dash in and take prisoner the two soldiers manning the gun.He then engaged the other enemy posts with fire from an exposed position, thus drawing all enemy fire on to himslef and allowing the assault party to withdraw.Meanwhile an enemy NCO came running up to retrieve the situation, and Sgt Dobbs shot him dead at close range.He then withdrew his party to the river bank without suffering a casualty.From this successful patrol important enemy identifications were obtained.Its success was in great part dure to the tremendous dash and initiative displayed by Sgt Dobbs. (LG.03.04.45)
Kendall,HRF,5412410,Sgt, DWR,No.6 Commando, MM Near Lauenberg, on the 2th-29th April shortly after crossing the Elbe, Sjt Kendall was put in charge of nine men ordered to patrol to a bridge over the Elbe-Trave Canal and if possible take it intact. Approaching the bridge cautiously,Sjt Kendall saw a party of four German Engineers preparing to fuse the charges taht had already been placed on the bridge.The engineer party was covered by two machine gun teamsMaking his plan quickly Sjt Kendall led his patrol as close as possible without being seen, then placing his bren on the ground to cover his attackhe led his patrol forward in a dash for the bridge.The Germans were completely surprised and only had time to fire a few bursts of wild and inaccuarte fire before they were overpowered, three being killed and the remainder being taken prisoner.Sjt Kendall immediately disconnected the demolitions and rendered them useless, thus capturing the bridge intact, which was of supreme importance to the 6th Airborne Division in their widening of the bridgehead.(LG.02.08.45)
Lewis, AD, 95626, W/Capt(Ty/Major) A/Lt Col,Dorset, No.6 Commando, DSO.Lt Col Lewis was in command of No.6 Commando on 23rd March 1945 when this Unit led the First Commando Brigade from the banks of the Rhine into the city of Wesel.Speed was the vital factor in this operation , as it was necessary to enter the city as soon as possible after the bombing.This was achieved largely by the skill and daring displayed by Lt Col Lewis who led his troops with such dash that three separate platoon localities were successfully over-run on his way to the city.His entry into the city itself in spite of considerable opposition from small arms and panzerfaust was effected so quickly that the remainder of the brigade was able to consolidate before the enemy became aware of the situation.Lt Col Lewis was at all times at the head of his troops, and his trust and courage contributed largely to the success of the whole operation.Recommended for MC awarded DSO.(LG.21.06.45)

Lewis, AD, 95626, W/Capt(Ty/Major) A/Lt Col,Dorset, No.6 Commando, DSO.La Criox de Guerre with Palm This officer assumed command of his Unit when his Commanding Officer was called upon to take command of the Brigade, the Brigade Commander having been wounded.The take over was made at a critical stage
of a heavy and prolonged enemy counter attack, and the successful repulsion of the enemy was largely due to the courageous leadership and exemplary conduct of Lt Col Lewis under heavy and accurate harassing fire. He continued in command of 6 Commando very ably and throughout thecampaign displayed the greatest gallantry and devotion to duty.

Lewis, AD, 95626, W/Capt(Ty/Major) A/Lt Col,Dorset, No.6 Commando, DSO.CdeG(Palm) OBE (LG.01.06.53)
Worthington,FA, 6398404,Sgt, Royal Sussex Regt,No.6 Commando, MM(Immediate)At Wesel on 24th March 1945 Sgt Worthington was in charge of a small defensive position on the outskirts of the city when he saw an enemy bicycle patrol coming towards him at a range of about 1000 yds.the patrol suddenly turned off down
a side street and disappeared from view.Realising that they were heading for a part of town which had not yet been consolidated ,Sgt Worthington acted immediately and sent a runner to tell his troop commander of his action.He then left a skeleton force in the defensive position and taking the remaining eight of his men he set off to ambush the patrol. He struck the side road just in time to meet the patrol head on and fired on them from the houses by the side of the road.Eight of the enemy were killed or wounded, five taken prisoner and the remainder fled.Sgt Worthington himself was wounded at the start but refused to hand over or even have his wound dressed until the action was over and the patrol brought back.By this successful action and by his own initiative, gallantry and immediate action Sgt Worthington
liquidated the enemy patrol and prevented them from running into an other Unit who were just then at an awkward stage prior to their consolidation.(LG.21.06.45)

Wraith, W, 4698570,L/Sgt, KOYLI, No.6 Commando, MM(Periodic) this NCO whas served with No.6 Commando throughout the North African and North West European Campaigns and has at all times shown the highest standard of devotion to duty and exemplary courage.During the recent advance towards the River Elbe, Sgt Wraith was in charge of a patrol sent forward to gain information about the enemy.On his return a motar bomb fell close to his patrol seriously wounding one man and inflicting blast injuries on himself which affected his sight.With his sight failing he nevertheless returned and carried back the wounded man to our own lines under mortar fire. He then reported to the Intelligence Officer, and in spite of his grave condition,insisted on giving detailed reports of his patrol before being evacuated.During this period 12th January to 15th April , Sgt Wraith has been on 23 patrols many of which he commanded, and on all of them he has shown the greatest example and devotion to duty.On three separate occasions he has been wounded but in spite of this he has always continued to show complete fearless and a splendid example to his men in action.(LG.11.10.45)

Tibbles,H, 3860540,Pte,Border Regt, No.6/12 Commando MM(Immediate) Near Lauenberg on the night 28th-29th April,Pte Tibbles Troop was responsible for the left flank of the bridgehead over the River Elbe. As the troop advanced along the line of the river to its objective it was suddenly foired on by a machine gun from the top of the high bank on the inland side.Thetroop had no other alternative but to take cover in the angle of the bank as the beach was completely open .Pte Tibbles was in the rear of the troop with his bren gunand immediately appreciating what was happening in front he dashed up the slope calling to his N0.2 to follow him.The slope was 200 feet high and at a gradient of 1 in 2. pte Tibbles when he reached the top worked his way along on the shadow side of a line of trees until he was immediateky on top oif the machine gun post ,which was still in the act of firing down on his troop. from here he killed all 3 of the machine gun team and enabled his troop to continue its advance.By his own immediate inniative,determination and personal courage Pte Tibbles enabled the advanceof his troop to continue and on his own liquidated a strong point that might have proved expensive.(LG.02.08.45)

Hardey,RGK, 121641,Capt, Highland Light Infantry, No.6 Commando MC 6th June 1944. Capt Hardey was in Command of theleading troop in the approach march from the Brigade forming upoint off the beach to the Caen Canal.It was essential that he should push ahead and brush aside all opposition.His troop neutralised no less than seven enemy emplacements and took surrender of a four gun battery.Capt Hardey's judgement and leadership were faultless, and his fearless example was beyond praise.(LG.31.08.44)
Winterburn,H,4801255,Gunner, Royal Artillery,No.6 Commando,MM.POW Escapee from Tunis 1942(* more details later)