Bremner,GC, 2880295, Sgt,1st Bn London Scottish,No.8 Commando & SBS, MM From 1st August until December 1941 this NCO has been engaged in three dangerous operations in connection with the rescue of British Troops from enemy territory.On all occasions his coolness and courage contributed largely to the success of these hazardous operations.(LG.02.42)

O'Reilly,JM,Sgt, Irish Guards, No.8 Commando & SBS ,MM(Immediate) For distinguished conduct during the operation on the Island of Santorin.On the night of 23rd April 1944,this NCO together with one officer and 10 other ranks, entered a house occupied by approximately 30 of the enemy.In the intense close quarter engagement which followed,this NCO conducted himself with coolness and complete disregard for his personal safety.kicking in the front doos of the living quarters ,he threw grenades into the rooms in the face of considerable enemy fire, encouraging and directing the return fire of his own men.Throughout he engagement he was master of the situation, and did not finally leave the building until he was certain that all the occupants had either been killed or wounded. Throughout this operation, the highest courage and personal example shown by this man was of the highest order.(LG.04.01.45)
Sherwood,JBB, (..)6321, Sgt, RASC, No.8 Commando & 1 SBS ,MM For conspicuous good service and devotion to duty on special operations.Sergeant Sherwood has carried out many patrols in which his work has been of a consistently high order.Also, when detached to work with the Eight Army on the Cyrenaicean coast,Sergeant Sherwood particulary distinguished himself when an attempt was made to capture a party of enemy on an island.Two folbots were used in this attempt, one being manned by Sergeant Sherwood and Captain Grant-Watson(Scots Guards).This boat capsized ,and Captain Grant-Watson and Sergeant Sherwood attempted to swim to the mainland. A search for them was made by the first folbot, and Sergeant Sherwood was eventually found in the surf still supporting Captain Grant-Watson , though in great distress and difficulty himself.After artificial respiration had been applied Sergeant Sherwood recovered,but Captain Grant-Watson unfortunately died.It is clear that Sergeant Sherwood made a most gallant and selfless attempt to save him.(LG.05.11.42)
Duffy,WP, 2568672,Sgt, Grenadier Guards,No.8 Commando , 1 SAS, 1 SBS,MM Escaped POW Oleans,France.(LG.22.03.45) lengthy report 2b added
Duffy,WP, 2568672, Sgt,Grenadier Guards,No.8 Commando , 1 SAS, 1 SBS, MM bar In support of the vital convoy due at Malta from Gibraltar in mid-August 1942, a Commando Raid was planned to destroy Junkers 88 Bombers at Catania aerodrome Sicily. Three Officers and three other ranks landed on the night ogf Augustr 11th-12th ,1942 in poor weather conditions on a defended beach. The party penetrated to the airfield to find armed sentries on every aircraft.After reconnoitering for four hours they were detected but whilst retiring used their explosives to destroy some electric power pylons .During the withdrawal to the beach Sergeant Dunbar was wounded and taken prisoner.The remaining five were unable to find Una at the rendez-vous and one canoe capsized; they were taken prisoner after daylight some five miles out to sea. Duffy showed courage and resource of a very high order.The raid was carried out wiith great determination and although the objective was not achieved due to the enemy's exceptional precautions,the boldness and initiative shown are considered most deserving of all recognition.Recommended for MID, awarded bar to MM.(LG.18.04.46)
Feebury,Squadron Sergeant Major, 1 SAS Regt, No.8 Commando , 1 SAS & 1 SBS , DCM I have known SSM Feeberry since 1941 when he was a Corporal in B'Battalion Layforce.In September 1941 he and I joined the Special Boat Section in the Middle East , and two months later we took part in the Raid led by the late Lt-Col Keyes VC(November 18th ,1941). Our task was to guide the forces ashore and later to try to get them off again. Both these operations were rendered extremely hazardous by the very heavy seas running. Both times CplFeeberry showed exceptional courage and coolness , and spent a long time in the water retrieving boats etc which got washed off the submarine, and saving the men who also went overboard. He and I went ashore to try and get the party off, and were capsized in the surf twice.Our boat was damaged, and i lost my paddle altogether. Cpl Feeberry when oi decided to try to return to the ship , paddled us both back through the heavy surf. I have no hesitation in saying that his strength,presence of mind and courage on this occasion saved uis from a nasty situation. In the next few months Special Boat Section personnel were sent on Submarine patrols from Alexandria to be put ashore at the Commanders discretion, if opportunity arose. Feeberry made 8 trips om submarines which included the patrol of HMS Torbay for which Lt-Commander Miers DSO RN ,was awarded the VC.All the submarines crew received decorations on this occasion. Reports of Submarine Commanders on Feeberrys conduct and bearing on these patrols were all excellent. Early in June 1942 Feeberry( then Sergeant) was one of a small party under Major Kealy wholanded on Crete .Though no positive results were obtained Major Kealy's report - which I read - and his story which he told me personally , reflected the greatest credit on Sgt Feebery. Once again he showed his courage and coolness in a difficult situation was excellent.In August 1942 Sgt Feeberry took part in athe Raid on Benghazi led by Lt -Col David Stirling , and again received excellent reports.EWhen the Special Boat Section was reformed in January 1943 under Major the Earl of Jellicoe DSO,MC, Feeberry was made Sergeant Major of the Unit, and I have no hesitation in saying that his enthusiasm and drive played a large share in the succcess of the Unit. (LG.07.07.44)
Barnes,G, 2617252,CSM, Grenadier Guards,No.8 Commando & 1 SBS ,MM On 11th June 1941 this NCO displayed great coolness and courage under fire during a seaborne raid of a dangerous nature into enemy territory, and by great presence of mind ensured not only the success of the operation but also the safe withdrawal of the raiding party.(LG.24.02.42)
Fynn,FW,109801, Lt-Colonel ,1 Bn London Scottish,No.8 Commando, MC, Bronze Star Francis W. Fynn MC 109801, Lt-Colonel ,London Scottish Infantry, 8 Commando, British Army,for heroic achievement in connection with military operations in Italy on 1st April 1945. By superb leadership and complete devotion to duty in the face of every possible difficulty attached to a water-borne operation, Lt-Colonel Fynn led the 2nd Commando in an attack with only one third of his force, against well -entrenched enemy positions near Lake Commachio ,Italy. His inspiring influence materially affected the outcome of a hazardous and daring operation behind enemy lines, as did his encouraging of his weary troops in successive assaults on a vital bridge and an enemy force of.......(rest of report missing)