Suggested Reading List

Commando Gallantry Awards of World War II,
George A.Brown Page 220. ISBN-0948130091.
Distributed by The London Stamp Exchange.Bourne Press Ltd, Dorset.
Battle for Antwerp , Liberation of the city of Antwerp and the opening of the Scheldt 1944.
JL Moulton, Hippocrene Books 1978
171 Madison Avenue NY /NY 10016.
Swiftly they Struck, The Story of No. 4 Commando,
by Murdoch C. McDougall.Odhams Press Ltd London c1954
reprinted London: Arms And Armour Press, 1986.
Combined Operations,The Official Story of the Commandos
by Hilary St.George Saunders. NY.MacMillan, 1943.
Raid on St.Nazaire, Ballantines Illustrated History WW2 Series
David Mason Intro by Lt.Col Newman. Ballantynes Books NY 1970.
Ten Commando 1942-45
Ian Dear St Martins Press New York 1987.
Storm From the Sea
Lt Col Peter Young DSO MC and two Bars.Publisher William Kimber
March Past
Lord Lovat .

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