Burford,NA,5571232,Cpl,Royal Engineers, No.7 Commando MM. For gallant and distinguished services in the field. (LG.20.06.46)

Ford,D,Major,124856,Black Watch, No.7 Commando MC .In recognition of gallant and distinguished services while engaged in Special Operations in South East Asia.(LG.07.11.46)

Ford,D,Major,124856,Black Watch, No.7 Commando MBE. Bestowed as Member of the British Empire (LG.31.05.55)

Ralphs,E, 3656776,Pte,S.Lancs Regt, Special Raiding Squadron & No.7 Commando MM. In the fighting south of Termoli during the morning of 3rd October 1943 Pte Ralphs served his bren gun to very good effect while engaging superior enemy forces.When the Intelligence Officer was wounded he moved hids gun forward across exposed ground to cover his evacuation and by daring of his action surprised and killed 4 of the enemy, wounding several more.In subsequent fighting west of Termoli while employed as a runner he made repeated journeys with important messages acrossthe open ground between two sectors under very heavy enemy fire.At the height of a barrage of artillery,mortar and machine gun fire he learned that the crew of an anti-tank gun had been knocked out. He immediately went forward and evacuated one of the wounded men and, on hearing that there was still another, went back and dragged him to safety.Whern ten minutes later a machine gun was hit by mortar fire he again went forward to evacuate the wounded although the position was swept by fire. he stayed on the forward position carrying messages till an enemy flanking movement threatened to cut him off. He then made his way back to our main positions,where during the whole .(Rest is missing)LG.27.01.44)