Military Medal
Act/Cpl Harold Jones Royal Marines CHX.104562
4th Special Service Brigade, Signal Troop. attached to No.4 Commando

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During the assault on Flushing on 1st November, 1944, Mne Jones
was attached to 4 Commando in charge of the rear link communications.
His equipment was an extremely heavy and bulky wireless set in a
handcart. On the landing Jones led his detachment with great gallantry
under heavy direct fire, across a mined palisade and the open beach to
HQ. In position his detachment was under interrupted long range rifle
fire from MMG and constant mortaring for two days, the wireless set
being hit several times.
Throughout the whole of the operation Jones displayed the greatest
calm and never lost communication with his rear unit. His courage
throughout was an inspiration to the rest of the detachment.
(London Gazette 05.06.45)

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